Catching A HUGE Crab In A Bottle


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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills. This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

Catching A HUGE Crab In A Bottle

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Video Transcription

there's a huge hole in the ground and it seems like a fresh black hole from our big scrap so today I want to try and catch it with this water bottle here and I'm going to cut it open to make some kind of trap but first I need to see if I can dig a hole in front of the crap hole


okay - Travis Mouse hat next you need some kind of face okay let's take a look and see if there's something in the trap you did here look at Wow look at him huge a huge crap Wow his right car is so much bigger than his let's go I pulled him out of the trap boy I think I give him a sticker or something so I can play with a stick I give him sticky he should take it take it no it doesn't want it ok ha ha huge he's huge I think he's a little bit sleeping because he's not acting like he wants to escape or something he's just you're sleeping core




the huge job [Applause]

I'm going to make the fire yes little place I'm in the shape and you always have to watch out that you don't fit underneath the coconut tree because the coconut can fall on your head [Applause]

as a teen and today I have Vaseline with me and some cotton hat and they make great tinder and all the skin around here is wet so it's always a good idea to take Vaseline and some dry tinder with you this is going to burn like hell [Applause]


yes okay

I have cooked the crab for about 20 minutes but to make sure that all of the parasites of that I'm going to lay it on the coals for five more minutes [Applause]

I'm getting the crap out of the cold [Applause]


first five

Wow delicious this is so good oh my god ah [Applause]

yeah so this was how to catch a crop it's pretty easy you just need to wait until it falls into your trap and yes tastes great great proteins great survival food I want to thank you for watching please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos also follow me on Facebook student Instagram and I'm going to finish the second half now stay tuned till next time

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

You can find all her videos on her YouTube channel.

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