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Coldsteel SRK First Impression


This is a video about my Coldsteel SRK. Its unbreakable.



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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

I'm Nene and today I want to show you my new survival knife it's the cold steel SRK the survival and rescue knife okay guys so I have bought a new survival knife and the reason last bottle new one is that I wasn't satisfied with my old survival knife anymore which was the breaker box roll which is a great knife but for me and for my personal tasks that I want to do with one item survival knife it's not the right one so the things that I didn't like about the knife is that it has this very broad blade I know it's very very popular right now and everyone wants a plate like this se5 poker box rolls and a lot of other blades that are having this very thick blade this broad blade I mean but for Hampton and other stuff it's I think just them because the point here has a very stamp angry it's not really made for stabbing so I came up with a different version which is the cold steel SRK

it has a very slim blade it's still thick enough to be a one item survival tool it has 5.1 millimeters and it has a clip point which is really nice for stabbing and for gutting gear the steel that this knife here is made of is called aus-8

a steel which is quite similar to 440c steel so it's quite forgiving it has about 58 Rockwell it doesn't tend to chip that much anymore it has a very good edge retention but not as good as the d2 steel but still it's a very forgiving steel and that's what you want in my opinion when you are looking for a survival knife I really like the shape it's very slim it's possible to stab animals to use it as a hunting knife to get deer too do some fine carving tasks with it so this Japanese steel here is stainless steel which I very like when it comes to survival knives and the blade length is six inches or fifteen point four centimeters the edge is fine edge no serrations it doesn't go down all the way through to the handle here you have a little bit of space for your finger which you can use for flying carving tasks the blade comes with a black tough X finish which is very durable the handle is a gray X handle which has a lanyard hole here and it has a really nice finger guard so you don't cut yourself into your fingers essentially the SRK knife weighs about eight point two ounces and it comes razor-sharp out of the box and the ship that comes with it is a security chief it's a plastic material which I prefer for survival knives and it has this nylon belt strap here which has a buckle and you can open up the strap if you want to and attach it to your belt like this it has velcro and a partner at the top here and it's attached to the security with two screws which seem to be very stable the ship itself is not only compatible so that's something they could improve but other than that the ship is very nice and the knife fits in very snug so that's a very nice sheath it doesn't rattle at all it won't fall out and yeah it's very secure inside of the sheath so now let's take a look at this knife here and how it performs at different cutting tasks yeah

the piercing ability is amazing with this tip point it's awesome that was exactly what I was looking for okay now let's see how the knife performs when Faris ticking wow that's very fine cool yeah the fattest are pretty fine so now I going to try to ignite it with my fire steel

okay now let's see how the SRK patterns so here I have three different kinds of woods first I want to start with the spruce tree which is not a saucer the spruce tree here has a lot of branches in it which makes it a little bit difficult to put on but in the end it's no problem

okay next I want to try a beech wood which is very very hard and it has a branch in it so we will see yeah I just put on threw some wood here and yeah it did a very good job there's nothing to complain about the only thing the downside of the Cape Point is that you need a lot of more force to hit the knife when patterning because then the sharp edge here is absorbing some of the energy but you know if you are taking some hard wood pathan or if you switch out your pattern every now and then that's totally fine so far I'm very happy with it I also did hit on the handle here and it still seems to be fine so the grape the rubber grip is holding up very good okay next I just want to see how the knife cuts well that's pretty good I have to say yeah so carving with this knife shouldn't be any problem okay now I want to see if the edge is holding up after all these cutting tasks let's see yeah it's still quite sharp I'm very happy with this pie and this is going to be my main survival knife now and I gotta test it out over the next weeks and months and see how it's holding up if you want to buy this knife I've left you a link in the description it's about $100 or $80 something like that and yeah so if you want to see other videos about me reviewing my Blue Fox role or my puku knife just take a look at the sides so I want to thank you for watching don't forget to add me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and stay tuned till next time bye

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