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Building A Lean-To Shelter For Bug Out Location 3


In this episode I build a small lean to shelter to keep the fire wood dry. It is also big enough to serve as shelter for 1 person.

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Building A Lean To Shelter For Fire Wood survival

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Video Transcription



hey guys how are you doing today I'm back here at my shelter and it looks pretty awesome but actually the firewood will get wet so today I'm here to make an expansion I want to make a lean-to shelter between these two trees so that I can stack the firewood and keep it dry okay the first thing that I have to do is some snow shipping and this year we have a lot of snow 45 centimeters and actually today it's really really cold in the morning it had minus 18 degrees Celsius in this cold environment you don't see you when you get thirsty but actually the vertical strain is that you get thirsty and you really need to stay hydrated the last time I was carrying with the sauce it didn't work properly and now I found out that even these saw blades have a direction so now I just need to flip the saw blade and it will work great again [Music]



as you can see I'm sitting sideways to the three sound here today it's pretty cold and yeah the tomahawk is really slippery and if I miss around times you can trust oh and carrying like this so if I miss I cut away from me [Music]


okay so the lean-to shelter is almost finished next time I'm going to build some side walls and put a little bit more tension on the top but for today it's going to be okay I have put all of the firewood inside of the shelter so it stays dry and I really can't wait for the next overnighter in between my shelter and the woods back I have to snowball and I really want to leave it here because now into winter time when the wind is blowing in the night it can get very cold so I want to leave this wall here as a wind protection so that I have some kind of you know wind blocker when I sit in front of the fire here [Music]


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