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Freezing Cold Overnighter In The Snow - Part 1


Watch Part 2 here: https://youtu.be/DJBaTwPKACs

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In this video I sleep in the forest with my friend from the PostapocalypticGarage. It was pretty cold that day, but fortunately we cut down a lot of firewood and could warm ourselves up again :)

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Video Transcription



The shelter is still standing -Looks pretty good

I'm gonna catch some firewood because we only have two hours left of daylight and we really have to start working Got a new saw, let's see how it cuts I got a new tomahawk that I want to try out today This one is a CRKT Okay, this is the backside of the shelter and before we can camp we need to close the shelter at the backside but as you can see there's so much snow that there's almost no hole and I'm just gonna take and move this snow and close the backside of the shelter. This is a snow shovel that I have here today and it's military supplies it's out of aluminum and it's pretty old, from 1939 and the cool thing is that you can easily attach a longer stick, for example, and you just close it with this ring here which traps the stick. Pretty awesome. - It's good hahaha - Am I doing a good job? - Awesome In a real survival situation you don't want to drink any kind of alcohol, because even when you feel warmer, your body will get a lot colder, a lot faster and you really want to avoid that situation

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