Tandem Bow Drill (Friction Fire)


In this video PostapocalypticGarage helped me making a tandem bow drill fire. We used alder on alder and it worked out great.

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Video Transcription

hey guys I'm here in the forest with post-apocalyptic garage make sure that you visit this channel and today we are going to try to make a tandem bow drill stay tuned okay if you have chance found this tree here which is some elder tree and it's dead and it has been that for several years because the bark is coming up and it's dead standing so we are hoping that the wood at the inside is dry right now the wood on the surface is very moist and yeah there was some snow in the last place so we definitely have to go for the inside of the wood yeah this is bone-dry at the inside so maybe let's try and cut out the middle part off the after tree and see you if we can use it let's do it okay this pouch is rotten so yeah don't think this would work okay let's go okay we just tried to find some tinder but actually everything is soaked with ice and water so I guess we have to make our own tinder okay first I'm going to make the steamer and I'm going to put on away the outer layers of the wood with my knife just to make sure that there is no moisture in the wood I need some graphs [Applause]


okay that's a pretty good spinner and now I'm just going to take the spindle and put it inside of my Czech heads to keep it warm so Lily finished with the fire board okay we have everything prepared to accept its Hinda and now we have to find that sending tree again and make our salsa Chindi which is going to take some time but it's necessary everything is wet here I need to find some fine branches like these which are dry so that I can make an initial bird's nest this is not the dry stuff but I need some kind of casing for the bird's nest try to dry the sticks out with my body warm and my body heat okay I'm taking my glove and protect the birds nests so that it doesn't get wet from falling raindrops [Music]

how much he got faster and asked them three special


as you can see that what it is still a little bit moist so it's really hard to keep the flame going and now the flame is out so if you are doing this you really have to prepare a lot of things like three handfuls of tinder okay so it took us about two hours to get a little bit of a frame going and as you have seen it's going out very fast so we needed a lot more tinder and I think yeah as two persons I think it's yeah even easier imagine if you have to do this alone and so yeah it's pretty hard work and don't underestimate the bow drill it's a skill that you have to practice like every week at least yes for sure yeah practice a lot on the lot thank you for watching don't forget to visit post-apocalyptic garage channel on youtube I put a link of his channel in the description of this video I want to thank you for watching stay tuned till next time fish

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