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Urban Survival Pack - Get Home Bag


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Urban Survival Pack - Get Home Bag

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that I also do videos about prepping and urban survival. This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to show you what in my urban get home back stay tuned most people think that survival is only about wilderness survival in the woods but actually most of the people now half of the population of the world is now living in the city or in some urban areas and the probability is actually higher that's that you can get in a survival situation in the city then for example in the wilderness because so many people live now in the city and there's a second term which has been coined recently which is called urban survival and in urban survival you need some kind of a different survival pack and today I want to show you what's in my pack first of all I want to show you my rucksack I have chosen a black color because you know in the city it's better if you don't have bright colors like red or orange black is pretty versatile and it's not attracting a lot of attention you might notice that my rucksack is a little bit of military style it has MOLLE webbing on it and yeah someone who knows a little bit about military and urban survival will know that I have a tactical survival rucksack but most of the people won't notice because it's all black and it's not so easy to see that I have a tactical rucksack some people rather take an ordinary rucksack which is okay too now why have I chosen this rucksack I like it because it's pretty flat it's not too big it has about 20 litres and it comes down to my hips so I can carry most of the weight on my hips it counts it's a very high quality hip belt and what I like about it is that here at the sides it has some pouches and here I have my most important items on me and also it has the side pockets here at the sides where I have my self-defence tools so I don't need to take off my rucksack if I have to fight quickly

I can just grab my pepper spray for example on this side or my folding knife on this side and on the other side I have my cool down so I don't have to take down the back and search for my self-defense item items I have them right with me here at the sides also it's important that you have your self-defense items at each side because if someone grabs your arm you still have one arm left for this side and if someone grabs the other arm and you you can't get out your arm from the guy you just take your weapon from the other side here in the pouches I have first of all my keys so I don't like taking off my rucksack in transitional spaces for example when you are coming to your house you some people have to take off their rucksack or backpack or handbag and then that's yeah you had to watch out for my girls because they like to grab your back then so I like to have my key close to the side that I can get it out quickly if I'm forward or something and I want to tell you a story about a friend a woman and she when she was going home from the subway in the night she noticed that a man was following her and she started to walk faster and faster so it was a 10 minutes walk home and the man was following her and then she noticed at them and was pasta walking as she was walking fast as well and when she kept most coming home she was open almost running because she was so afraid and the guy was running - and then she already searched for her key in the handbag and when she came to the door she took the heat and she she got the key into the keyhole with one time before try she was very lucky so she turned around lock got inside of the door and door was a transparent door and when she closed the door the guy was coming onto the door like this so she was very lucky because she was so fast and she could get out her keys fast and get into the door so that's very important also on my key I have two survival items I have this one signal whistle which is pretty pretty loud so if you are in a emergency situation if someone wants to attack you you just blow the whistle and you will attract a lot of attention and one other item that I have on this key chain is the small flashlight I've used it a thousand times so a small flashlight is never wrong to have on your keys so that's what I have on this side here at the other side I have this hygiene disinfection solution and I like to take it every time I was on the bus or in the subway and yeah in the city you can contract a lot of illnesses viruses and bacteria so I like to keep my hands clean okay I already showed you what's in the side pouches and pockets and now I want to show you what's in the main two front pockets here so first of all I have a first-aid kit and it's important that you can get it quickly so you don't want to bury it somewhere down in the backpack you want to have quick access to it it's very important also if you have to take some kind of medication you can put some extra medication in the first aid kit and some painkillers as well next in here I have some gloves these ones are pretty cool and as you can see I've cut off the finger here because I'm also using them for the shooting range and in general it's pretty important that you have glass in your urban survival kit because your hands are the two most important survival tools that you have and in case of a fight or maybe you have to climb up the wall you want to protect your hands so pretty important the once here by the company black cock by the way next in a peg I have a permanent marker so you can leave notes for your friends or take important notes for yourself I also have to care nuts in my pack bag and I know that they are not very environmentally friendly but in a real emergency situation they can help you to spare some battery of your flashlight another item that I have in cool is this multi-tool this here's our Leatherman Wave I think it's the best multi-tool that you can get actually I wouldn't buy the black version anymore because it's not rust proof and I have learned that the hard way so I would go for the stainless steel version but also on this knife I have a plate and a second plate so yeah always good to have a plate on you and some pliers and other cool tools from the multi-tool another thing that I have in here is an emergency bracelet

so in case I need some paracord I have it on here and also have a fishing kit in the bracelet last but not least down here I have a lockpick set and you have to watch out because in some counties it's not allowed to have them in some States of America so you're not sure I can have them without getting into trouble and I think it's always great if I can open a lock in an emergency situation okay now let's take a look what I have in the top front pocket first of all I have a power bank so that I can charge my phone in an emergency situation and the great thing about power banks is that you can charge stuff via USB when you're on the move next and here I have cotton bandana which has so many uses if you have to touch something hot for example a hot cup or something or if you just have to dress a wound you can take that for emergency bandage also in here I have water I always have half a liter of water with me because when you are getting in a real emergency situation for example when you have to run away it's good that they keep yourself hydrated and many are getting into a survival situation and you need energy fast you can quickly eat energy bar or protein bar or nuts or whatever you take with you and then you have some calories that you can replenish your energy also in here I have a lighter which is actually as two one proof lighter then in here I have a ride in the rain notebook which is great if you have to leave some notes and then I have a couple of other things in there like for example earplugs and a map of the subway in Vienna and last but not least in here I have a tactical flashlight by wall tech this one here is the a1 S version - this flashlight here is a cooperation between vaulteq and flex card survival from youtube you can check out this channel on youtube and he's making some great urban survival videos and he developed this flashlight together with wall tech and the first thing that you will notice when you get this flashlight is that the flashlight comes with this very aggressive bezel which you can use for self-defense or for smashing in windows it's very aggressive and pretty painful if you get this somewhere into your ribs and there are some thing is that you can take this off and then you have a normal looking flashlight and then you can take this red lens cover and screw it on the flashlight and now you have a red light lamp which is great because with red light you don't lose your night vision and now comes the best turn off the flashlight which is the battery itself here you can see that flashlight runs with an 18 650 battery and this is a special battery because it's directly rechargeable so the flashlight comes with a USB cable and you can directly insert it into the battery like so and recharge the battery via USB I have four more items in my pack which is first of all a big trash bag you can do a ton of things with the trash bag for example if your car window gets broken you can fix it with the plastic sheet or you can make an emergency shelter out of it I also have Asia Mac with me which I'm using very often because sometimes you go out and you think it's not that cold but actually it's cold and yeah I can use it as a scarf or you can also use it to cover your head or to conceal your face next in here I have a map of Vienna and in case I lose my phone or in case the GPS on my phone is not working anymore I can navigate through the city with the map and I have some blank duct tape wrapped around the map just in case I need to repair something last but not least I want to show you one of the most important tools that you can have in a get home bag or in your EDC which is a small crowbar or breaching tool like this one here and I've chosen one that is very lightweight so I don't want to carry too much weight in my EDC pack as you can see I have taped off the ends of the crowbar because they are pretty sharp and I don't want a crowbar to rip a hole into my pack also I have added some in a tube to the handle so that I have a better grip because otherwise you can slip a lot you know so this inner tube bicycling tire gives me a lot of grip so

now I can use it as a self-defense tool which is a pretty effective one and secondly I can use it as a preaching tool for example if you get involved in a car accident for example your doors are jammed and you can't get out of the door then you can use this small crowbar and you break in the window and get out of the door and here for example when there is an earthquake and maybe the structure of the building that you are in is getting damaged and maybe you can't open the door anymore and then you can take the crowbar and apply some pressure on the door lift the leverage effect you have a lot of more power and this way you can escape so that's one of the most important tools that you can have in your pack and also in your car ok guys so that's it that's what's in my urban survival pack yeah let me know if you have other tools that you are varying in the city leave me a comment and if you want to support my channel you can do so by buying some survival elite t-shirts you can find a link in the description of this video it helps you know helps me a lot if you buy a t-shirt you get something I get something and then I can invest more in my equipment in my cameras and so on yeah so that's it for today I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time you

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