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Winter Outing - Emergency Shelter In The Snow


Winter Outing - Emergency Shelter In The Snow

Hi folks, in this video I spend a day outside in the wilderness in wintertime. A day before I have build an emergency shelter to fend off the snow. At first it was very hard to light a fire, and it was hard to find good and dry tinder material. However I got the fire lit and enjoyed the warmth of it. I did some small bushcraft tasks like making candles with pine resin and bees wax, also I did some hunting with my dads 30.06 but I was a little bit unlucky since I did not encounter wild boar.



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

I'm on the way to that poachers camp and it's not so much the last two days there are a lot of broken trees here in the forest I cannot use these pine boughs to make a little bit for my purchase campus I'll just take my handful and so with me because I want to get this spruce boughs over there to make a little bedding in here

well it's actually pretty cozy so I think that for staying out here in the night I would have to pal much more loose house and pine piles up in here but for now in the day it's okay okay um I'm just here and watching the other side of the hill for a wild port today I have a different gun with me that I wanted to show you it's my father's big gun

it's called steyr mannlicher luksus and it's a beautiful and very expensive gun um the caliber is 3006 so that's quite a cut a big bullet and the magazine takes I think four bullets and yeah it's a pretty crazy bikini before big red deer or wild boars that's the biggest animals we have here I have no bullet in the chamber because I only reload when I see uh an animal that I want to shoot take this fine spruce tricks here they will act very good as kindling this backhoe hand folding saw is worth gold out here let's go so fortunately I bought some very warm shoes lately and I'm really glad that I bought them cause they are quite worn they're some kind of rubber boot but at the top there is letter and at the inside there is a warm like fur which is not Realtor its scent synthetic and the shoes the description of the shoes said that the shoes are good for degrees low zero till minus 50 degrees I'm pretty happy with them they are really warm and comfortable and they cost me about 150 euros which is a good price dog come here come here your dirty boy yeah okay bye okay and then I have bought these snowshoes right before I went through snow which was knee-high and you know I'm a very light person and I almost not didn't sink with these shoes

so this snowshoes do a good job for me okay let's start making a fire okay first I built a little platform for the fire so that cold ground doesn't suck too much heat out of the fire and now the air can circulate better under the fire which is good because what we want is oxygen oxygen and now I take out my level light my fire Maura this baby is very very sharp it's the light my fire edition where um you have a little fire steel integrated into the handle so that's why it twisted and this fire steel is working pretty good Oh with this knife I gonna make some fatter sticks

let's have a look what's in my pack poor kaya studying okay today I want to start fire with my traditional flint and steel kit

I have pre-made this little birds nest and this here is my little fire kid my traditional faggot

and I thought today that I want to cheat a little bit and make the birds nest a little bit bigger with this carbon here and let's see how this works out so I'm taking this apart Wow okay put it in my bird's nest not gonna take my striker and this chart material which is horseshoe fungus

there we go finally okay


what I want to do today is I wanna melt up this purified pine resin and this beeswax to make a little candle in a thin and I already prepared the wig and gonna put this in here and then I'm gonna melt the pine resin and peace wax into this thing time to rest a little bit and fill up my rest of us with a little bit of protein yeah Harnett back to Michelle from through missing

to order house with okay laughter that's right hi

with you to a spa this was it up next map okay now I'm gonna find the right cap for this horn it's a horn from a cow I think it's from South Africa and I want to make a little you know closing system that this is almost waterproof and then I can put a bird's nest in there and use it when I need it this horn is now ready to be filled with a bird's nest actually this wood is fat would you can see it here it's a branch from a pine tree and in a emergency scenario I can use this wood for making a fire because this is reliable fatwood okay the fire is dying I want to use the rest of the heat to char a little bit of string here and to heat up my water bottle


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Survival Lilly

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