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Video Transcription

today's video is about stinging nettles at survival food stay tuned a distinct nettle grows all over the world and it's one of the most versatile survival plants stinging nettle is containing a lot of minerals it's containing a lot of vitamins vitamin A vitamin C seven times more vitamin C than an orange it contains iron it contains quite a lot protein 25% of its drive aid so it's a really good survival plant you can eat the seeds the seeds our edible raw like that hmm they have a lot of nutritional value you can take the seeds home with you and dry them at home and use them as spice or you can make a bread with it what I want to do today and you can eat the the leaves after stinging nettle which is not too bad actually you can cook a tea with it you can make spinach with it but you have to bear in mind that they aren't the erratic so if you're in a survival situation and you don't have a lot of water you shouldn't drink stinging nettle tea because as I said it's theoretic and he will need a lot of water to the chest is planned and the stock here is also usable for survival because you can make excellent cordage out of it and last but not least you can eat the roots too you can dig them out and they have a lot of nutritional value so this here the stinging nettle is a survival super plant

mmm-hmm that rude stay tastes really good

a little bit sweet poor mm-hmm okay before I had to file I take this stone here because this is going to be my baking stone and I going to make the fire directly on the stone okay I have this mortar here in the bag of camp and first time I get off the seats off there are little stamps and put it into the mortar okay it's very important that you find the seats down because the finer the flour is the easier it is to digest I gonna wrap the dough in two stinging nettle leaves now okay now we are ready to set it in the fire gonna clean off that's down here wow we have quite some heat here in addition to the bread I gotta make myself a stinging nettle tea I'm gonna put the contine into the coals but not too much into the heat because then the heat would destroy the vitamins in the stinging nettle leaves with I mean a vitamin C so I'm gonna put it in here and let it sear a little bit for about 10 minutes okay next I want to get out the roots because I want to try it and roast them over the fire yeah that one is looking good okay here I have free fruits I gotta put them into the fire okay next I'm going to work on the stems off the stinging nettle because I want to make a cordage with it I'm hitting on the stamps with a stone because that's a good way to get all the fine fibers apart it would be easier to put the stems into water for three days but in a survival situation you can't wait for your stems for three days

okay here I have a very nice favor and now I got to make it into cordage Quaritch making takes quite some time and that's the reason why it's one of the five Cs my bread looks done let's see how it tastes hmm it doesn't taste burn hmm yeah it's not too bad taxi shisha do you want some No it's very hard to bite off the root so it may be better if you covered yeah the roots they taste better roll I have to say tea's ready okay so you can eat the leaves just like spinach

it tastes better than laughing okay that cordage is ready I'm gonna make us career not into the end of it that's it so so you can make your string a little bit thicker if you want or very thin okay it holds quite some weight so this was my video about the stinging nettle s survival food I think it's a great survival plan not only because of the nutrition that it gives us but also because you can make very good cordage with it so if you liked the video leave a like or a comment if you want to see more subscribe to my channel I have two videos here at the site which are about survival foods as well you can follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time bye look at my dirty hands ah the living towel thanks doc

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