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Solo Winter Bushcraft Camp-Natural Shelter-Pulk Overnighter


I travel to a new piece of land in Eastern Ontario.

I hike in, pulling my gear in a pulk, I build a natural shelter, debris hut, use my axe and saw, make a camp,fire and cook supper.

Link to gear video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTUBVwFlgqc

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Video Transcription

hey guys Joe here thanks for tuning in I'm back up in Eastern Ontario it's negative five degrees today it's going to go down to negative 14 plus the windchill tonight I'm out a new spot I've never been and I need to find a camping spot

this is going to be it walk around for a few hours I'm warm man I've lost my hat and gloves and everything trying to find the perfect spot and this spots nice and lovely got a little bit of opening some conifers around me so that should be good I need to make a natural shelter tonight so I need any resources I'm going to make a debris Hut and I'll have my entrance here and I'll be able to crawl in just enough room for me to sleep but I can't have all these branches hanging underneath and stuff so that's why I'm clearing way everything's frozen all the woods covered in a layer of ice it rained last night watch like 10 degrees positive yesterday and rain last night and today it's down to negative 4 I'm gonna get real cold again so everything's frozen over it's gonna be a little yeah oh yeah even the boughs or ice feel a little difficult I'm all done clearing the brush underneath I don't think I'm gonna move the snow out just because then the ground will be more uneven I'm just going to pack the snow down as much as I can but I have to lay underneath this and see that I'm going to fit so I want to measure where I want to put my head in my feet so this is pretty good bye stop it here I can make the entrance on the side here down to my feet and then I'll just crawl in tuck down and be a cocoon I'm not going to sleep next to the fire I will have a fire to cook on and stuff but I'm going to rely on my gear to keep me warm tonight better get building I got to put a bunch of branches down there I want to use a lot of the branches that I took off the tree already here you can see what I've started to do I'm placing the ribs on just as a framework staggering them one on this side then kilt it down a bit

boom-boom-boom voice Bursa I'm almost done with the ribs I still have to put a little bit more by my head about my feet but I'm going to wait on that I'm going to start filling in the hell with the boughs I have to put a little little sticks first to hold the bells up and then some boughs hopefully going to not have to cut down any live trees for us I'm going to be using Cedar boughs and a lot of these Cedar boughs are from this tree that's been laying down already that I just cleaned up the edge the boughs off I may go around and take some boughs off other trees but I'm not going to kill the tree I'm not going to take a full tree down and I'm going to try to take as much off of downed trees as possible which there is quite a few right around this immediate area I'm almost up my shelter I need a little bit more boughs and I've been walking around trying to find a downed tree and I hit the mother lode I found this big old spruce up here that fell down and that spruce boughs will make good shelter few more arm loads like that and I'll be in good shape natural shelters man take some effort it's not even that hard work really it's just walking around looking for materials I don't want to want to take down trees to use for boughs it's not necessary I'm not in a survival situation like you saw picking up spruce boughs that that off the spruce that fell over and cutting Cedar boughs off this cedar Eastern white cedar or three occidentalis really isn't good it's not dense enough for shelter building for for insulation or for shingling the spruce in the balsam fir are good my shelter needs a little bit more work done to it but as of now I'm comfortable sleeping in it

so if I have time I'll gather some more boughs and stuff and put it on I'm not trying to keep out rain because it's gonna be so cold tonight that I know it's not gonna rain I'm not trying to keep up snow either because I can just I can handle snow what I'm trying to do is just keep my warmth all in this cocoon that's why I made it so small I just want every all of my warmth kept in and I know that's not airtight by any means but it will do something for me so I think now I'm going to go after some firewood I don't see many hard wood here at all it's mostly cedar so I am using my fire to cook tonight and I need it to stay warm until I go to bed so I do need a substantial amount of fire firewood here we go I want to get my sleeping bag open and starting to fluff out because it's down and I want it to all locked up before I go to bed it is it's only two o'clock now so by the time I get into bed by 9:00 or 10:00 it will be completely lofted up but I'm not just using the sleeping bag the way that I'm going to use it in conjunction I'm not going to drape it over top of the sleeping bag because then that will compress the down right and whenever down is compressed it loses its warmth or at least its potential warmth so I'm going to line the inside of the sleeping bag with the wool blanket and that way I'm gonna get the best of both worlds I'm going up the warmth from the wool blanket and the sleeping bag and I'm not going to compress the down so in order to do this properly I want to lay my seat Bango completely open but will blanket and I'm not going to open up completely and I want to leave it in half light will blanket so that I can get inside my wool blanket I'm gonna have wool blanket on the bottom will blank it on the top seam bag on the bottom shoe bag on the top sigma bag will be compressed underneath me

but that's where your suit and pad comes in

alright the shelter's done for today I'm working on a little bit more I'm satisfied with it can I go to bed just slide up there like a door if I want not really that necessary but we'll block a little bit more window something like that - no big deal but I'm happy with the shelter now so it's three o'clock I got some firewood cut so with the shelter completed and firewood cut I still need a little bit more firewood but I think now is a good time to find a place where I'm going to have the fire I'm not going to have it obviously in front of the shelter I'm using cedar and it's supposed to be gusts of 40 kilometer hour winds tonight I'm just not gonna chance it so I think over here behind a tree will be a good idea the tree will block the wind of the fire on this side I'll sit against the tree everything should be good so if I sit here this is pretty comfortable I'll put my pad underneath the rest my back and if I want my legs stretched out I'm gonna want the fire apply a foot away from my feet so here you can see my fire lay it's not exactly an upside-down fire more more of just a platform it's all cedar I got some big rounds on the bottom and I'll start the fire on top maybe it'll be like an upside down fire we'll see and then I've got my squirrel cooker holding my pot over top that's going to how I'm going to cook my food I have a dehydrated chili which I'm going to rehydrate in this and the squirrel cooker again by Kestrel bushcraft he's out of the UK I believe he made this for me he's got one piece here second piece here a piece gets stabbed in the ground and you just hook second piece on there you can cook your squirrel your steak hey as I use it as a fire well use a pot hanger I mean so very cool I'm excited to get I'm excited to use that haven't used it yet I've been working non-stop since I got here busy busy so I need to take a little bit to relax when it would walk down to the river check her out snowing now

very cool

yeah it's coming down now snowing quite a bit they said we had a chance of getting a storm from Texas and the wind's been picking up the snow is coming so move we are going to get it we'll see

exhausted as well I'm like an hour hike I didn't take any video I got some pictures maybe I'll put them at the end of the video I was sitting here getting cold

I really have too much more to do maybe cut a little bit firewood but I was getting cold figured let's go for a hike I just kept walking it's a nice area the snow snow falling makes it even nicer so very cool if you guys want to check out the gear that I use for this trip I have a video on that I'll put the links in the description and at the end of the video I used uh I use that pulk to pull all my stuff in use the duffel bag and to fit all of my gear and except for like my axe and we saw my wool blanket but it worked pretty good just going to sit here and relax for a little bit let's start the fire soon that's Thunder

and the birds going crazy fancy I was going to say I'm going to go take advantage of the river and get some water so I don't never heard thunder in the wintertime before yeah shit's getting real right now this is a storm big-time I have to uh start my choir right now because if I don't I don't know if I'll be only gonna start it this is this is substantial so I didn't really go into depth with that at all I lit the fire with a fire steel and birch bark it took a while birch bark was wet uh yeah I was real real anxious to get that fire going because the way it was coming down there for a minute it seemed like that was gonna happen that wasn't gonna stop was me like that all night still snowing but that was intense my camera is soaking wet so I hoped hope the mic and the camera are okay I have to try and dry it out but crazy I can tell the water is boiling now because the whole thing is shaking like the bubbles are creating the emotions so I can just slide this over let it cool for a second I provide you hydrating chilly right in so there's my dehydrated chili my wife made and that's about a meal and a half there but I am feeling pretty hungry someone put a lot in let's see how much I can fit in there with the water gutter all in answer I have to change my layers I have to put my puffy in the middle because they see the cedar is so Sparky and in the drug the winds changing every two seconds I do not want to put holes in that puffy already shit like that so this goes against what I was saying about the sleeping bags being compressed the down being compressed in it but this is the better of the two so this is how it's going there's what she looks like super Hardy and thick be a good meal then I have some crushed M&M peanuts for dessert oh and a BB Bell very moment of truth here

she's steamy I better give her a second looks like it's gonna burn I know I kind of mashed the fire all together it's a 541 I started the fire at 5:10 I haven't added anything to it so it's going pretty good

it's cedar so it burns book but anyways I mashed her down because she was kind of rolling everywhere I'm just gonna have a normal fire now and add I found a piece of maple so I'll be able to have some hardwood mmm very good lucky I picked this spot where I did I'm in a gully in between two Hills you can hear I can see the trees swaying and you can hear the wind behind me blowing like crazy and I'm okay down in here it's not so bad my fire is not really going too crazy right now like it is windy don't get me wrong but if I was up on a ridge it would be no-go there's a drawback to being in the gully like I am the cold air settles down it's a little bit more damp and stuff but I want to take that over top of the wind any day supper was good full there's always room for a little bit of chocolate you know well I'm an empty nut in my life here it was friggin nuts out there man crazy

well there's not much left to do now six o'clock it's going to get dark really soon and temperature is going to drop real quick supposed to get to negative 15 now I just looked well do have cell service where I am so my phone is on airplane mode looked at what the predictions were for tonight earlier it was negative 14 and dropped it down to negative in Seoul and I can't figure out what it is on my phone but it's gonna be cold

not much is going on after supper I went down and clean my pot boil up some river water for some hot chocolate looking forward to it we got the sukkah la Sol or hot chocolate this one's after 8 mint I like to me some after 8 min hot chocolate chocolaty that hits the spot that's very good it's uh 749 right now so almost 8 o'clock and yeah I think when I turn in around 9 o'clock maybe sit here till 10:00 but I highly doubt it the fire's keep me warm I'm finally burning my hardwood I found one dead standing maple so it's giving off a lot more BTUs I'm actually feeling the fire it's good I think I want to boil up some water and pour it on my analogy and bring into my sleeping bag with me when I go to bed it's just a little bit extra whomped you know put in the small your back or between your legs it's nice to have I'm headed to bed try warm rump in here good night wish me luck

hey guys good morning I'm not gonna lie I slept good till 3 o'clock in the morning woke up to pee and toss and turn until about 3:45 I cannot go back to sleep just anticipating the drive home and trying to beat the storm well I beat most of that I'm almost home and you can see she's coming down so I'm happy to be almost home hope you guys liked the video I hope you learned something I hope you enjoyed it I'm glad that I was able to get another winter camping video up for you guys stay tuned there'll be more videos coming up soon

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Joe is a very talented bushcrafter. He has a "straight" approach to bushcraft life-style. His videos reach a very high quality, both for the shootings and for the content. He took part on the History Channel show "Alone"

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