Building A Raised Bed For My Teepee


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In this video I build a raised bed for my teepee. It was a whole lot of work to fell all these dead standing trees. Building the bed itself didn't take a lot of time. A raised bed will give you a lot of comfort. A good night sleep is worth gold in the wilderness.

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Building A Raised Bed For My Teepee

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Video Transcription

hey guys how are you doing today I'm back here in the forest at my bug-out camp and not far away from a bear health camp there's this teepee that I have set up in May and today I wanted to make one or two benches for the teepee so that you can sleep in there comfortably this is the teepee from the inside as you can see it's pretty big and high and this is going to be the fireplace here so yeah I'm really looking forward to stay here one night or two and future especially in winter time when there's a lot of snow

and as you can see here I've already prepared a lot of wood [Music]

okay as you can see the ground is pretty uneven so I want to make the bed higher at the bottom end and it will get lower at the upper end verdad is going to be and it's just so important that you sleep at a horizontal in a horizontal bed because otherwise you would you know roll out of the bed and have a very uncomfortable sleep

lying mr. head at this side here is much more comfortable because it feels like this side has gotten a little bit higher than this side yeah definitely so the band is still a little bit you know unstable so before I can call this finished I have to secure it a little bit more

okay this is much better off whoa that's a whole lot of work but you know what's even more work to get all these logs it takes so much time to find this trees and to get enough of them for the bed so it took me here longer to get all the materials than building the bed yeah so this was how to make a wooden bed in a teepee and I really enjoy doing this hard work because it's giving me so much energy back you know being in the forest and and doing some cutting and splitting wood and stuff like that so I really enjoy being out here if you want to know what tepee this is you can find the link in the description it's by human land they also make a youtube channel you find a link in the description below if you are interested in buying survival lily t-shirts you can find them in my Spreadshirt shop thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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