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Building A Raised Bed With A Chainsaw


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In this video we build a raised bed and for time reasons I got some help with a chainsaw. A raised bed is vital in winter conditions. You need to be off the cold ground while sleeping outside in winter time.

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I have a special guest with me this is post-apocalyptic garage make sure that you check out his channel and today we are here on his property and we want to build a raised bed for my shelter and yeah he's going to help me with his chainsaw












ah pretty awesome thank you for your help this is pretty cool yesterday they faked 360 Genma cool how do you feel buddy pretty awesome here it is a whole lot of work so I was pretty happy that he helped me with my booster work because otherwise I would have needed three days with the handsaw so yeah thank you very much you're welcome and next time I'm going to put the fireplace and fire reflector and then everything set up for an overnighter we want to thank you for watching we have to go home now please make sure that you check out his channel and stay tuned to the next time bye bye guys

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