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Complete Gear Rundown *Gear that worked out for me*


Complete Gear Rundown *Gear that worked out for me*

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hey guys it's Mimi and today I want to show you a whole gear rundown of all the stuff that I have for camping so this is my camping equipment that I have used to the nastiest so if you are just starting out with bushcraft and camping and if you're looking for camping equipment maybe watch this video before you make a buy it which you might regret so in the beginning of my bushcraft career I really threw a lot of money out of the window instead of going to products which are of high quality and maybe cost a little bit more but also they will last too much longer let's start with insulation meds now in the beginning and read this very hard foam insulation meds and they are okay you know but they are so uncomfortable and a couple of years ago and have switched to EMS and governments and this one here is my expert stuff man it has not only down at the inside but also you feel air into it and yeah this is for little time it's very warm I have slept with this damnit in minus 20 degree Celsius and yeah with this you're going to be fine it's very warm and yeah actually you should not complain this man's here with your mouth because the moisture of your mouth will wash them the town at the inside and then you have a loss of insulation so that's pretty awesome

and I've used this one a lot I've never gotten a hole in it but also I have to say I was very careful so

I didn't go near a fire with it or so the big advantage of these kinds of mats is really that they are so comfortable and they have a very high insulation value and if you love your bank this is a dream to sleep on and yeah but they are also downsides for example if this met here it's almost impossible to get it back into the staff sake so it's pretty bleak and yeah I always have troubles with getting its back in here so most of the time I just leave it out there so that's the one thing the one downside next time said is that you need a little bit of time - yeah - inflates the mess so it takes about five minutes or so and also if you want to leave your camp you have to take a couple of minutes to get the air out of the net and if you use these hard foam mats actually they so much better when it comes to quick packing and yeah so if you are in our mission if you have to leave quickly

for whatever reason then you probably have to take the mat into your hands and run off and so that's the one downside it's going to take your while to pack this away and one other advantage that I can think of is actually that you can use this down man EMS in general as streaming aids so if you have to cross a river and or maybe a lake or something you know you can use this for swimming as a swimming age and this is a very awesome float and then have EMS which I use in the summertime on him same company it's cold expense but this is only filled with air and yeah this one is a little bit smaller as you can see it's very lightweight and yeah I can't get it back into this bass tank no problem

now I had this with me when I was in Sweden and dad was a little bit cold and yeah so winters snow still lying around or then still like getting zero degrees Celsius in the night stand this is not enough this was the code for me so I had to lay a champion over the insulation that to get warm from the backside and yeah so this meant see if you can use I believe when it has about five degrees Celsius in the night and yeah I really liked this one this was also very expensive but it's really perfect you know so you sleep on it like I'll invade any and yeah it has the same pros and cons like the other meds

only that it doesn't have down so it's not so warm but also it's much smaller more compact more language if you really want to go camping regular me like on a regular basis then this is a very good investment okay next I want to show you bang bang bang bang

that I have carried years and years and years this here is the Mex petition pick me Falcon - so this one here is a couple of years old and I have used it a lot but it still looks very new and yeah it was expensive but it's going to hold forever because it's made from such fake materials and yeah I really love this small bag think so yeah overnight us it's far too small but you know for small tours it's really awesome and at the sides here I always have two things first of all my popcorn a blender which is basically amaura and yeah I always have my back home so my pocket folding song and yeah I always have this with me it's not very heavy or so so that's my small daypack

and yeah this is great let's take a look and another item this year is my slingshot by Juma every time about shooting lately and the rapper is already I'm in a bit damaged because you know over time you have to exchange the rock on so I'm not sure if I should shoot with this so it was super cheap it even has this compartment where you can fill in the bullets and yeah I'm not very good with the slingshot I have to say and far better with the ball but every now and then it's really cool to play around with the slingshot alright so next I want to show you my solar panel and this one here has 20 watts and I have another one which has 10 watts but actually which 10 was it's not enough you know it won't cha-cha falling very quickly so if your intention is that you want to buy a solar panel go at least for 20 watts and this year is small enough that we can still you know attach it to your backpack and let it hang from your backpack on from your shelter and this way you can charge your batteries in the wilderness so pretty awesome yes also very compact next year I have my old and rusty metal mix hatchet I have done so much stuff with this hatchet I put so many shelters with it this one hatchet actually was very expensive when I got it I think I paid like eighty euros for it and yeah but it was definitely worth it so not a little bit wrapped up and it has gotten a little bit of rust here and there and yeah the handle looks very worn out too but it's still a very good eggs I'm sorry hatchet and the head hasn't become loose so far so I'm very happy with the sessions the only thing that happens is actually over time like this got a little bit loose and now it happens very often that the chief comes off the blade and yeah actually that's not good and I should really make a new sheet for it maybe I should make a video about this okay what else do we have so shovel this is one of my favourite travels it's about five troy it's very small but this is going to dig like hell I have dug so many tunnels with vids and holes and whatever so very effective tool and for shovel pretty lightweight so they have a bigger model - and the bigger man was awesome I have done a lot of gardening work with it in the last weeks and yeah pretty bum proof and here at the end there's a passive which is a pretty cool gadget and it also has this plate at the inside with a smooth saw and I can open up so that's a pretty cool shabu and yeah I really like to have it especially if any know that I have to take something out because digging with a stick is not funny you know it's going to take forever so yeah and actually this one here is pretty lightweight so it doesn't take up a lot of room either and it's really original okay that's it okay hit so in general I like to have camouflage clothing head tarp and yeah they look sex as well so i like green colors subdued colors clearly from camouflage and this hat here is I believe digit though did she do camouflage or something it's by Pentagon and I had this with me in on a tropical island so this is really for chang-geun environment but I have another one which is brown camouflage which is better suited for Europe but this one is great too and here it's also great for fishing if you have fishermen so pretty cool and I kid and I can bring these heads and yeah they give you a lot of camouflage as I said before I also have this but down here which is in came up and yeah if you go around camping a lot its you know better to use camouflage camping here because I don't know about you but I don't want I wanted to be scissors when I'm camping I just want to be alone and enjoy mother nature and I don't want other people to see my stuff like for example if they know if they see my friends yellow-colored check it yeah I wouldn't feel comfortable anymore because then I would be afraid that they might come back in the night and steal my stuff or - a lot of things so I just like stuff camping and yeah that's why most of my kia is green or for your brown or digital camouflage like this one you this is my poncho and I really love this one it has a very good quality because it's made of pretty thick plastic so it's not so easy to rip a hole into this pawn shop so you can use it as a poncho if you get caught in the rain but I've also used it as a shelter multiple times now the only thing that I don't like about this being a shelter is actually that it's a little bit too small so I'm I'm normal size for a woman but I just wonder every time how men you know survive if this poncho as a shelter because most men are taller than me this runs gives you full cover but it's still a great item to have but if you want to go like camping in the rain for a lot of times then I can recommend this top here which is by DD hammocks it's dead DD top M see this one here is 3 by 3 meters which is the minimum size for cane for one or two persons and telling you you don't want to have a small attack because you're going to miss just this little bit when it's raining and then it's a lot of wind and rain and coming from the sides you want to have a little bit of a bigger top now before this top I had another table which was light screen I believe it was at a Tonka to tarp which was also not too bad but it was not full free by three meters I think it was free by two points eight five or something I don't remember anymore and just this little bit was missing and I had it with me when I was in Vancouver Island camping and two nights there it rained a lot and I got wet because yeah the top was just too small so three by three is really the minimum size if you want to have a really water and better proof top and yes this time waste 790 grams and that's really good for this size of town so pretty awesome get this time and get it in come on okay or at least dark green don't don't buy the light green stuff you will see it miles and miles away Oh kid okay so yeah recently I have acquired this fishing pole and had a couple of fishing poles but actually those ones were too long and too strong and now I got this very cheap one it only cost me like 20 euros this entire week here and the fishing pole is actually children's fishing pole and it's only 1.8 meters long and that's what I wanted I just wanted the small Toshiko and now I got one but I haven't tried it out yet so that's next to come okay the next item that I want to show you is this backpack here which I have with me the last camping trips and I got a lot of questions about this rucksack and a lot of people wanted to know what kind of brand it is to be honest it's a no-name brand which I got for 60 euros off Amazon so I can try to find the link again but yeah let's see if I find it I'm going to put it into that description okay it's actually not bad suck you know it has 50 litres which is enough for summer camping and it has well padded shoulder pads it has this Bank pad which is very comfortable and the hip flasks are actually deep enough that you can carry the weight of the rucksack on your hips so pretty cool and I'm very happy with the backpack I had some thoughts on backpacks as well but they were so expensive so I just I just didn't wants to have such an expensive rucksack for for camping you know this Brook sock I don't really care when it's getting dirty or something so I decided to get this one and I wasn't disappointed so far and what I like about this

thank peg is that at the front here it comes with this two loops okay and I usually take my fan control attach it to the front of the backpack and yeah this way and make 60 litres out of a 53 dog back pack and this way I can take much more stuff with me and 60 litres I believe is a really good size for you know camping three seasons of the year and for wintertime I would take even more liters if possible so this here is the bathroom that I got from my friends canadian beretta and it's accounts of this camouflage color as well which is awesome and you just hang it on the tree and in here i have smaller stuff which i usually you know how to search for a long time if i carry it in a bank bag but now i have everything at one side and I can access my smaller stuff quickly so that's what I really like about this final row and yeah one item that is mentioned briefly is this headlamp yes by a company crew night it's called th10 so it's working with from the 18 650 battery so far it's the best headlamp that I have had in my entire life and also the price is really okay so that's what I like to have most of the time also sometimes I take another flashlight another headlamp which is this here this is a flashlight by petal they're expensive brands with three Triple A batteries but actually the batteries are not holding for a very long time so after one night it's over you know so I still like this one it's not so bright but also yeah you have to take a lot of batteries you and this one holds much longer okay let's see what else I have Ian's contest comm-pass is this one here this one is my favorite sofa and it has a luminescent ring and yeah it also comes with this mirror and here you can see the camera that I'm using a mirror is very important for signaling but also for example if you have poked your eye and if you have to get something out of your eye then a mirror comes into play and you know this one here is called these 40 by recta so very good compass can I have this Sawyer mini filter so when it has to go quick I taste this filter which filters out most of the pepper genes and yeah water filters are great but you have to bear in mind that they don't filter out 100% of the pepper cheese yeah I didn't have my first aid kit a couple of other of my children stuff and in here I have got a silky saw and yeah pretty sharp so and I have this in here because it's perfectly fits the market roll and you know normally I like to use another song which is this one here the por el 21 which is my favorite song and it's a ball so comes with a very thin blade and it has a very ergonomic handle and that's why I like to use the boreal 21 rather than the silky saw and you know the seesaw with one hand you know puts a lot of tension at the wrist so it's better if you use two hands

and then you cut much faster but then also you know you need three hands like two for SAW and another one for holding the lock and I'm usually too lazy to build myself a sawhorse so that's always my issue that I have with the silky soft but still it's a good saw and it cuts very well and especially for like pruning trees this is awesome so this is what I have in my bag a draw and yeah and here you can find all small stuff for camping but also when I'm not camping anymore I just put this back into my car in the trunk of my car because then I have it there and then it becomes my god kit for the car I survive a kid for the car and that's really awesome so I never forget my stuff because I always have it in my car so if you are interested in getting this bag outro just visit my friend canadian prepper nate on youtube and you will get further information there ok next year I have to dry bags by the company what me now these are really waterproof and I have this went here and that's pretty awesome because let's we leave this up with air close it and let's say you have a lot of stuff in there but you can't compress it even more and you just pull out the vents then you can seep out some air and then you're done you can press this in again and then it's waterproof and it won't come out anymore so that's a pretty pretty good sack I have two of them and I'm going to use them for kayaking in future I have another dry bag which is this one here by expedition research I've used this peg for hanging my food up in a tree when I was in Vancouver Island and yeah really awesome material and it also comes with the screen so you can take it over your shoulder and carry it like this and that's a really awesome and watertight back and yeah last time I've used it to put out a fire with water so pretty cool okey dokey so paracord 550 is my cottage of choice

this one comes also with camouflage pattern and then I have three contains that I want to show you first one is this continue which is made out of plastic I usually keep this in my car for emergency use but it's not really beautiful so I don't want to take it camping but for the car it's perfectly fine and it costs only like five euros or something so that's a good thing for camping and sometimes take this set here which is a knowledge important made from geo plastic and then I have this continue cup from the US military and yeah it's made from stainless steel and as you can see I've used it very often and I heard that they don't produce them anymore so I've got mine used and yeah if you want to get one of these cups you have to carry because I've heard that the military only uses what let us anymore but maybe I'm wrong so correct me if I'm wrong and yeah and then my all-time favorite is my contain iam content set by heavy cover super lightweight amazing amazing continue very waterproof and yeah and I've taken this to sleep a lot of times for example when I was in Sweden it was very cold so I filled in hot water into the Contini and then I took it with me into the sleeping bag and yeah it comes with this continue cup which is also made from titanium and yeah it also comes with the slit here which decreases the boiling time a lot go for this canteen it's expensive but it's worth the money if you want to save some weight okay next I want to show you my favourite kettle my pot actually it's this one here and this one is by a tonka and unfortunately I lost the handle which belongs to the pen here so you have a pot and a pen and usually it comes to handle but I lost that in the sand of the tropical island and yeah I think it has a perfect size it's not too small and it's a little bit heavy because it's stainless steel but I've used it often and I'm really laughs it's what I like very much is this pen here which I have used for years and years it's by MSR seagull and yeah it has this very unique locking system so you just press this piece up and down and then you can remove the handle like so and yeah very awesome and sturdy pen which is big enough then you can cook a meal for two people okay sleeping bag mice I want to show you this one here this here is the helium 600 by a mountain equipment and this goes down 2-1 comfort zone and yeah it's a really good sleeping bag and I have more of these I have one which is even lighter and two which are more warm and yeah I just like down sleeping bags because they are so warm but you can compress them to a very small size at the same time and yeah you know for me it's important that the sleeping bag is not too big and doesn't take up all of the room in the backpack so that is the weight

for me the downside of town is that it's very expensive

this one here cost me like 250 euros and or 200 euros but now it's even more expensive and another bound side of town is that you can't use it in very bad environments so if you live in makeover island where it's raining all day then I would not choose a down sleeping bag because town is losing its insulation value when it's getting bad and if you go for synthetic sleeping bags then those are more suitable in moist conditions but here not sure I don't have so much rain all the time so most of the time we have sunshine so down is really the way to go here in Europe next my favorite sharpening stone this year is the dc4 by falcon even comes with a diamond sight and a ceramic sight and yeah nothing bad about this sharpening stone pretty awesome ok that's prime at least I would like to talk about stoves so sometimes you know it could happen that I can't make a fire because maybe I'm not on my property or because maybe there's a fire ban and then you have to use some kind of stove whether it be gas or propane stove or alcohol stove or speed stove or whatever so my favourite stove is this one here it's an alcohol stove I'm a big fan of alcohol as a fuel and yeah I just don't like propane this propane containers I'm always afraid that they might explode like if you have them in the Sun or if there is some kind of malfunction

man - no so I don't like those stoves and alcohol I think it's yeah I believe it's much safer so usually I have a small bottle with me a plastic bottle with pure alcohol and then I just pour it into the stove the amount that I need for the cooking and then you just ignite the stove with a match and then you can cook and yeah let's say there's still an alcohol left you just take this cap and then you die off the flame and then you can screw on the lid which seals the stove watertight or in this case alcohol right and then you have a nice little container which has a little bit of alcohol at the inside and it doesn't leak so for me that's the best solution really yeah and laughs alcohol stoves and with the stove I have bought a stand this one here let me put this together quickly so here you have your own track England and then you take your stove and put it in here and this is how it looks and it's very stable and then you can set your pan or continue or whatever you have on the stove and cook your meal that's pretty awesome this little stove here is by a company that's big but sometimes you know it can happen that can't take alcohol with you for example when I was flying to the tropical island ethanol in big parks was not a lot so what I was taking with me was this speed stone here which I used to cook several meals with Vaseline soft cotton balls and other fuel and yeah I really love the stove but it can handle saltwater and yeah I think it's a good stuff but especially in sand it's good to have this sturdy frame you know but in Europe I wouldn't use it because you can make you know a little bit of a stand yourself using stones and then you don't really need the stove here so I really only bought it for the tropical island because the cent they are most not so easy to handle and I really needed a sturdy stove after tea-stained yeah kinda so this is the stuff that I'm using on a regular basis and yeah usually when you use something on a regular basis you like it and you recommend this so don't make the mistake and buy product without reading proper reviews about it you know so I've made that mistake it's just what what I thought is great for camping but then I found out that that it's not functioning or that it doesn't serve my purpose or many other reasons you know so but this T is really okay and I'm happy with my collection and yeah today I wanted to show you the gear that happened that I use on a regular basis so I want to thank you for watching please don't forget to subscribe to me on this channel here on YouTube also please click on the notification well if you want to see more videos and you can also follow me on Facebook to them Instagram thank you for watching and stay tuned til next time

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