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Baited Spring Leg Snare (SAS Manual)


Book shown in this video http://amzn.to/2mFUDsZ

Review and learning experience:

1. In this video I used bright cordage for the loop, because it could be seen better in the video for demonstration purposes. If you really want to trap something please use snare wire or strong paracord for the loop. What you didnt see in the video was that natural cordage snapped when I used the handaxe to get snared, because it was too heavy. I replaced it with paracord then, which worked out pretty good.

2. The bait stick should have a split where you can put the bait into it to attract animals.

3. For the springy sapling I used a beech tree in this video. I cut off some branches to take away some weight, so then it was pulling up the prey faster. Beech seems to be better for spring snares than birch tree which is bending too much.

Diese Falle dient nur zu Demonstrationszwecken. Nach diesem Video wurde die Falle ordnungsgemäß abgebaut und unschädlich gemacht.

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