Making Fire With Shoe Laces


In this video I make a primitive fire with my left hand. Shoe laces work pretty good as cordage substitute for the fire bow.

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Making Fire With Shoe Laces survival

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Video Transcription

hi guys as you all know ever injured hand and today I try to make a primitive fire with my left hand stay tuned [Music]

I think this will make a great spiel for the bow drill set or maybe the bass [Music]



now I have to prepare the bow and I don't have court with me so it has to take my shoelaces you

for the bearing block today it's just going to take my skateboard wheel because it makes things easier time for the knot as you can see I'm already bleeding and now I have to watch out that I don't bleed into the knot okay before I make the final drill some tinder for the birds net and this read seats here they are perfect for the bird's nest they are very soft dry and very fine [Music]


I just broke the fire board so one lesson is to make it speaker and now I have to make a new fire board this one looks better [Music]






okay to make what step to make one thing here with a broken hand it would be almost impossible to make a bow drill now I have an injured hand but I can still use it you know it feels totally weird with the left hand it feels like as if I were just a beginner you know totally uncontrolled and shaky and everything so from now on I'm going to train the bow drill with my left hand and if you can achieve the bow drill with the right and left hand you can you know sometimes switch hands when you are getting out of breath so I think that's pretty cool yeah guys so I want to thank you for watching please make sure that you subscribe to my channel and stay tuned till next time [Music]


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