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How to set up a NEW recurve bow


This video is sponsored by Mandarin Duck

You can get the bow here: https://www.mandarinduck.net/product-category/recurve-bow/

How to set up a NEW recurve bow

In this video I talk about brace hight, spines of arrows and I silence my bow with easy materials.

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that I also do videos about prepping and urban survival. This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi my name is Lily and today I want to show you how you can set up a new beau stay tuned today I want to set up my new beau which is the black hunter my mandarin duck and this year's survey is very beautiful and it's pretty heavy-duty so it must be some kind of hardwood it has a nice color as well and the first cool thing that I have noticed is that they have glued some well fatty material on the razor and on a limbs this velvet will take out a lot of vibration of the bow and this will make it much more silent and the limbs by the way are made from wood and laminated fiberglass and my bow comes with 40 pounds so that's pretty strong and yeah all-in-all the first impression is pretty good and now I want to assemble the bow and I love to take samples because you can take them apart again and put them in your backpack or something so let me just screw this on okay now we have a sample top oh it looks pretty nice looks a very high quality and now I'm going to string the bow so as you can see the the string is always a little bit shorter than the bow and you can twist the string a little bit to increase your brace height let's see if I can put a little bit more tension on the bow I have mentioned a pretty important word earlier which is brace height not a brace height is the distance between the deepest point of the grip and the bowstring and usually this distance should be between 7 and 9 inches or 18 to 22 centimeters now I have quite a high race height and every pole has a perfect brace height so you have to try out a little bit and twist and untwist the string and see what is the perfect bracelet for your bow then you have the optimal brace height the ball will be the most silent so if your brace height is too long or too short the ball will make more sound and also the brace height that aligns the speed of your arrows for example with a higher brace height the speed of the arrow is going to be slower than for example if the brace height was only a smaller distance like this why is why is that because the smaller the brace height the longer the bowstring is in contact with the arrow and the more it can push the arrow to the target and here also the big disadvantage of having a shorter brace height is that the bow is less forgiving when you are making mistakes in your form or for example with your release so if you get a new bow just try out different lengths off the string by twisting and untwisting the string and this is a good way how you can find out the optimal brace height ok now it's time to shoot the ball today I'm using a quiver by mandarin duck and the arm guard that they produce very beautiful product if you are interested check out the website the link is in the description below ok so when your test not a new ball you should go very close to the target because it makes no sense if you shoot from far away pretty strong bow 40 pounds that that's my limit I have to say okay I want to try them one more time because I have to get used to the bow and I have to get used to pulling so much weight because usually I pull less weight my release sucks as well so I have to get in shape again Yeah right in the middle that's much better yeah this grouping was much better than the first one okay then what was shooting pretty silent and that's what I like but still I can make it a little bit more silent by for example gluing on some fur on the curved part of the limp because every time the string hits onto the limp it makes a sound and this is fur you can dampen that sound so now I want to cut out some triangles and then glue it on the bow okay I have just cut out this piece of fur which fits perfectly on the limp now now some people they won't like fur on their bow and you can take well CRO instead if you want to but I don't mind if I have this piece of white fur on my bow I'm using some super glue to glue on the firm

okay I have killed some silences on the limbs now and next I want to attach some beaver fur to the string as well and the beaver fur is going to take out the vibrations of the string and this will silence the bow even more not a downside of attaching beaver fur to the string is that it makes the string a little bit slower so as you can see I have just opened up the bow string and I have read through the PIPA fur and now I'm just going to wrap it around the string make sure that it sits very tightly okay and that's the end of the beaver fur and now I have taken apart the bow string I made this little hole and that is where the end of the beaver fur goes and then your chance to twist the bow string and that is how you can lock the PIPA fur onto the string now I do the same thing on the other side and you have to watch out that you place the beaver fur on the same spot of the string so that it's even

so now I try to an string and twist the string a little bit because I felt that it was a little bit too short and I want to make it longer okay looks pretty good yeah I can already tell the difference the bow is now much more silent let's see if I should fade out this time pretty good court I'm very happy with this bow cool and the great thing is that it costs only 120 US dollars so that's a very good price really awesome high-quality and a very good price as well

pretty cool this is my new favorite bow now it doesn't only look good but it's also of high quality and with these easy modifications it shoots very well so cool really awesome and normally you need a little bit of time to a chest to a bow but this bow shoots just all like all of my other boss so I didn't have to a chest a lot and yeah I mean my grouping is the best evidence for that so really awesome cool yeah guy so I'm very happy with the results I've never had such a good grouping with a new bow brand new bow and I also have to say that I was very lucky with the spine of my arrows because as you can see the arrow is straight in the target so it's perfectly aligned with the line where I have shot the arrows and sometimes you know it happened to me that the arrows were stacking in the target like this like with the nock to the left side or to the right side and if this happens then the spine is not right for the ball and the spine is basically the stiffness of the arrow so the more it flexes the softer the arrow is and every bow you know strong opposed they need arrows which are a little bit more stiff which don't flex as much and I've been pretty lucky so I've chosen the right spine for this bow by accident so if you experience a little bit of problems with your arrows for example if they are stuck not in a 90 degrees angle in the target then you can try the following you can try to put more weight on the tip because if you have more weight then the arrow is going to flex even more or you can try to shorten the arrows which is going to make them stiff as well and yeah so that's what you can do and my arrows that I'm using today are gold tip arrows they are called expedition hunter and I have a spine of 500 so that's pretty awesome I'm so happy with the results honestly I was hoping that the bow was not that perfect so that I can show you some tricks but there's nothing that I could make better this time and yeah mmm pretty awesome I'm very happy with my new book or the last thing that we have to do is we have to set a knock point and if you take the arrow like this and knock head on to the string in a 90 degrees angle this is not how to shoot the arrow okay this is far too deep so if you have your 90 degrees angle then you have to move up half an inch or so and before I have shot at this height and it worked out pretty good so now I'm going to set a knock point here and the knock point is important so that you knock at the same place on the string every time you shoot the arrow and usually you can get rest knock points which you can clamp on to the string but today I don't have one so I'm going to use the string here and I'm going to tie a knock point okay this is how you make your knock point so first of all I'm going to take this loop here and I set it on the string and then I take the longer tag and and I start wrapping around the string like so and I keep twisting until I have my desired height of the knock point and next I want to stick the string here through the loop and then I take the other end and pull through the loop like so and now the loop is stuck underneath the twist and next I'm going to cut off the tag end so that's how you can make your own knock point if you don't have a brass knock point okay now let's try out the bow from a little bit far away and every mistake that happens now is really not a mistake after bow but my mistake right in the middle here or oh that was cried low

what oh not again okay let's see what happens so apparently I hit another arrow this one here oh my god I've split another arrow oh my god yeah I guess so actually this is the second time that I have split an arrow so completely crazy and yeah now I want to try a distance even further away okay I'm at least 15 meters away now from the target so this is definitely hunting distance now let's see if I can hit a target in the middle not too bad it's not the middle but it's not far away from it oh that does grant Oh

underneath the target low to the left again okay underneath the target so that was not so great I'm going to fetch the arrows and try it again right in the middle that's high yeah I feel that I'm getting tired now but this time I got all of the arrows on the target this was the first one here which was right in the middle and here sometimes my release is bad and then I shoot low most of the time and sometimes I should high so the release is very important okay I'm going to try it one more time at this distance right in the middle again

hello again better than before the coupang is now much better than the last time and it's much more tight and yeah it's not perfect of course so I wouldn't hunt at this distance yet and I have to practice many more shots to get really efficient at this distance but now I have to stop shooting because I feel my shoulder a little bit and that's one other tip that I want to give you if you feel your shoulder stop shooting and yeah it it has been a couple of months since I last showed up also I'm completely untrained and 40 pounds is quite strong so I have to say that I've never owned such an elegant bow which shot that precise and I think I've fallen in love the bow shot exactly where I wanted it to shoot so I'm very happy with it and the best thing about it is that it costs only 120 US dollars and that's really not a lot for this quality so yeah I give this ball 5 stars out of 5 and I really want to thank mandarin duck for sending me this awesome often PO for free so thank you very much for sponsoring this video and if you want to check out that product you can find a link in the description of this video thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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