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In this video I show in detail, an Adventure Sworn Bucksaw, and talk about a special deal offered to students of Northgate Bushcraft.

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Video Transcription

just over here the would stay with scout I figured I'd try and shoot a few videos because I'm not gonna be able to get out for a while my next lot of people were asking me what my adventurous one buck saw that I showed a little bit you know in a video in my backyard I've had it now for a couple weeks I actually was able to go bring it to the class I taught my North game bushcraft class I taught last weekend and everybody really liked it so one problem was I lost the toggle it's no full to the saw it's my fault I lost it in transport but if I'm gonna lose a part of it that's the part to lose because I can make up whatever I just used hard maple so it folds out this way we have a dry wood cutting blade on it it's not for cutting green wood it's only like dead wood which is great because it's all ninety percent of the stuff I use it for anything so it's really simple to put together it's got these tongue and grooves and you just match them up super easy you know which side is upside down which is race it up because of the writing adventures form on the logo now you have it and the rest is just tensioning it so it originally came with the same color as these here but I lost it with the with the toggle so we're gonna use orange and a piece of wood and that way we're not gonna lose it and if we do it's no big deal so you just want to push it in there as much as you can and when you think it's tight enough it's most likely not now I really enjoy using this saw because it's made by my friends over at a vet your sworn because it's a small American made company because its quality because I love using a bow saw now I had a trail trouble where's our buck saw before and I think it was just so noisy and just seemed out of place in the woods it's a good alternative there we go she's all done I need to take a minute here just to say thank you and give some people a heads up Adventure swarm bushcraft company supports my school Northgate bushcraft adventures they are offering and have offered and are will continue to offer a 10 percent discount on any item in their store be it at night I saw plushies pouch whatever they offer quality stuff some graduates of Northgate bushcraft all you have to do is let them know you've graduated they're gonna double-check with me that it's accurate and that's it you get 10% off that's really really nice of them to do man they did not have to do that I'm really thankful for so Thank You Lee Thank You Cody thanks to all the adventure swarm team really cool you guys to do let's go use some our tools want to try find a tree suitable to cut down or some firewood I'm using my GoPro Hero 4 right now with a selfie stick chainsaw got Bobo I smashed my knuckle off the piece of wood when I was cutting it so go get it taken care of before I continue because it's right on the knuckle it's gonna keep bleeding everywhere band-aid it up he's absolutely crazy over sticks just insane happy as a pig in poop though thanks go dum-dum as you can see it works really well it's a really good tool made of walnut you can't really say much more about it it's a soft it works really good

well she made short work of that dense wood that's for sure I like that saw a lot man all right folks that was more of an in-depth look at my adventures form book saw people were asking about it how to set it up and packs down compact all that now nonsense so that answers your questions I got to show off my new toy a little bit more so if there's any questions let me know

again adventure storm bushcraft company official sworn calm that's where you can get one take her easy guys thanks for watching and I'll see you all in the next one

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

You can find all his videos on his YouTube channel.

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