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Kidnapped! Lock Picking Crash Course (Urban Survival)


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In this episode we are going to take a look at the urban survival skill "lock picking" or opening up locks without the proper key. This is not only a great skill to have when it comes to lost keys but it also plays a huge role in an extreme kidnapping scenario. This video is not a video for professional lock pickers. It is a crash course for beginners.



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Kidnapped! Lock Picking Crash Course (Urban Survival)

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Video Transcription


my name is Lily and when I was 11 years old I almost got abducted two times I was always lucky and I got away I got told to not talk to strangers to saying no to strangers I said no to the men who tried to lure me into his white wind I ran away from the same man who waited for me a couple of weeks later with his white whim and that way fortunately nothing ever happened to me but other people they are not that lucky in the u.s. over 600,000 people go missing every year so that's not a small figure if you ever find yourself in this situation if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time and you get kidnapped a survival skill we call a lock-picking might get you out of your misery so for lock-picking you need a lockpick set which I have here I got this from Amazon it's a very cheap kit which I got for $20 you get a range of different lock picks and you get a transparent blocks which is great to learn lock picking because you're you're seeing what you're doing now before we start lock picking I first want to show you what the key does to the lock so here you can see the plaque and underneath the plug there are five pins tags and these need to be aligned to be able to open the lock so now we are going to insert the key into the lock and watch what the pins are doing while doing that see now all the pins are aligned and this way I can open the lock so basically without the key we are doing the same for lock picking you need some tools first of all you need a wrench like this here this is a tool that you are going to into the front like so and then you want to put a little bit of tension on it the next thing you need is some kind of pick and I have several ones here for example this one is a good pick this here is the diamond pick but I personally preferred this one this is the hook or the Fila pick so next I'm going to insert the pick into the log and try to push down these five pin stacks so as you can see I've just made a mistake the last one pick number five I've pushed down too much and now the one thing that you need to do is to let it go and start from the beginning as you can see I just have picked this lock okay now let's try it and pick this lock here which is quite easy to pick actually so I'm putting a little bit of pressure on the wrench but not too much okay that's it I've opened it okay next let's try this lock here which is a little bit more difficult because it has a pin stack which is already very low and it's very easy to over pick this pin here

these transparent logs they are great for beginners because you see what you are doing and that's a great thing to go first

but later when you are more skilled you really should try real logs like this one here and yeah this is just a small security lock which you find almost everywhere on the world so now I'm going to pick this one and yeah with these locks you can cheat open now if you don't have a lockpick set it might also work with other tools like for example women often have these bobby pins here okay first I need to make a 90-degree angle that's going to be my wrench I'm going to insert it into the lock like so and now I'm taking the other pin and just try to open the lock so if you are ever you know in a emergency situation and you have to open a lock even a bobby pin might work and yeah if you want to challenge yourself even more you can do it in the darkness behind your hands for example you

open so yeah there are cool ways to challenge yourself it actually makes a lot of fun to pick lots and see if you can do it and yeah maybe it's a good idea to have more than one pic set like you can hide these things in your shoes or in your Czech head you know if you ever get into the extreme situation of being locked into a room and here sometimes even you know other metals that you find can make a good lockpick set so it's really doable it's easy to learn even for beginners if you have a little bit of feel in your hands you're going to be pretty quick and opening locks in no time so I want to thank you for watching this was an urban survival episode if you liked it leave me a like and maybe a comment and say it until next time bye just come

but we must our from of them pinky I don't a snaffle talk mom taking your can out

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