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Building A Primitive Shelter (Part 1)


Building A Primitive Shelter (Part 1)

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I'm here at my survival shelter as you can see it's pretty much non-existent and last time I was here I have actually built this air tunnel it's a ground heating system and last time I have used some bark for covering the air tunnel but actually Park is not so great because if you step on it it might collapse so today I have brought some stones with me which also are going to store the heat of the hot air much longer and yeah today I want to renew this air tunnel and then maybe start building the survival shelter up again yeah usually there's no water in in the earth like the groundwater is much deeper but it has rained yesterday and that is why there's so much water in there I just try to make the tunnel a little bit deeper so that it can draw a little bit more air and have this route here which is in a way but I don't want to cut it because it's not necessary it might get a little bit hot through the hot air but I don't think it will burn let's see maybe I'm wrong I want to have a little bit of this overhang here so that the fire can go at the inside and then the stone is going to get very hot of course it might break but yeah maybe it holds let's see okay here at the end I'm missing one stone I didn't have enough of stones that's no trouble really because I can bring in another stolen next time and the most important part is here because this is already behind the shelter so here I have the stones this is where I'm lying and this is where the most of the heat should be stored and here it's already at the backside of the shelter so no problem and yeah actually these stones you don't get here so I have to bring them in we don't have very flat stones here in this area so it's cheating I know but I want to this to be a very good shelter and if you don't have the stones like in a real survival situation you can take bark like I did before or you can take sticks and lay them side by side over the tunnel and then cover it with soil and now I'm going to cover the stones as you can see they are pretty sturdy you can step on it no problem and I want to cover these stones now with low I try not to take this top soil here because it's not really airtight so I'm going to push that away I just want to take the brown loam here

okay next I have to take care off the fire pit here and yeah unfortunately it's full with water but there's really nothing that you can do about it here with this ground with the soil because the lomi earth is very dense and it's going to catch the water it's like a small pond and it can't drain through the bottom of the fire pit so yeah when digging out a fire pit that's the risk that you're going to take yeah so that should be enough now let's collect some stone okay here are some stones which I can use for the five hit and actually this has been an Old Forest Road and these stones here I don't think they are natural either but still I'm going to use them

good big stones this check it will get dirty but it doesn't matter because I can wash it when I come home but I really need this as a container for the stones


I have some stones in the fire pit now and now I can lay some wood above it and then it will burn and it won't come into contact we have the water however the coals are going to fall into the water of course this is not the perfect solution I would rather have you know a dry fire pit but today there's nothing else that I can do against it I need some firewood because I want to try out if my underground heating system is working and the chest front is that spruce tree here which is standing and it should be dry enough to make some good firewood today I'm going to use my trusty burl 21 you can find a link in the description below if you are interested in it a lot of people say that they don't like having with both saws because they tend to jump especially at the first initial cut and yeah the first thing that I want to say about this is that first of all you don't want to have your hand right here where you cut you want to go away with your hand from the sole a little bit and the next thing that I want to mention is that it only turns when you push down a lot at the beginning like really hard so at the beginning you shouldn't really push too hard just that saw to its work by its own so as you can see my saw doesn't jump anymore that's because I've cut like hundreds of lakhs for my shelters and sooner or later you will get a feel for the saw and then it won't jump anymore but still it's always great to put away your hand and when I was a beginner I often hurt myself because I wasn't aware of these small things you know these are small safety tips but they are worth gold because the number one rule out in the wilderness is that you do not injure yourself

I don't want to make a big fire today I just want to try out if the tunnel is drawing the hot air or not so I'm just going to make a base layer with this blocks here and I'm just going to burn the Finn twigs today oh no it's working yeah and one thing I wanted to say is that you have to make sure that you have a very outside earth because otherwise yeah you will get smoke inside of the shelter so make sure that you step on the earth and close all of the gaps sometimes my friends complain that I'm not wearing gloves and actually they are right I should be wearing gloves more often because otherwise your hand will look like this here so I have scratches all the time and yeah it's pretty much to protect your hands actually and today everything is wet and full with dirt so grafts are a good thing to have I want to be careful with this bark because I don't want to destroy it like this one here so in the night it was freezing all of this bark is frozen it's very solid

that's looking red pretty stable here that's where my upper part is going to be I just decided that I want to take some locks for the back end of the air tunnel I wanted to bring in one more stone but I couldn't find one so this is the emergency solution for that and it's actually not too bad okay so I have cut some logs and put them onto the yet handle and last time or second last time I have brought this bamboo board in the forest and I'm just going to use this as the back end covering off the handle and this hole here I want to keep free and yeah this is pretty stable I can step on it no problem so this is going to do and now I'm going to need some earth to covet I'm about 50 meters away from a camp now and there's this huge tree which has fallen over and underneath here you can see that there's very good earth and this is what I need for my shelter it's very fine soil exactly what I need and it's already situated all right this is so heavy oh my god yes I'm telling you this is some really good loam here and I'm pretty sure that I can make primitive pottery with this earth it's great it's really awesome and this is airtight completely outside so I don't have to worry about the smoke coming into my shelter okay cool it that's really great I think I'm going to get more earth and cover the rest of the top of the eighth animal because I want to make sure that it's really airtight and that there is no smoke coming through this is a real mess yeah it's never been so dirty at my hands in Manhattan before it actually looks like cement and I'm sure it's pretty airtight but still I want to make a fire and see if I have any gaps because if I have I can close it now and later man the bed is standing I won't be able to close it easily again as a fire starter today I have a tampon pretty good tinder because it's sealed watertight me in the package and you can just fluff it up like this and then you have your pure cotton okay guys I don't know if you can see this at the back end but the smoke is coming out of there already the warm is coming out of here okay so the fires burning pretty good and I haven't detected any gifts at the top of the eternal yet so now I'm going to take some leaves and cover this area because it's quite muddy and when it's raining I don't want it you know I don't want everything to get muddy inside of the shelter so I'm going to cover it with leaves today I have this awesome stainless steel container with me and I found it very cheaply on Amazon it cost me like 24 euros in Europe and I've seen it on Amazon u.s. for 18 US dollars and there's a cup that comes with it so you can't beat that price and it's really good quality bomb proof steel nothing bad about it I wish that I had this like 20 years ago I'm not sponsored or anything by the guys who produce this continue but I'm going to put an amazon link into the description of this video if you want to get one and yeah just really nothing bad about it and you can't beat the price so it's it's awesome I don't want to attract too much attention with the smoke and yeah now I want to keep building okay folks so it has been pretty warm in Austria the last weeks but the very forecast says that you will get colder weather in the next time and a lot of snow so first of all today I want to finish the roof and then maybe next time I am going to build a bed I have two small tricks here which I'm going to use I just put them on the shelter loosely like this and they are going to hold the bark it's jut the framework yeah unfortunately I don't have the best mark available anymore so I probably have to get more back from somewhere else when it comes to roof building and it's important that you overlap the park so that then the water falls onto the shelter it will run off and off and off and not into the shelter and gaps are not that great so here I have a gap and yeah maybe I can fix that with a smaller piece of park like this and this should be good to go okay so I'm running out of good bark and I've just taking a walk and try to scavenge more goods back from the trees but there are not a lot of dead trees around here so I really need to go searching a little bit more alright so this is how far I got and as you can see I have only covered to 1st of the shelter because now I ran out of park and yeah that's pretty unfortunate and now I have walked around to came for one hour but I couldn't find another tree which was dead and standing and where I could peel off the bark so now it's getting dark and I have to leave and next time I'm either going to search again or bring in some park from another place because I really wanted to be a good roof and park is the best natural material in this area here that I can use so for today this is going to be it I want to thank you for watching and so far it doesn't look too bad right so if you liked this video make sure that you leave me a thumbs up and maybe a comment and also if you want to see more videos like this make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hits a notification below thank you for watching and stay tuned til next time

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