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Survival Medicine - Willow Bark


Willow bark is containing salicin, which is the answer of mother nature to modern aspirine. You can make a tea out of the bark, and it will help curing headaches, reducing fever and it is anti-inflammatory. Source: http://amzn.to/1PsoN6y

Side effects of willow bark tea may be: sore stomach, skin irriation, nausea and asthma. Not recommended when kidneys are already damaged. Always consult a physician.



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys I'm Lilly and today I want to talk about willow as survival herb stay tuned

widow's grow all over the world and there are a lot of species and some of them not all of them for example crack or purple willow contain Celestine salicylic acid in the human body is acting as a pain reliever is reducing fever and it's anti-inflammatory so now the best way to extract the Celestine out of the bark is to make a tea with it and for that I'm going to strip some of the shots here with my knife well there's one more thing that I want to say the willow bark tree may be a good survival hurt but it tastes really disgusting so and it's upsetting for the stomach so that's one side effect of Buddha bark tea so I want to thank you for watching please follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram subscribe to my channel if you want to see more and stay it until next time bye

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

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