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How To Make A Bird Trap


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In this video I build a simple bird trap out of bamboo. I used a figure 4 deadfall trap as trigger. After I came back to the trap in the morning some kind of animal must have trapped it, but unfortunately it wasn't inside of the cage.

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills.This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

How To Make A Bird Trap survival

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Video Transcription

hey guys my name is Julie and today I want to make a bird trap and I'm going to use this rule here which I have harvested from my garden now where I was coming I'm pretty cold now I just came here with a t-shirt today and now the temperature is not cold but I'm sitting like this









okay diatribe is ready and with that cross bars it's much more stable it still rattles a little bit but that's fine by me and in the meantime I have carved a seeker for deadfall trap if you want to know how to make a trap like this I've got this idea from the SS survival handbook which is my favorite survival book and here you can see the traps which we have built today and yeah now it's time to set it up and see if it's working

this here's the basic of the trap and now I want to make some kind of groove into it so that I can lay some bait on the stick and today I want to use grains all kinds of grains corn and weed the basic concept of this trap is pretty easy the bird comes into the trap it works to get to the bait of the bait stick it touches the basics and it's getting trapped inside of the trap hopefully the trap is over quite heavy so a middle sized bird shouldn't be able to lift up the trap okay what I'm doing here is I'm creating some kind of natural border around the trap

I want to block out the backside and the sides of the trap because I want to force the animal to come into the trap from the front side and this way the possibility is higher that they actually catch the animal and he has the second reason why I'm doing this is birds feel very comfortable when there are traps around you know because then they don't get spotted very easily from predators from the air or boxers and stuff like that so they really like to be around shrubs and maybe this gives them a false sense of security and they're a little bit more likely to go into the trap now it's time to bait the trap and I'm going to take my green and for them at the inside in the middle of the trap and that's what a little bit on a snake okay guys so the trap is set up and it's looking pretty awesome and I have to say that I'm a fan of these live traps these cages because if you catch an animal which is may be protected or out of season you can always let it go with without any injuries unharmed and that's the big big advantage of these kind of traps yeah guys I want to thank you for watching if you want to see more videos like this make sure that you're subscribing to my channel I'm also on Facebook to that and Instagram and if you are interested you can support my channel by buying some survivability shirts and you can find link in the description of this video thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time okay something has released my trip but unfortunately there's nothing at the inside yeah as you can see the trash has been released and unfortunately the bird forces at the inside of the trap but anyway the trigger system is working and maybe ask more likes next time

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