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Nalgene Bottle vs Military Canteen (Stainless Steel)


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Video Transcription

today I'm making fire with cattail fluff and this is a flash tinder which means it's it is catching sparks very easily but it also burns very very fast and that's why I put some birch bark on it before I ignite the tinder okay guys so today I want to talk about a very important topic water purification I personally prefer to boil my water to disinfect it there are some people out there who like to use a water filter or who like to use water purification tablets that's okay but for me personally I like the boiling method the best and that's why I process 2 stainless steel bottles you don't have to use bottles out of stainless steel it's my personal preference because I think it's good I just like to have some very bomb-proof material stainless steel is very hard aluminum is very soft and there's a discussion going on if aluminum causes Alzheimer or not I don't know honestly but also I don't care because I prefer stainless steel so here are two stainless steel bottles and on this hand here I've got a military camp in but I pet - cool and the canteen shop and on the other hand here I have a 19 bottle by Cuyo designs so today I want to do a comparison of my two favorite bottles ok first of all let's start with the material of these two bottles here the Nalgene bottle is made out of single wall 18 by 10 surgical grade 316 steel it's a surgical steel and the military canteen here is consisting out of 304 stainless steel 5 to 6 millimeters thick and it has no coating either next let's talk about the capacity the Nalgene bottle has 48 ounces and the military canteen has 39 ounces so it's just a little bit bigger ok next let's talk about the hygiene which is very important because you want to keep your cooking stuff clean so if we have a close look at the Nalgene bottle at the inside we can see that the surface is very

even and it's easy to clean you have a very wide mouth and you can clean the shoulder of the bottle from the inside very well no problem at all yeah that's a quiet hygiene friendly bottle I have to say also the Fred here might be a little bit difficult to clean but it's certainly possible okay and now let's take a look at the military contain yeah there are two issues I have to mention first of all here you can see a rim I'm not quite sure why I put the rim on this bottle maybe it makes a bottle a little bit stronger more pong proof but as you can see here on the inside the rim on the inside goes like this okay and there's a high chance that bacteria and yeast and other staff can sit inside of the rim and breed so it's very important that you clean this bottle for roughly okay and the next issue I see is the rim here at the edge I don't know if you can see this but here the very edge goes back inside of the bottle so it's like that and if you take the bottle home with you and put it in the dishwasher and then you'll put the bottle upside down to let it dry there's always going to be a little bit of water sitting underneath the rim here like so and yeah it's also very hard to clean you just it's so tiny you don't get into it really so that's that's the issue that I see here at the military canteen however I have to say if you boil water with this contained inside of a fire all that bacteria is going to die doesn't matter if it's sitting inside of the rim here or underneath the thread here okay

the next topic I want to talk about is the weight the Nalgene bottle weighs about twelve point nine answers which is 365 grams and the military contain weighs eleven point three ounces which is 311 grams so it's a little bit lighter than this one here okay next I want to talk about the mouth of the bottles the Nalgene bottle has quite a big mouth it's 63 millimeters in diameter and the mouth of the military canteen is a little bit smaller but I have to say for military canteen this is the best one that you can get because no other military canteen has a wide mouth opening like this so that's that's awesome for military canteens so the nanchang bottle is a little bit bigger when it comes to the mouth which can be important if you want to use a water filtration system okay now I want to talk about the shape of the bottles here the Nalgene bottle comes in a bottle shape which can be great if you want to put it in the side pocket of your rucksack and the military contingent comes in the typical military style shape which is awesome if you want to use it to put it on a rucksack with MOLLE webbing so both shapes has its advantages but I have to say that I still prefer the military one because this shape has a very low center point of gravity and it's not so easy to knock over the bottle in in the fire when you are boiling the water varies on the other hand the Nalgene bottle I have knocked over several times in the fire so that's why I preferred a military contingent

now I have failed 500 milliliters of water into each bottle and I want to test out the closing system so the Nalgene bottle has this cap here which has a ring silicon ring here and it closes very tight because it has this very distinct fret so I just put it on and close it like this make sure you close it tight and it won't leak on you okay and you can open it very fast and quickly and yeah so I'm very fond of the closing system of the Nalgene bottle here it's awesome the military canteen here has a abs cap and it has a silicone seal here which is sealing off 100% of the inside of the cap the only thing that I don't like about the closing system is that the thread here is not very distinct and it happens very often to me that I put it on you know a little bit uneven and then it won't close properly so you really have to watch out when you close the bottle to make it evenly and I have to say that you have to close it really tight okay really tight because otherwise if you don't close tight it will leak a little bit okay it happened to me like three times that it leaked inside of my rucksack because I didn't close it tight enough and yeah so now it's not leaking which is a great thing obviously but you also need a lot of force to reopen the bottle again so in winter time this can be quite a hard thing to do okay that's the disadvantage of the military contain opening system okay now I'm going to put the bottles into the fire into the coals and I want to see which bottle boils the water faster

okay we have now seven minutes you can see that both bottles are boiling and the Nalgene bottle was about 20 seconds quicker okay so while the water is cooling down I want to talk about the cups of the bottles for the Nalgene bottle I've got a GSI cup it's a very yeah plastic shape it's stainless steel it has butterfly handles and the size of the cap is 18 ounces which is a very good size and then for the military contain I have got this nesting cap here which has quite a unique shape it has a L handle which you can attach to the continue with the slide here and then you've got a really proper handle it's staying very stable inside of the fire because the L handle here touches the ground and yeah very stable also the size is great because it has 25 ounces which is quite a big capacity and I really love this Cup I love it ok so last but not least I want to talk about the price of the bottles the military canteen comes in a set with the nesting cup with a stove and with a MOLLE compatible pouch like this and it costs $60 so some people might think that $60 is a little bit expensive but I think it's going to last you for the rest of your life so I think that $60 is a reasonable price if you want to save some money it's maybe better to go for a Nalgene bottle the Nalgene bottle costs 27 US dollar and nesting cap the cheese I cap cost around 15 US dollars so yeah it's quite a little bit cheaper I personally have to say that I prefer the military canteen style bottle I don't know why so if I had to decide by gut feeling I just would go for the military Contini it's just you know my personal preference so I hope that this video can help you a little bit with your buying decision both bottles are great they both have their advantages and disadvantages yeah so I really want to thank you for watching don't forget to subscribe like and share and stay tuned till next time bye

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