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Shooting My SSG08 At 300 Meters (328 Yards)


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Scope used in this video http://amzn.to/2mUbc0J

In this video I shoot my SSG 08 (Scharfschützengewehr 08 or sharp shooter rifle 08). I try to find another ammunition for hunting since before it was zeroed in for target shooting. I choose the Brennecke ammunition because I got the feeling that it shot the most accurate, but this is just my subjective impression.

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Shooting My Sniper Rifle At 300 Meters (328 Yards) survival

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Video Transcription


hi guys I'm Nene and today I want to find the right panting emanation from a sniper rifle 0/8 stay tuned okay the first ammunition that I want to try out is the AWS it is a pretty high quality and high price ammunition let's see how it flies at 300 meters the scope has a ballistic tower which is pretty awesome and right now the rifle is zeroed in with this other ammunition here which is for long-range shooting but this is not a hunting ammunition and now I have to use the scope like this with the same setting it can be that the ammunition that the bullet flies a little bit lower or more to the right we will see now I'm shooting at 300 meters and I'm going to give the scope 17 clicks upwards okay let's see if it works a little bit to the right let's try the next top right by their first chop just a little bit up here a little bit more to the right now but I think it was my mistake at the last subject was really feel that my heart beat was pushing the gun a little bit to the right it's so sensitive so that was probably my mistake and dissemination is very good it's just a very small circle at 300 meters which is really good okay the next ammunition that I want to try out is diffusion and see how I sweat higher than four knots a bit but the second chance want to move it off okay now I'm going to try out the key combination


hmmm a little bit more low and to the right again


okay a French chef brought me another ammunition which is called winacott and now Smith's trial of this one flag wow that's a pretty good grouping okay I decided to choose this ammunition took by brenneke okay now we are going to do this 100 meters and that's right here in the scope and at the 300 meters defensive or a little also I'm going to give it 4 ticks upwards and a little bit to the left to kick or so on - okay the first step of best mentor second child to the length to stretch out dead center again


of course now let's go to the 200 and 300 meter range again okay now I want to shoot with the brenneke at 200 meters and now we have zeroed in the ballistic tower at 100 meters and a 200 videos I want to give it 17 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a little bit low I kind of try it one more kick upward 10 okay

now let's change to the 300 meter screen okay now at 300 meters I'm going to give it 13 more clicks on to 3 mm so okay let's see okay yeah yeah yes a real choice to shoot with this rifle and dissemination is great to panic hammocks and yes I want to thank my from fire fair manager for letting me childress this rifle is pretty awesome and I can't wait to try it out in the field

stay tuned to the next time [Music]

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