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Overnight at my favorite shelter


Overnight at my favorite shelter

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription




hey folks are you doing today I'm going to spend the night here in the shelter at the Riverside and yeah actually this is one of my most favorite shelters because it's so near to the river and I really like that and as you can see I haven't been here for a very long time so I have spider webs everywhere which I have to remove look at this massive spider web here growth yeah I'm going to sleep with some spiders tonight okay as you can see I have a lot of firewood here and clearly I have cut down this dead ash wood here last time when I was here and I left time for today I'm really happy that I already have some firewood here my fireplace is a little bit destroyed because we had a flooding which was two months ago or so okay we're getting air alright so I'm really hungry I already came here hungry and I have brought some meat and some bread and I want to make a fire and cook that up but actually before I make that I want to go on a mushroom hunt because now they're still light and now I can do it so let's go to the forest oh it's just found something a coca-cola mushroom that grows out of a tree how nice

okay I'm not the first one here someone else was collecting the mushroom and then he throw it away but I think this is still good to eat this one not so much

but this here's a good piece this is a good one




okay first time that I've made a fire line like this and it's pretty interesting and actually it's working pretty efficient

okay there is burning really good and yeah as you can see the water is pretty murky and that's because we had a flooding in the last two or three weeks we had a lot of rain and the flooding actually took away quite a lot of the beach here so usually the beach was here and the water took everything with it I have my own fishing pole here and to which I'm going to use over here okay let me show you what I have for supper today I found some mushrooms and I'm going to have this pick here which had a light on straw it's organic and without GMOs then I'm going to have my gluten-free bread again I have some organic my own ease ketchup and I also have a master number I believe it's still in my backpack okay okay I always make sure that as sanitized my cradle first I don't want to have any mouse poop on there so first thing is to put the grid on the fire and it will sanitize it oh gosh I forgot my spoon fork well okay I quickly have to get two sticks you know

I'm so hungry I haven't eaten all day I was so stressed out you know [Music]

okay with its ready [Music]

I can't remember when I was hungry the last time oh yes yeah oh yes Wow

the meat is delicious let's taste the mushroom Wow it's very good usually I cook it differently with caraway in a pan with water but this way it's really good awesome

yeah I am a lazy bushcrafter and too lazy to cut these locks actually so I'm going to burn them through in the middle okay unfortunately my hook hooked onto some log in the water I can't get it out anymore I don't want to cut off the line because it's my only hook here and now I'm stripping down you know that will jump in without my trousers and their foot

okay I didn't fall into the water but I found this year which is a broken glass bottle so working in the stream is not you know really smart with barefoot that was pretty lucky it's okay half an hour to clean up my feet again I'm not kidding and now I have to wash my bandana yeah guys look what I have I caught a fish

whoa awesome he played me like I was going fishing upstream and I left the camera here because there are so many shrubs and everything you know whoa and yeah I tried a little bit of fishing not a long time but he stole my bait three times and then yeah I hooked him very good and then I pulled him out unfortunately the fish is a little bit too small so I'm going to throw it back into the river so I'm really happy about that caught and I wish that it was speaker so yeah it was too small maybe it was a cheat but I don't have you know a measure thing with me today so I rather throw fish back into the river when it's maybe too small and yeah it was a super awesome very thrilling fishing time you know it was very short so I threw a few in the hook and then he ate the cricket off the hook and he did that like three times and then I learned that I had to put the cricket on the hook differently so first I only put it on hook like this and it was hanging off and later I was really putting the cricket on like this so all of the body was covering the hook and then the fish couldn't see the hook anymore and then a fish ate the entire Crick has and then I hooked him really good in the mouth and yeah that's when I have pulled him out so pretty awesome fishing experience and I'm really happy that I can still do it you know this is my home river and when I was a small kid I was fishing here and I pulled out fish here unbelievable

fish like this you know and right then you know I had another friend a female friend and we would go fishing all of the time we were just young kids you know eight nine years old ten maybe and then we were fishing in the river and cooking up the fish you know so it was a really cool time awesome okay so it's pretty late but I don't want to go to bed yet and here and I have one piece of birch left and actually I've never tried a bow-drill fire with birch so today I want to try it out you know I just want to know if I can use this wood in future and this is really bone dry so if it fails it must be the wood and not the moisture content this is very hard here Oh


the smoke was good but the fastest

you know very long so it makes very long fibers and they have a tick on my hand can you see this it's a small tick no amber

no amber


this Birchwood smokes a lot but there's no amber not good not good this Aspen velour poplar I would have made three Amber's already and I'm really surprised because in a lot of Sebago books you read that purchase good good but actually sucks not good Aspen below and the poplar copy would pass would that's the words that you want to take but this here yeah some people might still get you know an amber from this if you're very strong or maybe if to a person's words ball drill but yeah alone no I would never choose this would again sucks it's half-past twelve time to go to bed my trouser it's pretty dirty so I'm going to take it off you know strip down it's not the first time today and yeah it's pretty warm so I can sit here with a t-shirt and I'm sure that I'm going to be very warm in the night I don't even want to pull down my pull over yeah I'm in the sleeping bag can't wait to get some sleep and yeah I had a pretty good day so I was very happy with the fish and the meat taste it's so great oh my god yeah so I hope that I have I hope that I dream about the fish anyway I have a good night and we see each other tomorrow

good morning I was sweating so much so I didn't sleep for a long time you know I'm tired so I'm going to sleep in okay time together

I have some bread left for breakfast and yeah now I'm ready to go and it was really awesome this night I love this place so much it's really special look at this it's a really cool spot okay so that's it folks I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned to next time bye guys

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