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Survival Kit For Tropical Islands - Tropical Island Part 3 of 14


In this video I present some survival items which should go into your survival rucksack when visiting a tropical island.

Here is the list of items:

- Matches or/and firesteel

- Full tang K.N.I.F.E

- Shemagh and bandana

- Fishing kit and gill net

- Canteen and Cup

- Camping stove and fuel

- Paracord

- Signal Mirror

- First Aid Kit and medication

- Wide brimed hat and sunscreen

- Headlamp

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills.This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

Survival Kit For Tropical Islands survival

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you a survival kit that you might need on a tropical island stay tuned okay so these are the items that I recommend taking with you on a tropical island first of all we have a first-aid kit

this goes into every survival kit they should also contain your daily medication or gamete the next thing that I suggest taking with you is this emergency space blanket actually on tropical islands we have a lot of plans which has very big leaves so you can make yourself a shelter in only 20 minutes but still suggest taking a small emergency blanket with you if for example they have a funnel form or some kind of rain shower and you want to get out of the rain of course the next thing that I suggest taking with you is magic and this matchbox is waterproof it also comes with a fire seal at the bottom if you run out of matches and grab some duct tape around the metro the most important survival tool for our tropical island is a knife like this from here this is a good and sturdy poop same survival knife and yes you need to knife for building shelters or opening up coconuts

next is chest taking a bandana with you you can use this for all kinds of stuff if you're bleeding you can use it to Joseph's wounds

same with the Shema Kea it has 30 different survival users on a tropical island it doesn't get really cold around this year so you don't really need a sleeping bag and you don't have to be afraid of hypothermia but I feel the chest taking the Chi mark with you because in the night you can use it as a large blanket the next kin that I really recommend taking with you is sunscreen you don't want to get sunburned because it really hurts and you might risk getting skin cancer so sunscreen always goes into a survival kit another item that I highly suggest is bringing a blessed with you tropical islands are usually very near to the equator which means that the night is pretty long so i really suggest taking a good flashlight with you another item on list is a gill net like this one here it's just a small map doesn't weigh a lot you can pack it in to your roof sacks doesn't take up a lot of space and this comes in very handy when catching fish or creatives and making that actually take a long time so i really suggest taking one with you the next item that we have here is airport

classy survival items you can use it for so many things you can even cut it open as you see in a strand for fishing line also here I have a rubber band which is pretty awesome because you don't find rubber in nature like this and with this year you can build a few guns for example finding water on a tropical island sometimes can be very tricky and sometimes you find water in coconut if you are able to find a good water source of drinking water source which is not salt water you really need some kind of container to cook up the water for at least five minutes to kill all the waterborne pathogens another item on my list is a small cooking stove and confused for cooking for example for cooking water or cooking whatever food you find and interpreting islands is actually not so easy to find good fuel good firewood because it's mostly very damp and this moves a lot so i really suggest taking the small cooking stove with you the small sophia comes in very handy doesn't take up a lot of room a lot of space you can throw it inside of your bag a little bit of fuel and you're good to go the last item on my list is a good hat with a wide brim which protects you against the hot sun rays and this is just so important when it comes to preventing heatstroke or headache I want to thank you for watching please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more also please follow me on Facebook to the Instagram for taking the next line

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

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