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How To Make White Milkbread (Old European Recipe)


Today something different. Today I am going to show you a very old European recipe on how to make white milkbread. First you want to preheat the oven to 220°Celsius and when putting in the bread you bake it at 180°Celsius for about 45 minutes.

Milkbread recipe:

1kg of wheat flower

0.5L of milk

42g of living yeast

2 big spoons of lard

4 and a half spoons of sugar

2 tea spoons of salt

Its super easy to make and tastes great as a breakfast bread with eggs.



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Video Transcription

hi guys Emily and today I want to show you how to make rice make bread stay tuned okay these are the ingredients of white bread

we need sugar wheat flour 1 kilogram and here we have living yeast and this cube has 42 grams we need a little bit of salt and half a liter of milk ok first we pour in half a liter of milk and we want to warm up the milk on the oven while the milk is warming up we pour the wheat flour into the mixer next we add 4 big spoons of sugar 2 3 4 now we take a mark like this and add a little bit of sugar into it and we add the yeast okay and for the bread we need a little bit of salt 2 tablespoons now let's check on the milk if it's warm yet no it's not warm ok I almost forgot to tell you that we need lard as well for the bread I didn't mention lard in the introduction but you need that ok now the milk is warm we take it off the oven and now we take a little bit of the milk here and pour it over the yeast just a little bit and now you want to mix the sugar the yeast and milk

and now we let the yeast sit a little bit and wake up okay next we take two big spoons of lard oops and we put it into the milk and we stir it a little bit so that the Lark gets liquefied let's take a look at the yeast great now this is a yeast that's working and alive okay I added a little bit of milk because the dough is a little bit too dry

now that Oh needs to rest at a warm place and it needs about 30 minutes to rise after 20 minutes the bread looked like this but it needs a little bit more time and meanwhile I'm going to preheat the oven and first I set the temperature at 220 degrees okay now the bread is in the oven and that takes down the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius so 20 minutes have passed and now the craft gets a little bit Brown and I usually take a paper like this and put it on the bread because then the crust won't get too dark okay amateur if the bread is baked yet so there's a simple trick that I want to show you how you can find out if that bread is ready or not take the bread and then you knock on the other side of the bread in the middle and usually it sounds Hollow when it's done but this one is not hollow enough so I'm gonna put it back ten more minutes here we go we have our nice milk bread and that's my favorite brand actually it tastes a little bit sweet because of the sugar and yeah it's not as healthy as black bread but it's still my favorite and I love to eat it for breakfast so I want to thank you guys for watching subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and follow me on Facebook to them Instagram stay tuned to the next time

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