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SHTF Bug Out Bag (Cold Environment)


In this video I talk about the essential items of a bug out bag.

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: http://amzn.to/2j9Xiqs

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Rifle: CZ 17HMR

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SHTF Bug Out Bag (Winter Edition) survival

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you my bug-out bag now I know that a lot of people think that they are safe and they will never need a bug-out bag but actually there are some kind of you know events for disasters that might force you to leave your home for example natural disasters like hurricanes or wildfires last year we had two cases like one hurricane in Florida where people had to evacuate and leave their homes and we had a wildfire in Canada where people had to leave an entire town so natural disasters occur and you never know where it hits you on a planet so it's always good to prepare some kind of go back also there are other kind of disaster scenarios which are man-made for example wars Civil War's or problems with nuclear plans we have seen that with Chernobyl and Fukushima and people had to leave their homes for good let's hope that we never need our bag of bags but it's better to be prepared than sorry hey guys so I've watched a ton of bug out bag videos on YouTube and most of them are very good but still a lot of them carried too much unnecessary stuff with them today I want to show you the essentials that belong into a bug-out bag and although I'm just taking the essentials with me you saw that my bag was pretty big and bulky and you have to bear in mind that you still have to work maybe miles into the wilderness to come to a safe place or to come to your bug out spot okay this here is all of my stuff let's start here at the left side the biggest part of my survival pack is a sleeping bag which I have in this waterproof container so that it doesn't get wet and the sleeping bag in here is a down sleeping bag which goes down to minus 12 degrees Celsius and here in Austria it's getting very cold so I have to take a warm sleeping bag with me which is very bulky but this is a necessity never make the mistake to go without a sleeping bag the next thing that

have in here is an ultra-lightweight down man by the company expert it's very warm and it's suited for wintertime conditions then I have a very lightweight tarp which is by snack bag and it's just big enough to fit one person underneath it plus I have some bounty cords and cordage to set it up and all of my gear is lying on a military poncho which I'm going to throw all over me and my rucksack if it's raining next in here I have extra clothing like this warm head two extra pair of warm socks extra Andover and long johns glass and ocean mug next I want to show you my hat think it adds a very basic kit with ten pounds toothbrush tissues and a toothpaste also you shouldn't forget taking a first-aid kit with you this one is brand new in the wilderness you're going to need some kind of container to carry water and to boil water and here you can see that I have a very lightweight titanium set which is awesome and for example if it's very cold you can fill up the canteen with hot water and take it inside of your sleeping bag also I do have this titanium spoon fork it weighs nothing and yeah it's just a luxury item here I have a very important item which is the soil mini filter which helps you to purify your water and for the mini filter I have this bottle here which will contain the dirty water and then you can screw the filter on top and filter the water through for fire-making I have a fire steamed by light my fire and I have some matches and in here also do have a fishing kit now for food I have brought quite a lot of food and this will be enough for about five days which is the amount of time that I need to reach my buggered locations if if I had to go on foot which is the worst-case scenario and in here I have several different you know meals ready-to-eat freeze-dried hiking cool I have to pack up rice I have some beans and then I have this MRE here which is ready to eat and you don't need hot water for eating it right here you can see my cutting tools here have a foldable saw which is awesome to cut firewood it's very efficient and then I have my cold steel as our case a bottle knife and if I had to choose one knife that I trust my life on it would be this knife pretty good solid and cuts like hell what I also do recommend taking with you is a multi-tool like this let them and wave here it has extra blades extra saw it has pliers and a lot of other tools which might save your life in a survival situation okay next I want to show you my compass I think it's important to bring a compass and some maps of the area with you so that you know very where your backup location is where you have to go where your survival caches are orientation is very important another item that I want to show you is this dust mask which has a FFP 3 rating it's lightweight it's small doesn't take up a lot of room so I figured that I for one in there and actually there are a lot of occasions when a task mask comes in very handy okay next I have a headlamp here but accompany through night this is that th10 model and I think that a headlamp is very important because you have both of your hands-free and if you hear some noises around your camp you can go look and see what it is I have an extra battery also this bring a power bank this one has twelve thousand five hundred milliamps so I can charge all my electrical devices with this when you're out there in the wilderness you're most likely don't have any kind of internet or other sources of news so I can recommend taking a hand-crank radio with you like this one here and yeah it's just so important to gather intelligence and know what's going on maybe you have to move to another location or maybe the fred is already over the bug out situation has ended and then you can go home here you can see five packs of 17 HMR ammunition and each of the pegs contains eight rounds and this here is my survival rifle I've made a video about it it's pretty cool and lightweight and it would be a great tool for either hunting or self-defense in a bad situation

oh so this is the gear that I would recommend packing for a bug-out bag and it's just a lot of things no it's not this is the bare minimum that you need for a longer period in the wilderness and I know that a lot of people pack even more things but I I don't know if if this is a good thing because everything that you have to pack you also need to carry and maybe you know a lot of people have the false sense of security that their car will be working and that the route that the travel will be free but what if what if your car has a problem or what if your car has gotten stolen or what if you know there's a huge traffic jam and you can't get out with your car then you have to go on foot and then you can't take that much stuff anymore

so I believe it's good to take more stuff with you if you can go with a car but I would always prepare Brook Zack if I had to leave my car and back out on foot yeah guys I want to thank you for watching this was my bug-out bag please subscribe to my channel if you want to see other videos and don't forget to follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram stay tuned to the next time

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