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Don't make this mistake! Find the right Survival boots


Don't make this mistake! Find the right Survival boots

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

all right folks so today I want to make a review of my boots that I have been bearing in the last years in the wilderness now first of all I want to say that it's pretty important that you have some good and sturdy boots on you in the wilderness because first of all you want to avoid potential injury because if you're you know varying sandals in the forest it can happen that you get poked by a by a very sharp stick in the foot and then you might have problems with walking you might have a wound which gets infected and then it gets really nasty because your feet savor all of your weight so they are pretty important right and the next thing is that your shoes should be at least ankle height or a little bit above that because most of the snake bites they happen at ankle height so there are a ton of reasons why you should invest in good boots and these are the boots that I have acquired in the last year's and with some of which I'm very happy about with others I am NOT and that's why I want to make a video today so that you save some money when you are going to buy us some good boots stay tuned already so now let's start with the first boot here at the side this year my vinter boots which I can highly recommend these here are by the brand kamek it's a Canadian brand and if one fork knows about the coals then it's the Canadians and these boots have kept me warm for quite some years now and yeah they are made from a plastic sole the plastic comes up to here it's very similar to a rain boot and then there starts very thick letter which goes up and yeah the shoe is waterproof up to here also to make the letter waterproof you have to impregnate it okay so that's not to forget so now if we take out the inner shoe of the boot okay I got it the inner shoe of the boot is made from 85 percent polyester and 15 percent polypropylene so that's a pretty good insulator and it's also golden and shiny it looks like there is a aluminum foil in there just like a space blanket so this is a very good insulator against the coat so and here at the inside there is another layer of very thick white material and then you have the plastic at the inside now the most important thing is when you want to buy a pair of these boots you really should get one size bigger so normally I have 39 size 49 it's a European size and the next size is 40 and these boots are 40 so you want to buy them a little bit bigger why because you want to have a little bit more space left for a very thick sock so if you go in into the shoe like this with just a thin sock then it might happen that you get cold feet but with a warm sock you won't get cold feet anymore so that's really important so if you get this shoe please don't make make the mistake to buy them in your size in your actual size I have done that with another chemical and then I got cold and yeah then I learned from my mistake then I got one size bigger and my feet were fine it was awesome so please learn from my mistake so really awesome boots I love them and in Austria it gets really cold we have minus 20 degrees in winter time so that's a must-have if you live in a colder climate right if you live in California you don't need boots like this of course okay the next boots are these ones here the brand of these boots is timberlands pretty awesome food and you can see a lot of people wearing them and I like to burden in springtime and in autumn in fall because they have this fur at the inside which makes them even warmer and here have made the same mistake I have bought them in 39 but yeah I can't fit a thick sock in the shoe anymore so yeah with these shoes I'm fine down to five degrees Celsius but lower it's I'm going to get cold feet and I really regret that I haven't bought the shoe a little bit bigger because these are awesome boots right so you can go camping with them day in and day out and Timberland is a little bit on the more expensive side but I've seen other brands which are quite similar to this shoe so if you want to spend less money go for the other prints because they make kind of the same quality and yeah for economic boots I think I paid like 100 euros and these were 130 or so so yeah pretty awesome boots and I highly recommend them okay then for summertime I once was in a shop and then I looked at this awesome fancy desert boots and so I said to myself well just go for it they look awesome

they must be awesome and I then I have worn them in my videos and people say yeah are some shoes Wow cool what brands are they and yeah the brand is Magnum and they're called elite Spyder size is 49 so yeah at first time I was pretty happy with them but then I tried them out and I think they are advertised as desert boots right so they have this 10 look clearly 10 and then they might fit pretty good into the desert yeah I can see that but here in my environment they are not really good because the second that you step into a small Creek because you want to cross the creek or maybe it's raining a little bit and maybe you you walk through a wet lawn because it has rained before the moment that you step into the creek the entire boot is going to get wet okay they are not waterproof at all and the bad thing is that they are made from this very thick padded material and it's taking forever to get the shoe dry okay so one time I had I stepped into a creek and all of the shoe got soaking wet and then I stayed one night in forest and I just put them besides the fire and then it happened that through the heat the tool here destroyed itself and now this flap at the sole at the front of the sole was coming off and now that looks pretty shitty right so the sole is fine but here at the front it should really be stitched so that this part can't come off yeah in some time these shoes also get very hot so I'm really wondering how people in the desert should wear them because it gets way hotter than here in Austria so yeah I cannot recommend this shoe maybe other people have made more positive experiences that's okay by me but I haven't and that's why I do not recommend the shoe okay okay after I have bought these shoes I fell for these ones here and these runs are hiked sports I don't know the exact brand name and yeah I have worn them quite a lot here you can see that plastic was damaged and yeah these are a little bit better than these ones I have to say they're a little bit more lightweight you know they're the same size but this one looks a little bit more slim and yeah here they have this stitched plastic on the tip of the shoe and yeah but here you have the same thing like here so one day when the glue is not working anymore this will come off and then it really will be really hard to glue it back on and yeah these shoes are not waterproof at all so if you step into water they are soaking wet and also they are very thick as well they have this padded material too and they take forever to dry out and then summer time to get really hot so honestly I don't recommend these shoes as well well these are a little bit better than these but I don't recommend all of them and I wouldn't buy them again I think these were 140 and these were the same price so a lot of money that I have thrown out of the window you know so now I have my winter boots and I have my boots for springtime and autumn for fall but I don't have summer boots so I have made a decision to buy a certain shoe that I had when I was a teenager back then I was wearing dark Matins

I had a black pair and I have worn them day in and day out and they were awesome shoes unfortunately I've got rid of my last

so I can't show it today anymore but I got a new pair of Doc Martens and this time I got a brown pair so this is awesome for survival this brown really fits my environment and Doc Martens a little bit on the more expensive side so I think I paid like 150 euros for this shoe here but they are made from a very good quality leather they are very comfortable and the leather is thick enough that it can fend off a snakebite it's thick enough to give your ankle stability but it's not too thick so that it's getting too warm in summertime and also if you impregnate the letter it's going to be quite waterproof so in my opinion this shoe has every advantage over this shoe here if these boots ever get wet then it's really no problem to dry them out by the fire because yeah the material is much thinner it will dry out faster and if you ever you know gonna put these shoes besides the fire you also have to watch out that the plastic that the sole doesn't melt because of course the bottom part is made from plastic but at least I don't have this silly flap up here which I don't need anyway so sometimes it's just the right decision to go for a classical design and talk Matins yeah it's a little bit expensive so if you want to spend less money you can get different brands which make almost the same quality also if you don't want to spend so much money you can buy some youth soldier boots in the army surplus store that's another good source of really good boots so I'm really happy with my new Doc Martens they're comfortable I like them and these are my new old survival shoes now I'm a big fan of letter it's I think it's the best natural material

outweighs you know synthetic textile materials so much so I'm really I'm yeah I have to say my heart goes for letter so if you agree let me know in the comment section if you don't degrees let me know as well and yeah I want to thank you for watching if you want to support my channel in any way please consider buying some survival t-shirts which you can find in my spreadsheet shop the link is in the description below thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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