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Cold Water Challenge - The Selection on HISTORY - How I Survived Hypothermia


Watch The Selection on HISTORY: http://bit.ly/TheSelectionSL

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Video Transcription

Hi Guys, My name is Lilly. and today, History and I have partnered up to tell you about a new survival show which is called 'The Selection'. You can watch it every Thursday on History, and it's basically a Social experiment. Where they take thirty civilians who have to undergo Special Operations training. The training is led by Instructors who are ex-military. The participants have to undergo very tough training. Let me show the trailer.

This will without a doubt be the hardest military-style endurance event that's been put on in the United States I guarantee you. You guys are going to be trained and led by the nation's finest combat veterans. Selection is really about you. It's not a competition against anyone else. You have to have the will to survive in order to be successful It is amazing how much abuse the human body can take. "Don't let go!"

The weakest person in the world is the person who thinks they can't be broken. The Show has already started, if you have missed the first episodes you can watch them online on the HIstory.com website. I have watched the first couple of episodes, and I have to say it is really tough show. I don't want to switch with the civilians. They get pushed very hard. It is amazing to see what a human body can take. They get pushed to their mental and physical borders. That's what's making the show so exciting. Apparently History wants me to suffer as well! That is why they have sent me this mission card, which contains drills that emulate the themes of the show. 'The Selection'

This is the circuit I have to complete. The mission details are;

First of all I have to do ten pushups. Then I have to prepare firewood, near to a cold lake or river. Third, I have to jump into the water for at least ten seconds. Fourth, I have to get out of the water and ignite a fire to get warm again. Well, I have to say, I don't really like cold water. It's a killer in a survival situation. Hypothermia can get you killed very easily, and fast. So, no way am I looking forward to the mission, but I am going to accept it. I am going to use vaseline soaked cotton as tinder and then I am going to use my firesteel to ignite it. I'm going to have to say, I don't like the cold, I am very skinny and I get cold very easily. So, I am not looking forward to doing this but... I really want to because this is great survival training. It hurts...it hurts.

I had the firesteel in my pocket when I was in the water. The great thing about firesteels is that they will work even when they are wet. So a firesteel is the number one combustion device that I would take in a survival situation. I think that I have completed my mission successfully. It was very hard survival training. It feels very good to know that my body can withstand such harsh conditions. Actually I have to say that I am very thankful for my mission. I stayed in the cold water for twenty seconds. My body was still functional.

So If I had to give advice to the civilians in the show regarding hypothermia, it would be to stay focused on the mission. If you manage to find a 'switch' inside your head, to switch off the pain and the distraction from the cold You will have a higher chance of surviving the show. Don't forget to tune in on Thursday to watch The Selection on History. I want to thank History for sponsoring this video, thank you for watching and stay tuned, - 'till next time!

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