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How To Make Proper Fire Starters


In this video I make fire starters out of birch bark, pine resin and an egg carton

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Video Transcription

hi guys today I want to make some fire starters and for this I'm going to need birch bark so now I'm in the search of a birch tree okay I have chanced found a dead birch tree lying on the ground and I'm taking some of the back with me because birch tree bark is the best tinder material in the world it burns so good it has a lot of essential oils in it and it burns when it's red when it's frozen you know this stuff is amazing for fire making this grass isn't bad either

I'm going to take some of the breast with me because this is very fluffy material

I found another birch tree very big very Road and it has a lot of birch block that I can take off without hurting the tree

so what a fire starters I brought this empty egg carton here because I want to make the fire starters in here ten pieces and yeah carton is made out of wood it's biodegradable okay the egg carton looks good now and what I've brought with me today is this chunk of pine resin which I collected and purified some years ago and today I want to melt this in the old canteen cap here and then I going to pour all of the pine resin over the egg carton to make a proper firestarter and here I have a chart of unpurified pine resin which are going to use for the fire status as well hey guys so this is the finished product self-made piyo status from natural materials and yeah so these are ten pieces and if you want to use one of them you just you know break off one egg holder here like so rip it out and now we're going to try out how good this fire starter works I gonna let a fire starter with my weekly Idol here yeah the firestarter burns really bright I'm very happy with it also it seems like it's strong proof so it works even when it's very windy and now let's try if it's waterproof as well still burning yeah so I think that these fire starters are great and yeah birch bark is perfect it's the perfect tinder material and pine resin is so flammable as well and these two together make a really good natural fire starter the fact that is not burning for six minutes and it's still burning very hot okay not a fire starter burns for thirteen minutes

thirteen and it's still burning but I think it will go out soon so okay now we are at fifteen minutes and file stat is almost out okay guys so the fire started it burned fifteen minutes straight and so 15 minutes is a long time and you have enough time to make a proper fire to build a fire it's much better than Vaseline so cotton balls taper in about five minutes something like that so as you can see natural materials are sometimes superior to send synthetic materials and yeah so I'm very happy with these fire starters I'm going to leave them underneath the raised bed here and proving the time this is just great you know because then you have a quick fire and you will get warm quickly fast that is a great always important so I want to thank you for watching thank you for your time don't forget to subscribe like and share and leave me a comment if you like and yeah so thanks for watching and stay tuned till next time bye

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