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How To Make Hybrid Glue (Pine Sap + Birch Oil)


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In this video you will learn how to make a hybrid glue from birch oil and pine sap. You can make glue from each ingredient seperately, however I found this mixture a good one because it is not too brittle. You can make pretty fast pine pitch glue from melting pine sap. I have found that this glue is very brittle tough.

Here is a video of how you can make pine pitch:


Birch Bark Glue seems to be a little bit more soft. This time I had the idea to mix both of the glues together and it worked out great.



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How To Make Hybrid Glue (Pine Sap + Birch Oil)

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to make a stone-age goo from birch bark and for this we are going to need two containers and yeah a lot of fudge bag we only want this white part here and the wooden part you can throw away okay I have a whole lot of this brush bar and I'm going to put it into this container but first I have to make a hole into this container so that the oil can drop out I put in another hole at the top so that the gasses can escape yeah as you can see everything is set up and I have put the top can in an angle backwards so that the oil runs back through the hole just by on these two burned off for two or three hours a week what we have here is very clean and nice birch oil it's not a lot but it's a good amount and this is no glue yet so we still have to process it and as you can see this gives the water good color so if your intention is to paint a wooden fence you can make yourself birch oil and this will preserve the wood also it's biodegradable but now today I want to make you out of it so we still have to process it a little bit more okay now I want to heat up the oil again and stir it very good together a thick hair disgust me you don't want to overdo this every 10 minutes or so just take some drops of the glue and put it on a cold surface on a cold streak and let it dry and then you can see after a couple of seconds when it has dried how the consistency of the goo is right now it's still a little bit too liquid so I have to give this a little bit more time on the fire I'm grinding down some charcoal from the fire and this is the second ingredient that we need for our glue because charcoal makes a goo a little bit harder and make sure that you make this charcoal as fine as possible today making this has taken me longer than expected and now it's getting dark so I'm very glad that I always have a headlamp with me this here is the crew 9 th 20 it's just a very small flashlight that fits inside of your pocket it doesn't take a lot of room you know it's lightweight it works with a double-a battery which is commonly available you can regulate the brightness after a flashlight by just pressing the button and holding it it even has a super-bright mode and it has an SS mode the goo is still a little bit too pliable and soft and I guess if you click this a couple more hours it will harden up but I just thought you know why not add a little bit of pine resin to the glue to make it more brittle and then it should get the perfect consistency

finally I'm done with my cue sticks I got a good amount of Q and this Q is the best Q that I've made so far it's not too brittle it's not too soft it's going to make the perfect fuel for the next project I want to thank you for watching I want to thank the company thrunite for sponsoring this video if you want to see more subscribe to my channel and stay tuned till next time bye you

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