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How To Make An Emergency Pocket Waterfilter


This emergency filter is something you can build in a survival situation if you don't have anything else. Since this filter is not made out of activated charcoal it is only good for filtering out sediments. It won't filter out Giardia or any sort of bacteria and viruses. Only boiling makes your water safe to drink.

In this video I show how to make a simple waterfilter which can be used as alternative to boiling water if you dont have a fireproof container available.



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Video Transcription

so we had a lot of rain and flooding for two weeks now everything is wet in the forest and on the fields and what comes with flooding is dirty water so in a survival situation you want to find some way where you can purify your water and that's why I want to build a water filter today with natural materials okay so first of all we're gonna need some tube some kind of tube and for the tube I cut off some bamboo of my garden because I think that bamboo is just the best material for a little pocket filter okay so I've just found my first layer of the filter which is the bottom layer and our girls here is a really nice and clean moss and I gonna take some of the moss and put it into the water filter okay now I stuffed a mouse in really good okay so next we are going to need some charcoal and last time when I made a fire I collected some of the charcoal that was laying around and charcoal is really the most important ingredient of a pocket filter okay now I take some of the very fine charcoal into the filter here like so okay guys so now I filled up the filter up to here yep with charcoal now we're gonna take some moss again and fill it up to here about that and then our water filter is finished so if you want to you could feel the filter no up with sand but here in the forest there's no sense so I cannot take moss again and the most important filter component is charcoal so if you don't find any materials at least take charcoal and you will be fine suits want some beef jerky mmm really good

so I've just finished this water filter now it's time to find some bottle so for the pocket Peter we need some kind of empty container on the top where the dirty water is in and for this I'm going to take this plastic bottle here and now I'm going to take my Swiss Army knife and cut the plastic bottle in half okay now we have to figure out a way to connect these two pieces here and I thought that I just cut the bamboo down a little bit so that the bamboo fits inside the bottle of course it would be convenient the other way around but the diameter of the bamboo is just a little bit too small for that okay the bottle fits the filter very snack now but I think we have to seal this slot off here with some pine pitch because you don't want some dirty water running down at the sides of the filter into your other container with the clean water so now we are going to search for some plant pitch here on this stem I just found a little bit of thyme pitch is you're going to take to put right on this pocket filter here now we put the bottle on top of the filter and the pine pitch seals off the bottom here so now all the bottom will go inside here nothing outside okay now we're going to punch a little hole in the filter okay the water filter is working pretty good and the water down here is crystal-clear but of course to be safe it's always good if you boil this water but if you don't have the opportunity or the container to boil your water making a water filter like this is better than nothing so thanks for watching and stay tuned till next time Oh

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