Splitting An Arrow Like Robin Hood


Hello guys, in this video I get in tune with my take down recurve Samick SHT, 40 pounds drawweight.

Unfortunately I could not find the Samick SHT on amazon, but I have found a good bow which is very similar: Samick Sage: http://amzn.to/2hL110D

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Splitting An Arrow Like Robin Hood survival

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Video Transcription

hi guys today I'm out here in the woods again because I want to shoot with my recurve bow and the last time I have to say I was not very satisfied with my shooting so today I just want to focus on this bow ok as you can see the first shot was very high and to the right and then I trusted my side and aimed lower but I'm still a little bit high so this is my second grouping and at the first glance it might look good but actually for the short distance is pretty bad so I'm going to stay at this distance and see if I can get title groupings I'm shooting to the right again which is not great but I will work on it so I have to say I'm not happy with the performance of the bow and now I want to try to take off the arrow rest here and only shoot over the shelf let's see if there's a different okay I got the feeling that it should spell enough okay this grouping looks okay I've pinned more to the middle than before but I'm going to stay at the same distance and try to get an even better grouping this is much better I destroyed in the arrow I just split an arrow like Robin Hood yeah guys so this is the first time that this is happening to me and I've heard stories about it but yeah unbelievable so yeah I guess I can provide this arrow here but at least this one is in one piece the posit is laughing at me wow I'm seeing him he's beautiful I'm happy with this grouping much better than at the beginning so now I'm going to move a couple of meters far away again it's very good a little bit high but okay for me I'm getting there yeah that was pretty good yeah I'm very happy with this grouping it's exactly what you want and this is at a distance of 10 meters which is okay for small game it's definitely possible to come that close to attack or to here or add a small animal squirrels so yeah I'm very happy with the results today because at first I didn't shoot very well with the bow but this bow is definitely a good one also it doesn't cost a lot so if you are interested in getting one I'm going to put an Amazon link into the description of this video yeah I want to thank you for watching if you want to see more subscribe to my channel and I also do have a Facebook fan site where you can see other stuff that I'm doing thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time [Music]




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