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7+3 Ways Of Firemaking And How To Improve Them


7+3 Ways Of Firemaking And How To Improve Them



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

when it comes to regulating the core temperature of your body heat the right fire making techniques can save your life in this video are going to show some old and some modern fire making techniques so stay tuned the first step before actually lighting a fire is to find and collecting some material which is highly combustible like this dry grasses

let's start with an ordinary lighter which runs with gas so that technique of a lighter is very simple you have a flint which creates sparks and then you have a button which releases the gas from the tank and that's what's creating the flame letters come in very handy they are cheap and they are easy to use but of course they have some disadvantages as well like for example if you put them in your bag and you accidentally hit the button here then you run out of gas or maybe you drop the lighter into a river or something and then of course it stops working it here I have a more advanced version of lighter than this one here this here is the micro blazer GTO 6 and it comes with a huge gas tank and down here you have a small wheel where you can switch on and off the gas supply which comes in really handy it doesn't have a flint anymore it has a button which creates Sparks by electricity and then in the front it has this protection cap here to protect the burner from getting bad or from getting dirty this micro blazer is actually storm proof burner which lights even that material like for example this wood here

okay next let's come to matches I think that matches our great invention I personally like them but not everybody knows how to use them correctly most of the people strike a match like this and then they tend to break it like that okay the right way to strike a match is to put a red cap on the striking area protect it with your finger and apply a little bit pressure and then strike the match like that and at this point you should pull back your finger because you don't want to burn yourself so it should look like that okay so as you can see the match went out pretty quickly that's because it's a little bit windy here and first and that's one of the greatest disadvantages of matches to prevent your matches from getting red you can dip them into bags or you can put them in a waterproof container like this one here so in here they'll say from getting wet and I just discovered that at the bottom here there's a fire steel integrated so I gotta strike this fire steel now with my knife so as you see this is working pretty good and I like the concept of this box because having one fire technique is none having two is at least one so one is none two is one and that's a great concept okay so besides making your matches waterproof you can also make your own storm proof matches so here I have a storm proof match that stick is out of fatwood which is very resinous and highly flammable so now I want to show you how this works I wanted to show you the fire steel with our fire steel you can strike a great variety of tinder materials like this grass here but also rate works great with this firesteel is a resonant soaked cotton ball there you go this is a moron that at the light my fire edition here and well first I have to say that this knife is a very sharp knife so you really have to watch out and at the bottom and here it has this small file steel integrator another great tinder material is birch bark birch bark is full from all different burns when it's wet so first you want to take your knife and you want to create little fine shavings by scraping off the bark with a sharp knife okay I now created this little pile of fine birch bark shavings and now I'm trying to ignite them with my fire steel there you go since making a fire with a fire seal can be very tricky there are other versions of a fire steel which make it a little bit more easy and this for example is a magnesium bar with a flint striker integrated so how this works is basically you shave off some of the magnesium here you can also use some fed wood to scrape off some fine shavings let's see how this works there you go this is a magnesium bar by Copeland's made in the USA and here I have another one this one is a m48 by the company commando and this one has a signal mirror at the back and a button compass which is pretty cool now let's come to some fire making techniques which are a little bit macgyver-like okay so first here I have steel boo it's a very fine material and here have a battery which is a 4.5 volt battery by energizer next let's come true black powder let's cut open one of these fibers so let's see if this works okay I think black powder isn't really working with the fire steel but you can definitely use it as an accelerant there you go so having a small lens like that in your survival kit is a great thing you know you just need the Sun to start a fire so the tree craft this solar ignition is basically to focus beam which is as small as possible now let's come to a technique which is a little bit more traditional the flint and steel hit so this is my makeshift flint and steel kit in here I have a Flintstone a striker and some chart material so now I'm taking a piece of this trod horseshoe fungus and I laid on the edge of the Flint stone and now I try to create some spark

I'm taking this cold now and put it into my bird's nest there you go so this was pretty much all the techniques I wanted to show you there's one missing which is called the ball drill the ball drill is a very difficult technique and I want to make a separate video for this so thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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Survival Lilly

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