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Building An A Frame Shelter (Bug Out Location 3)


Postapocalyptic Garage was so friendly to give me permission to build a new bug out camp on his private property. The location is in the Austrian alps, which is very cold in general and there is a lot of snow expected in wintertime.

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I decided to build an A-frame shelter for more protection in this rugged environment. I got the basic structure build up pretty fast and used some green spruce bows to make a roof.

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Lily and today I'm here at a new location this is my bug-out location number three and today I want to start building a new background camp stay tuned so I have decided to build an a-frame shelter because this location is quite far away from my other two bug-out camps and it gets very cold here because it's surrounded with mountains in the night we are talking about temperatures way below zero minus 10 minus 20 degrees so I wanted to make a lean-to shelter because it gives me much more protection against the elements for example if there is a snowstorm or blizzard coming in

if you want to build a shelter with spruce boughs it's important that you consider a few details for example when I lay the spruce boughs on a shelter I want to have this part sticking upwards because when it's raining the raindrops will fall on the spruce boughs and then they can flow off with almost no resistance but if you take it like this and put it like this on the shelter you will have a lot of resistance and then the water drop will drop into the shelter so that's one thing to consider the next thing is that it don't lay down the shelter like this because then all of these small parts will stick upwards into the air and when there's wind coming it can go underneath these parts so it's better to take it like this and to form a mess which is as tied together as possible


building a shelter like this is very strainers and a lot of work and in the wintertime when it's that cold you probably don't feel that you're thirsty but you really need to force yourself to drink because your body needs water


water goes to half of the least resistance and it's important that you start building the shelter the roof from the bottom up and now when there is a raindrop coming it can flow off the shelter with almost no resistance so that's why you have to start from the bottom and then you build up the roof until you reach the ridge line okay I'm almost ready with the shelter just going to check for holes inside of it as you can see there are still a ton of holes so I really have to get more spruce boughs especially at the ridgepole here there are a lot of holes so that's the most important part of the shelter

oh honey

this is it's my pet good house I'm about I think that my a frame shelter came out very good I am pretty satisfied with it yeah it's not perfect and it needs much more spruce boughs so that it's rain proof but here I think it's really cool and this was part 1 of building my new camp I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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