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Simple Knife and Axe Sharpening/ Falkniven DC4 Giveaway


In this video, I show Simple Knife and Axe Sharpening, and a heads-up on a giveaway

Link to Doug;s giveaway video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUzY5ASIxiU

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Video Transcription

Joe thanks for tuning in unfortunately I'm not home today in the host I actually went out earlier to shoot two videos and screwed up on the memory card thing so I was only able to shoot about three-quarters of it with one video out there but this video needs to happen today and I'll tell you why later on so today we're in the house today we're doing a very comprehensive sharpening video for your knives and axes using a default live in DC for what I want to be showing you on is my Sandvik axe which I used on my solo winter camp I've got actually it's all rusted up a little bit there and she dulled from using it quite a bit and I've got this Scandinavian grind knife that I'm doing a little bit of testing for from my buddy Doug Flinders goes by Flinders adventures on Instagram so he he recently started making knives and he he knows that I've had my fair share of knives and just wanted me to do some testing and report back to him so need the design on this a bit chunky and I think he did it on purpose for a couple different reasons he told me that he wants this to be doubled as a shovel so it's pretty thick so dig in the dirt and whatnot and also put underneath your bow drill to catch the embers and a couple more reasons but anyways I digress when I was out in the woods today trying to film I use this as a shovel quite a bit and I was throwing it I put some electrical tape on the bottom just for grip and I was throwing it and I dinged up the tape and I didn't ding up the edge at all so I threw it and I was cross with awning sorry cross with awning and also a hacking and batoning and stuff and the edge held up really well it's not shaving sharp like it was so again we'll touch it up one more thing before we actually get into the sharpening my other friend Doug Doug outside I guess Doug is a very Canadian name is doing a giveaway on his channel right so he's going to be giving away a few hang keys a nice strop that then this is all handmade stuff if you hang keys a nice drop that he made hand carved bears blocks of wood to carve your own bears and I'm sure he's got like

stuff in there he's a super generous guy so I'm sure you mean getting a good package but I had a very generous subscriber send me a brand new fall live in DC for and this is the the what I use to sharpen with to giveaway on my channel so instead of giving it away on my channel I thought it might be a good idea to give it to Doug when I saw him a couple weeks ago to put it in his kitty for his giveaway so I hope my subscriber who gave me this doesn't mind so you guys have a chance to and all that stuff including the dc4 as well being my subscribers I want you to go over to his channel and watch his giveaway announcement video and there's rules in there what you need to do I believe it's just like share a video or like a video or comment of you I can't remember specifics doesn't talk so much she says a lot of things so it's hard to keep track you know anyways go over there do what it says and have a chance to win big thanks to my subscriber who generously donated the dc4 that's going in Doug's kitty and yeah enough talking so the phone live in DC for this is the what I use to sharpen with when I'm in the field when I'm at home sometimes I'll use sandpaper and a mousepad nine times out of 10 I'm using this right mine is old and mine came apart and this is a common thing with these things no big deal at all they have a diamond side and then a ceramic side and nine times I tell I'm not using this down inside unless I make a big ding in my my axe or my knife batani through fence boards with with nails and then whatever in arms being silly so we'll put this aside not going to really use this but when you're when you get yours in the giveaway it will come attached and it comes in a leather case roll em in D support case alright so first off I've got my axe and this is the way that I sharpen with my stone and I'm sure there's a million ways to sharpen but this works for me so I'm going to grab my stone on either side and you want to watch your fingers right because after a while this stuff's gonna be sharp and I lay my axe on my my knees and you want to find the angle where it sounds really good so let's try so level different so I'm too shallow here I'm getting the belt I'm getting the the cheek and I'm too deep here creating another bevel so listen to the sounds different now I'm gonna be right in the middle working my edge hear it so so not good not good oh gosh well Scout anyways so we're finding the edge and you're listening for the sound and I'm just doing circular patterns on it see we're just doing circular patterns touching the edge I'm not going flat I'm not going there I'm like a 45 almost yeah not quite a 45 right on the edge and I'm just doing circles like I said I'm not coming anywhere near my fingers and that there's no amount of time or strokes or any of anything to gauge it on except for experience and sound really once you've done this you'll know when to flip it over maybe a couple seconds on either side really so when it's on the other knee I'm holding the head in my hand and doing the same thing and I'm keeping keeping the downward pressure with my thumb on the rest of the handle to hold it in place now I'm just going to town sometimes I'll use different parts of the stone where I'm sharpening because I think in the middle its kind of wore down and and super fine super lost its grit so anyway sometimes I'll move it up to where my thumb is I'm down by my finger always taking care to not cut myself so I'll flip it over again and again you want to make sure you get in full blade of the axe or the knife whatever uses and I'm guaranteeing that's going to shave now so before I try to shave with it I like to straw because leave using that doesn't leave a fine fine edge on and I want to polish my edge and get it real clean so this again will be another good reason to go over and check Doug's video he made his strop he's gonna give one away it's a really nice honey made on like a piece of walnut anyways my strop is a small piece of leather with compound on one side that fits into this old BDU pants thing a pocket pouch that colony-forming and then the dc4 goes in there as well there's your hair let's look at sharpening the knife now fancy slider so the axe is a convex edge and the idea is I'm going to show you how I do my combat sideways candies so the knife scandi edge to be honest with you it doesn't need to be sharpened with with the DC for ceramic side I could get away with just dropping it and it'll come back to shaving sharp no problems I don't normally do the circle thing with a knife unless I'm trying to work out a ding what I do usually do is I'll find the bevel all right I'll go towards it and lift so cutting into it and lift at the end right on the bevel right you can leave it on the same length is what you can even put your finger which I used to do is put my finger and find the bevel and as long as you're careful you can leave your finger there and work your way up the blade or if you're not a purist and you don't care about a few Scandinavian grind which I don't give a damn though you can do this which is easier you find your grind your bevel and then you raise it up a touch so right so I'm at my bevel there and I'm just canting it a little bit more and that creates a micro bevel it creates a stronger grind on your blade and if you don't care again then it's no big deal I don't see an issue with it I don't see get hurting anything so I'm going to click show you how I would do it cutting in to the blades like that on the same knot on the bevel but again on the bevel and then tilt it totally up to you however you want to do it if you want to even on the bevel you can you can continuously sharpen it that way takes a bit longer for me to do it that way personally what I like to level up slow down a little Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom maybe spend a little bit more time on the chips because it's got a little bit different of an angle you gotta lift it up and even the belly alright I call that done you can do the thumbnail test to see a shaving off pieces my nail no problem you can always go in see if it bites on your thumbnail or your fingers which it is is not rolling it's biting and that's good but I think the shaving of the hair is the most visual oh haha I guess you got to use the blade okay I'm completely shaved now there is a ton of my arm hair on there alright guys I hope you learned something and I hope you enjoyed it make sure to check out Doug's channel for a chance to win all that stuff take care I'll see you next time bye click over here to see dogs channel

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