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How To Make An Emergency Gas Mask (Urban Survival)


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Hi gals :) In this episode we are going to make an emergency gas mask, which works against pepper spray and tear gas. You need just a few things every household has. Make sure you use enough of activated charcoal. At least 75mg.

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How To Make An Emergency Gas Mask (Urban Survival)

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you how you can build an emergency gas mask and for this you need two little water bottle like this one here you need some cotton pads you need to activate a charcoal and it's important that you take the activated one because the charcoal from the fireplace doesn't work you need a solo cane and a roll of duct tape okay now let's start cutting out the PT bottle I want to make something like a window so it fits on my face this is the bottom which you don't need anymore now we cut out a nice wing go like this here I think this is working here yeah definitely so now we have our nice window but the HS they are actually very sharp still and I'm going to take some tape to tape the edges so that they are not that painful in the face okay that's it I'm going to try on the mask one more time to see if it spits properly okay next I want to make some holes at the bottom of the pan here next we have to cut off the can and yeah we need a little bit of space so I'm going to cut it off right here this is going to be the casing of our filter and the first thing we want to do is we want to take a copper pad and divide it into two pieces and we take the first piece and put it right into the bottom of the filter like so and the next thing that we need is activated charcoal and it's important that you take that you buy activated charcoal which is not to course and not to find now we take that cotton pad and we are attaching it with some rubber bands onto the bottle the last step of making this filter is that now we want to seal off all the gaps between the filter and the mask yeah that seems to be pretty anti to me okay I guess a lot of you might stop that my gas mask is working and today I want to prove that even the gas masks that they give the citizens in Israel are made with activated charcoal and today I'm here at the post-apocalyptic rush and he's going to cut the filter open I always wanted to do it and see what's at the inside you can see the activated charcoal and there are a few layers of cardboard and that's it really so okay so I think that my mask is going to work how about we are going to try out if my emergency gas mask will work against pepper spray okay right now I'm in a small room in a bunker underneath the earth and I want to put on this poncho to protect my clothes okay today I'm going to use the small can of pepper spray and I'm going to bring the pepper spray into the air and I want to see how long I can make it inside of this closed room with my emergency gas mask it's working pretty good groans well chat very little pretty awesome how you feeling right now I feel a little bit sore in my throat but it's just a night itching it's nothing serious also I have made another minor adjustments to the gas mask which I didn't film anymore yesterday if you come here you can see the details of it here you can see that I have felt even more activated charcoal into the filter let me open this for you as you can see I've poured much more of the activated charcoal into the bottle so now we have activated charcoal which reaches from here to up here yeah this was how to make an emergency gas mask I want to thank you for watching I want to thank both absolutely garage for being my cameraman and his gas mask worked as well so that's pretty cool and yeah if you want to watch his channel you find a link in the description below he makes very awesome videos here in this garage thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time oh it's just flicked on the gas mask don't leak on a gas mask it's not good for your help

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