Taking A Youtube Break :(


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Taking A Youtube Break :( survival

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Video Transcription

hi guys today I have to tell you that I probably had to pause YouTube videos because I have injured my hand and yes actually the injury wasn't that big so I bought a new tomahawk and then I was using it it was it haven't at the video with the overnighter and freaking conditions and yes the tomahawk was a little bit heavier than the axe that I usually use so I wasn't used to the weight then at one strike I felt that something was you know ripping maybe inside of my hand and it sells very weird but it wasn't that bad so I kept working unfortunately and I kept working for one week so yeah after that one week the hand cut really swollen and then I went to the hospital and they say that nothing is red but I have a very tense information inside of the hand so yeah and the said it needs quite some weeks to heal up again and yeah as I said it takes up to six weeks or more and now I really have to pause working with my hands because otherwise it gets chronically intimated so yeah unfortunately I can't make videos in that time and that's really unfortunate and before that happens I also focus my I was a sick and I couldn't work for one week and then after that I got some lamella infection and I couldn't work for one week so usually I have a lot of videos and backups but now I'm running out of videos and I only have three more videos which are unpublished which I have made for the injury so my plan is set I want to release these videos in the next three weeks and every Saturday and this keeps me free more weeks to heal my hand I hope that until then my hand has you and yes if not there will be no videos anymore so I really have to give this time and heal up properly yeah sometimes life sucks and yeah there's nothing I can do about it enough anyway I've got a question that I want to answer it's coming from Australia from a young girl named Rachel - I will really my name is Rachel from Australia I love your channel I would like to know what is your favorite can't even see it thanks Thank You Rachel for your question I'm glad that you're watching my videos and I have come to the conclusion that fake qme is my favorite camping food because there is just nothing better than a sage cooked medium over fire on a grill and yes that's my favorite food thank you very much also I have some presents for my viewers for my subscribers I really want to thank you because I have reached over 350 thousand subscribers lately so what so they get a way for my subscribers this time it's going to be this snow shovel which is pretty awesome because you can attach a longer stick to it as useless in a couple of my videos on YouTube and the next thing that the lucky winner is going to get is a flashlight by the company a tactical it's this one here let's take a closer look just left out here inside a company a tactical it's called a one and it's a little bit similar to the company through night it has two buttons and you can switch on the side with back switch here and then you can select six different modes whereas the side switch and it has several different modes including low medium high turbo SOS and strobe mode it's pretty cool and the highest output of this flashlight is 550 lumens which is pretty strong this one here runs with an 18 650 battery which is a tactical it's also impact resistant and water resistant pretty rough stuff that you can use for a lot of outdoor tasks as we all know a flashlight it's not only important for a wilderness survival situation but also for urban environment how can you win this awesome shovel and this great flashlight it's pretty easy you need to be a subscriber to my youtube channel and a subscriber to my Facebook fan site and you need to share this video from my facebook fan side so I'm going to post this video on Facebook and from there you can share it and then in a week or so I'm going to select and announce a winner which is going to be completely random out of the list of the people who share the video yeah that's about it I'm very sorry that I can't deliver two videos a week anymore but I really need to give this time so that my hands can heal up properly it's very important and yes I'm very sorry that I can't produce more videos now and here if you want to see more videos check out my other videos on my channel I'm pretty sure that you haven't seen all of my videos yet and yeah so you can do that if you want to I would really appreciate it also I want to thank you for your support that you have given me in the last year's and yeah it's pretty awesome thank you very much take until next time

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