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Fresh Bowdrill With Alder


In this video I attempt to make a fresh bowdrill kit with alder wood. I was lucky to find a dry peace and gladly I could get an ember.

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Hello my name is Lilly and I am making videos about primitive living skills, survival, bushcraft, camping gear and prepping. I consider myself being a modern hunter-gatherer who wants to live as close as possible with mother nature and right now I am in the process of learning how to live off the land and thrive in the wilderness. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

okay today I want to touch making up a fresh bull drill kit and that us came across the street here which is polling and debt but I have no idea what it is so I gonna check the wood with the finger needles test yeah I can see some marks yeah so it should be soft enough I think it's maybe out there or something it's now I want to cut off a piece and see if it's worth a try a suitable tinder for the bow drill is dressed like this one here this here is bone dry and although it's wintertime it's super Trion's you can use it right away for the Botero amber ok I'm back had a camp here are my two pieces of Elda I think and not gonna use my pattam and I try to put on the edges of the wood because usually the edges are a little bit moist because you know if there is rain bumping on the world it gets moist at the rim here but usually the wood at the inside stays dry and that's why I want to put on into the middle oh my god you

ok test discovered some kind of reddish grub and yeah you could eat it if you are desperate enough but today I'm not hungry

ok now when Bo drilling I always search for a ground which is a little bit deep at the front where I'm looking so I always trail like this and because of the steepness of the slope I have to go forward with my weight and that way yeah I put weight on the spindle naturally without you know having to push too much with my arm so that's one way how you can conserve your energy let's do the first trip just cracked off the spindle here eatery shopping it first real is done now it's time to make much the notch is done and for catching the amber I just lay a leaf underneath the fire board here ok now the Ember is ignited don't put the amber right away into that in the bundle that it's it a little bit and settle down so that it gets more dense and more stable and yeah meanwhile you can make your bird's nest and if you see it going a little bit that's the sign that you can use it look there we go Alderaan elder oops yeah that's a pretty good bow drill kit Alderaan elder and yeah I'm getting more confident now with a fresh bra drilling and yeah I've made a video once verse 8 that if I could choose one item it would be the fire steel but I might be on the edge to go for knife instead because now that I can make a bow drill fire I think I would go for a knife as a one item survival to however it really depends on the location where you are so if you are in Siberia where there are only spruce trees which is quite hard to make a bow drill kit with then I would still go for for the fire steel yeah yeah guy so I want to thank you for watching if you want to see me doing some other bow drill videos check out these videos here at the sides and yeah if you want to see more make sure that you subscribe to my channel and check out my amazon store if you want to know which gear that i'm using stay tuned until next time bye

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

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