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Best Canteen - Which one should you get?!


Best Canteen - Which one should you get?!

Stainless Steel Canteen: http://amzn.to/2ss47w6

Nalgene Stainless Steel: http://amzn.to/2Ce6cLW

Rothco Canteen: http://amzn.to/2Cf86ft

Nalgene Oasis: http://amzn.to/2Bp3Xsk

Keith Titanium Canteen: http://amzn.to/2G7Oxrs

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to make a review about my water containers that I have and as you can see here I have acquired quite a couple of water containers and containers are important in your survival kit so if I only had three items to choose for a survival overnight one of these items would definitely be a container and yeah pretty important survival items so you really have to make sure that you buy a container or canteen said or a water bottle which has high quality and which will serve you well out in the wilderness okay the first container that I want to show you is this rod called GI plastic container which you can acquire for about five US dollars on Amazon it has one quart or 0.94 six liters of capacity and it's made from 100% BPA free high-density polyethylene now I was pretty surprised after quality of this bottle it's very pump proof and it's made from quite fickle astok now the strange thing that comes with this bottle is sometimes like I'm smelling a little bit of a plastic smell when you open it up but for some kind of peculiar reason it doesn't really taste like plastic so yeah that's a light plastic smell that comes with it but only if you have a very delicate nose the water in it doesn't taste like plastic at all and I have filled in some water yesterday night and I left it in there so it's really okay and it seems like a food grade plastic not a pros of this contain are that it's lightweight and it's made from very bomb-proof plastic and it's also very cheap because you can't really beat five US dollars the downside of plastic bottles is of course that you cannot boil water in it so if you set this in flames it would definitely melt away now I have bought this for in an Army store in an army surplus store and it came with this aluminum cup and this aluminum top has short butterfly handles and I don't know what brand it is I believe it's a no-name brand and yeah the pros of aluminum is that aluminum is cheap it's lightweight and it has an excellent thermal conductivity but there are also some cons of aluminum namely that first of all it's rather soft so it scratches easily and that's a health concern because if you ingest aluminum particles you might get a health problem since aluminum is toxic to the human body and the next thing is that aluminum has a very low melting point as opposed to other metals the melting point of aluminum is six hundred sixty point three degrees Celsius so that's pretty low and yeah if you put it in a hot fire you have to consider that it can deform the next continue that I want to show you is this one here this is the Nalgene Oasis canteen which you can get for around seven US dollars in Amazon it has a one litre capacity and only weighs 136 grams which is 4.8 ounces and that's really nothing it's super lightweight now the cool thing is that this container is made from Triton which is first of all bpa-free but it's also tough Tiye

dishwasher safe and chemically resistant not a pros of this continuous first of all that it is clear so you can see through and you can see if the bottle is clean or not and you can see how much water they're still left in a bottle and yeah it's super lightweight and pump proof and again the downside for plastic contains is that you can't boil water in them and yeah that's why I like to choose metal contains instead of plastic ones now the cool thing is that the Nalgene bottle fits perfectly into the original usgi canteen cup with big butterfly handles here at the backside you can read us WCW so it's a original from the Army and these big butterfly handles they are so awesome because it makes the contingent cups so stable in the fire and you want knock this over easily now this is stainless steel which is awesome but unfortunately I don't know the exact alloy of the steel so if you know this alloy please let me know in the comment section

the downside of stainless steel is that first of all it has a lower thermal conductivity than aluminum and second it's heavier than aluminum and titanium but this cup here really rocks and I just love it so much the next container that I want to show you is another Nalgene bottle this here has a very tall the sign it comes with polyamide lid and you can acquire this bottle for around 30 US dollars the bottle has 1.1 liters of capacity and it comes with a very wide mouth which is super awesome for cleaning so hygiene wise this is the best bottle that I ever had the steel of this Nalgene bottle is 316 food grade surgical steel and stats are pretty high and steel it contains molybdenum which enhances corrosion resistance and 316 stainless steel has a melting point of about 1375 to 1400 degrees Celsius so the pros of this bottle here are first of all that it's very heavy and pump proof and it has a high corrosion resistance because of the 316 surgical steel and that comes in handy especially in saline environments and the bottle is easy to clean now the downside of this bottle here is first of all that it's pretty heavy as I have mentioned before and second of all it has this very tall shape which is awesome if you want to fit it into your backpack but if you want to place it into the into the fire pit then it easily gets knocked over so I've knocked this bottle over countless times and that's why I have attached this wire this loop to the mouth so that I can use it in conjunction with a bottle hanger now I have found a cap which fits the bottle perfectly and this cap here is stainless steel and it's by Tatanka which comes with butterfly handles now the only problem with these handles is that they are quite high on the cap so they don't really provide any stability in the fire at all and also I don't like the circular shapes when it comes to cups because you easily knock them over in the fireplace

the next contained said that I'm going to show you is this one here it's an unknown brand that I have acquired on Amazon for around 20 US dollars it has a capacity of one quart and it's made from 304 steel stainless steel which has a melting point of 1400 degrees Celsius to 1450 degrees Celsius now the pros of this set here is that first of all it's super cheap so you can't beat that price it's unbelievable and the quality the overall quality is really awesome you can't you can't complain about it the bottom is pretty pump proof and what I like about the continue cap is that it comes with this very cool and shaped handle and this is pretty stable in the fireplace so you won't knock over this cup very easily the downside of this containers that it's pretty heavy yeah it's stainless steel and it's quite a big steel so that's what you have to take into account when I cry this content set also it comes with a very small mouth so it's pretty difficult to clean this bottle and the rim of the mouth goes to the inside of the bottle which makes it even more difficult to clean out and actually the bottle came with oily residue at the inside which was a little bit black so that was some kind of you know residue from manufacturing maybe it was some kind of oil so you really have to make sure that you clean out this bottle very freely and I myself have taken my fingers to clean it out here at the top and then I have switched to a toothbrush and then what I did was I was taking some sand and dishwasher soap and I just shook the bottle quite a long time until all of this residue was cleaned out now the 304 stainless steel is a pretty good seal and most of the cutlery and plates and pots and pans made from the steel that you can get in camping stores and such

however it's not containing molybdenum and therefore it's prone to corrosion from chloride solutions and from saline environments last but not least I would like to present you a titanium contingent which is by the company Keith and it's super lightweight the contained weighs 158 grams and the cap that comes with it weighs only 127 grams and the cup has a capacity of 700 milliliters so this is super super lightweight and if you are searching for lightweight gear this is the way to go this container is made from pure titanium pure titanium is dishwasher safe it's tasteless odorless and non toxic to humans I'm a huge fan of this container and it's so super lightweight I'm a woman and I really can't carry as much as a man can carry and this is a great addition to my bug-out kit and to my other survival kits so yeah super lightweight high temperature resistant and titanium also inhibits bacterial growth and it's rust proof as well now the cons of this contain is first of all in the price it costs 150 US dollars and the an titanium is super expensive and that's what you're paying for the next con is that titanium has a rather low conductivity but the walls of the container tsofen so the conductivity should be okay now what I really love about this contain is that it has a rather wide mouth which is great for cleaning and the ring folds to the outside so you don't have any terms collecting at the inside of the container but only at the outside and that is super awesome and the next thing that they did really great is that I have made this lid the screw cap which is metal which is titanium at the inside so when you have poured hot water into the canteen the hot water will touch mainly the surface here which is titanium and only a little bit of water will touch the seal here and yeah that's a super awesome concept I really love this contain and as you can see it's still thin because I myself I only boil water in my cups because I don't want to get the canteens dirty because when you put them into your cups you will always make your contains cups dirty so my personal preference is that I always boil water in the cup and then I pour the water in the container another cool thing is that this canteen set comes with a lid and it fits perfectly on the can

tin cup and yeah this will reduce the boiling time tremendously I almost forgot to talk about water planners I have to water planners here the first one here is red water and it's also BPA free now personally I have to say I don't like water planners at all because they are almost impossible to ping how do you want to clean this part here it's almost impossible it's you have to take everything apart and it's in the field how do you want to clean this hose here the tube the rubber tube so I'm not a big fan of them also if you drink from this tube from the mouthpiece I have to say that it tastes like plastic so every time you you bite into this plastic piece it feels like you are chewing a plastic and yeah also the water tastes like plastic so I'm not a huge fan of water bladders because of the hygiene aspect and yeah some people they like water planners because it's super lightweight and you can use it in an emergency if you don't have a lot of time to pull out your canteen set and yeah you have quick access to water he only have to grab your shoulder strap and take a sip from the water which can be a advantage if you are soldier and if you are on an important mission where you don't have time to open up your book sack

yeah so I'm not a big fan of water platters but some people like to have them and that's okay yeah guys so this very my water bottles and now if I had to choose one of these bottles I would definitely choose that attaining one and yeah so people spend like hundreds and hundreds of US dollars on cutting tools like knives and such and they don't want to spend a lot of money on a water container but I'm telling you this is really worth the money and yeah I would rather buy this one then some of the cheaper bottles here and yeah but that's only my personal choice if you don't have so much money

I would definitely comment this contingent which is only 18 US dollars there's nothing wrong with this and yeah if you're new to bushcrafting if you're starting out or maybe you're your student or you don't have a lot of money then this is this is not bad at all so I would definitely go for this if I didn't have much money to spend a good combination is to take two bottles because actually if you are out in the wilderness this one cord won't be enough so you need at least two liters and yeah you can buy one of these contains here and then get a plastic one for backup so you can fill in the dirty water into here and then you can boil the water in the cup and then fill it into the canteen which is out of metal and which can take the heat so that's something that's a good combination you don't need to metal contains really because then it's getting really heavy and the plastic bottle is definitely more lightweight so this set here is something that I would buy if I didn't have a lot of money and yeah as I said if I had more money to spend I would definitely go for the titanium canteen yes so this is it it's pretty cool and now I have to go home I forgot my glass so yeah I hope that you liked this video maybe leave me a like and a comment and let me know what is your favorite content and your favorite water bottle and yeah so thank you for watching again subscribe to my channel

the notification well and stay tuned to the next time

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