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Fine Tuning My Primitive Bow


In this video I am fine tuning my survivalbow. Almost destroyed it by taking too much wood out of the shelf. But gladly I realized what I was doing after the second try. Apparently every bow needs to be a little bit off to the side from the bowstring. When the arrow flexes, it flexes around the bow. If you cut away too much wood on the shelf it shoots to the right.

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Video Transcription


hi guys my name is Lily and today I'm out here in the wilderness and I want to do some bone arrow shooting and the last time I shot a bow is over half a year ago so that's far too long and I really want to practice more with the bow I think it's just important to you know practice all your survival skills regularly I want to start with my self-made bow I've made this bow out of hazelnut wood and back then it was green and now the wood has seasoned and the bow has gotten even stronger and yeah this is actually a pretty good fall for small game and I've made it from natural materials completely except for the seen you in a survival situation you know you can take your shoelaces so the seen you shouldn't be of your greatest concern but the bow itself works really really great I don't have a shelf for this bow so I have to shoot up the arrows from my hand

okay one of the arrows just ripped open my hand also I have noticed that the bow shoots a little bit to the left so I'm going to cut in a shelf in my battered camp I have found this name and I'm going to use it as a shelf I've made it worse I've made it worse oh my god to be honest I don't know what I did wrong because it felt right what I did but as you can see I made it even worse and I don't understand it because this bow has a shelf and this article has a shelf and I made a shelf here and now the arrow is flying even more to the right

far more right than I wanted so I have to attempt to the situation which is the thing that you have to do in a survival situation as well and now I just take out the nail that I have used here at the side and then I'm going to turn around the bowl and put the nail in at the other side okay now I choose to the mess again so I'm going to take our chest a little bit of wood okay let's see if this works now yeah right in the middle yeah that's what I wanted

now that the ball shoots straight I want to see if I can shoot a better grouping [Applause]

pretty good




I have to say I'm very happy with myself made survivable and yeah this is definitely birth building if you are in a survival situation I estimate that this bow has 25 pounds so this is more than enough for small game and actually it's pretty accurate at short distances so definitely worth building


it's not you know pressing your hand against target and almost touching it

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