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What happens if you cook a raw steak directly in hot coals?


What happens if you cook a raw steak directly in hot coals?

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to cook a steak on coals and for this I'm going to collect some tinder and firewood because that's what we need for the course and yeah the good thing about fall is that you have a lot of this fluffy stuff around because in springtime it's really hard to find such a great tinder [Laughter]


okay I found a really cool place here at the creek

normally here it's water but we have a drought and that is why we don't have water in the bed and a still needs a little bit more firewood and also today I want to start the fire with the bow drill set so now I'm gonna go collect more firewood and some kind of soft wood which is suitable for a bow drill okay I just want this poplar tree here and poplar is actually one of the best woods for the bow drill because it's so soft and I found this dead branch here which was up there so it was far enough away from the water and yeah it's really bone dry so this is going to be my poultry set alright I just made a very good found the stone here has a proper hole in it and I can use it as a bearing block for the bow drill so that's pretty cool [Laughter]

okay I want to save a little bit of carnage on my sheaf of my April 1 and that's what I'm gonna need now for the talk and if you don't have quality review you can always take your shoelaces for this no problem okay this is looking really good and now I have some crap a notch all right before I continue with the bow drill I want to make a short pause because I want to catch my breath so that I have all of the energy left for the last drill and in the meantime I want to show you a new flashlight that I got by the company Oh blind and this one here is the s2 our photon - and the company all night has been so nice to grant to give aways to my subscribers so that's pretty awesome and if you want to participate in the giveaway just make sure that you share this video on my Facebook fan site okay now let's take a look at the flashlight itself flashlight friends with 18650 battery which is pretty cool because this is going to hold forever it has a lot of milliamps and the really cool thing is that you can recharge this flashlight with this magnet here and then you can connect the cable to USB five volts so that's pretty cool actually and yeah I really like that option so you don't need a recharging unit anymore now the other cool thing is that the company OLED has granted my subscribers one day sale 30% off on this small flashlight and now you can get it for around 48 dollars on the 9th of November and that's the only day where you can get 30% off of this flashlight and I think that's a pretty good deal that's a Detrick by the way huh no didn't work I don't know this middle was going left and right all of the time and it was destroying the charcoal pile yeah I got it whoa

all right folks so I had a problem with the tinder today it doesn't burn very well this kind of plant so if you find this plant then don't use it for the tinder and now I found a little bit of grass which is a little bit better for what it's in that so with the grass already would have gotten the fire but I chose too bad tinder so my fault and I'm going to take my fire steel to ignite the tinder

now we have to wait until the wood has burnt down because I don't want to burn my stage but I want to cook it on a cold okay now I want to test out the flash that the s2 our baton - let's see how good it works yeah that's pretty price that's a small flashlight that's the turbo mode yeah that's really bright awesome small flashlight

that's my makeshift plate I know it's not much but it's still better than putting it on a dirty Rock and this is the meat that we are going to eat today this is organic beef and it had a very good life without GMOs and pesticides so I'm really looking forward to eating this now let's put it on the coals whoa it's really hot so now I'm going to clean off the ash and there's a little bit richest burn so I'm not going to eat that but otherwise it looks really good and I'm going to take my salt and pepper and season it a little bit and that should go really well along with the charcoal on my steak Wow


it's really good actually so that's what people did in Stone Age right they just threw a chunk of meet into the cold did you hear that I think there's a Rodya in the woods here

did you hear that okay guys so I have this small button compass here and right now I don't mind how I want to go out of this place the problem is that the woods over there the woods are pretty pretty thick you know so it's really easy to lose your bearings and that is why I want to determine my direction now and I want to go this direction which is 20 degrees so with this pattern compass I should get out without getting lost look at this I just found out tomato plants here that's so funny it even has a blossom on it this is not normal for November okay we are off the course here we almost made it out of the forest and that's the first time I actually needed a compass in my life so now I'm really glad that I had one in the woods and also of course the flashlight is vital in the night in the forest so I'm really glad that I got the splash set by the company Oh lights and I really want to thank them for sponsoring this video and if you are interested in getting one of their flashlights please make sure that you check out the link in the description below thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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