Hunting And Field Dressing A Duck


In this video I am hunting and field dressing a duck with my Browning Citori cal. 12 gauge using steel ammunition which is required in Austria when hunting near water.

How To Cook A Duck:



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription


hey come Dussel okay guys I just saw a fox and he was very fluffy and beautiful and yeah I didn't expect to see a fox at this time cool

so so so you bro have a breath come here Shh

come here you're super you're cars girls girls laughing well guys that was a successful hunter chest Javadoc and tax retreated for me now I want to clean it out and I got two presents today from Mother Nature the first present was that I saw a beautiful Fox and the second present is to snack here which is going to feed me my family and ducks okay today I want to do a quick cutting method because I shot the the back pretty bad and it wouldn't be wise to pluck it because you know there's probably not a lot of meat left so let's open it up and see what we are dealing with let's take away the skin here and as you can see there's a lot of this fat here so the back is very well fat that's a great meat here so I'm really looking forward to eating that that's looking very good and healthy that's a very nice piece here so that's the second breast yeah that's looking good and here you can see the steel emanation that I used and steel is great because it's not poisoning the environment okay I just had a look at the wings but there's not a lot of meat to it but is still going to take it with me to feedbacks those parts that are you know shot very badly I kind of give to Docs - yeah those legs are looking good that's one leg here second leg I'm leaving the carcass here so that the Fox that we saw earlier can get some food today as well and yeah let's just throw it over there and I give tax these remains here that's come here come here good dog good dog yeah so as you can see Philippe dressing an animal is pretty easy you just open up the skin and then you cut out the breast and and the legs and sometimes when you should have fastened you can use the arms as well so the wings I mean and yeah so I want to thank you for watching if you want to see other hunting videos check out these videos here at the sides follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned till next time

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

You can find all her videos on her YouTube channel.

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