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About Saws


This video is about saws. I used the following saws:

Bahco Folding Saw: http://amzn.to/2j0PYyG

Silky Folding Saw: http://amzn.to/2zczOLr

Boreal 21: http://amzn.to/2AG7naV

Bob Dustrudes: http://amzn.to/2AGF8ZQ

Big old red bow saw (Brand unknown)

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today's video is about sauce stay tuned okay guys so today I have a couple of soft-serve review and first of all I want to say that there's a main difference between bozos like these ones here and folding sauce like these ones here first of all folding sauce have a thicker blade because they have to be stable and the blade has to stand alone both sauce instead can have very thin blades because they have tension on the blade at the bottom and on the top now why is this so important the feel of the blade they're more efficient you can cut because with a thin cut you don't have to you know saw that much so both us always are going to be slightly more efficient than folding sauce with a thicker blade what is the next general difference of both us and folding sauce the folding saw is limited by the length of the saw blade and both us are limited by the height of the bow between the bow and the saw blade so if you can't lock this big you should be able to cut it through but when it's bigger it's going to be a little bit more difficult now it really depends on what you want to do if you want to build a log cabin you probably have to get an ax and a saw to get the job done another big difference between both Oz and folding sauce is that both those cuts mainly when you're pushing them and folding sauce only cut when you're pulling them now my personal preference is that I want to cut when I'm pushing because there I have most of the energy most of the strength but other people say they rather want to have saw blades which cut when they get pull not applesauce might be a little bit more efficient when it comes to cutting through big logs but when it comes to cutting through smaller twigs and small branches I tend to use following sauce like these ones here because they have finer teeth and then you can cut smaller-diameter tricks more easily varies with these plates here it can be that the trick gets stuck in the blade and then you can't saw anymore so for smaller trick work for example if you are an Upper East or something I would highly recommend using folding sauce like these and also I have to say with the bow sauce you have another limitation for example if you want to cut a branch from underneath you can do so with the folding saw no problem right with the back saw you won't be able to do it because yeah because of the frame the frame is limiting you from yeah you need a lot of space for cutting so that sometimes that's a problem when you are working in thick underbrush okay so the first bow saw that I want to do a review on is this big red pole saw which is quite long you know it's 25 years old actually it belongs to my dad and he bought it and yeah this is one of my favorite saw so far it's stable I've built my entire bag out came with it and it still cuts like hell which I which is almost impossible because I've never sharpen the saw blade and I've done a lot of cutting with this saw blade here so I don't know what steel it is but it must be some some really good steel from the old days you know back then they have made really good high-quality saw blades and yeah it's still cutting like hell in general it's a really awesome so it's one of my favorites so if I had to do a lot of wood cutting I would always go for this saw the problem is that the saw here is quite big and bulky and it's not so easy to transport for example if you're going to do a backpack into a into the wilderness I wouldn't take it so so this all here is more for you know cabins and forests or bagged out camps where he only transport the soul there once and then you just leave the soul there but as I said for frequent trips into the wilderness for canoeing trips or backpacking

I wouldn't recommend taking this saw ok then next saw that I want to show you is this one here this is the props to strewth Creek Park so it's made from an aluminum frame and it comes with a wooden handle now I really like the store because you can fold it together it's it's collapsible and then you can transport the soul much more easily however it's still a little bit big even when it's collapsed and that's why I don't like to take it for backpacking I personally have the saw in my car it's a part of my pocket kit the saw cuts very efficiently but there are two things that I don't like about the saw first of all it makes a loud singing noise when it's cutting and second of all the handle is pretty uncomfortable so if you have to cut a lot of food with this handle it's really going to hurt your hands and I can highly recommend using gloves when working with this sauce [Laughter]

the next saw that I want to show you is this one here it's the boreal 21 by acaba canyon and this is one saw that I would consider taking with me when going into the wilderness for a backpacking trip it's pretty lightweight it's not so small it's also not too big and also it's pretty easy to build it together and take it apart again so you just have to do this yeah and that's how fast you can collapse the song which is pretty awesome so I think this is one of the best sauce available on the market and yeah it's good enough for survival shelters for bushcrafting you can't fail the biggest tree with it but the question is if you really need to fail the biggest tree so if your intention is to build a log cabin then this saw is not for you but for having it in the car or in your backpack in your bug out bag this one here is perfect it's really good so this has become my favorite saw actually


the next toll that I want to show you is the back of folding saw and it has become very popular in the bushcraft and survival scene and one reason is because it's pretty small and lightweight so you can easily put it into your backpack into your survival rucksack or bug-out bag and you don't even know that it's there because it's so lightweight now what I like about the saw is that it has this safety button here so to unlock the blade you first have to press the button on and then the blades locks in this position so you can't fold it anymore without pressing the bottom again and that's a very important safety feature now the blade that I have on this saw is the second plate that I got so far the first one was getting down pretty quickly and yeah these saws are not the most efficient ones also it's not so easy to resharpen display it because the teeth are so small and you need a special file and most people don't bother about sharpening these saw blades and they just buy a new blade also what happened to me was that I was spending the tip of the saw a little bit and yeah so with folding sauce like these ones here you have always a little bit of risk of planning your blade as I said a small song is great for moderate amounts of cutting so if you have to cut a lot of logs I wouldn't take this all because it's a little bit inefficient but for small work for example quality branching locks or for cutting five medium-sized trees for a survival shelter it's definitely okay

next solid I want to show you is this one here this is the silky big boy mm holding saw and yeah this is quite a soft I have to say so first of all the soleplate is pretty thick so it's not so easy to bend it and it also comes with a double edge so the saw will cut much better than the parker folding saw definitely also I see the same problem as with the taco folding saw the teeth are so fine it's going to be very difficult to sharpen displayed and an extra plate for this saw is quite expensive so yeah now for the safety feature they have installed a security button as well but to be able to press it I need my thumb and then my hand goes around like this and it's not good if you you know have your hand like this because then the folding saw can hit your fingers and it would be safer if I just take my index finger and if I touch the saw like this so that the that my fingers don't roll over to the place where the saw blade is going to fold on but this way I don't have enough of strength to press down the button because yeah I'm not that strong so I see a little bit of a safety issue here so you really have to watch out when you're closing the saw now the next thing that I have noticed is that there is a gap between the handle and the saw blade and actually when you touch the saw like this if you want to get it out or something out of your backpack or out of your car it can happen that you injure yourself in the closed state of the saw or maybe the saw blade ripped out your rips out the hole of your tab which you have inside of your rucksack so I think it's best if you make a sleeve for the saw just to be able to protect your kiya and your hands so that's a real safety issue the next safety issue that I see is that you don't need to press the button to open the blade so you can do it so like this and I don't like it because the saw blade is pretty sharp and if the folding saw unfolds on you without really wanting it for example in your backpack you push push it down in your backpack and then you push down something else and then maybe you grab something in your backpack and you know you open the saw with your if you close or something so that's what I don't like about it I think that the safety mechanism of the Warka folding saw is much better so you really have to pay attention when you're handing these kinds of sauce also the saw blades are very sharp-looking so I don't want to cut myself mr. Saur here now let's try out and see how the saw cuts I believe that it has fairly good for a folding saw although the plate is a little bit thicker I believe that it will cards pretty good so let's see if that's true okay so I just have found out something very important then cutting with the saw you should not be tempted to push down the saw blade because it's no need to push down the saw blade because you have a slight curve in the blade and you can cut like this without pushing too much onto the blade now the first cut that I made was with a lot of pressure I was pressing down the saw blade and then at the end I was chopping down with the saw blade like this

so don't use pressure when cutting off the saw

otherwise the blade can you know hit your tie or your leg and you might get a big injury from it and that's really important to consider the next thing that I have found out is that economically I rather cut with a bow saw then with this holding saw because when we look at my hand the most natural position is this okay it's not this it's not this it's this and that's the position where I feel the most comfortable with when I put strength on my wrist now when I attach the saw when I grab the saw like this and then I can't with the saw it's almost impossible to hold this angle so what I have to do is I have to bend my wrist like this and then I'm cutting in this position so when I cut in this position off

I feel that I have tension on my wrist okay so I believe that I believe that when you cast a lot of wood with the saw you'll probably will feel it in the wrist and when I get up my thumb here then it's a little bit less pressure on the wrist but it's still not the most natural position for the hand and for example when I cut with a bow so on I don't have the problem because where take a look at my most natural position then I take the saw and then I put this off on the branch then I cut I don't have to push down the saw or I don't have to bend my wrist I just leave it in the most natural position and I don't feel a lot of tension on my wrist at all not a swifty other saw so economically this sauce here the bozos are better suited for the human hand and also I don't have to put pressure on the branch because both sauce they come with an angle so if you press onto the saw with a forward motion it will at the same time at the same time some of the strength will push down the saw because it has an angle here and every good bozo has this angle also you can see the same angle here at the red also and the box of truth so has the same angle and that angle has a reason it's because that you can cut easier into the branch and then you don't have to push down anymore with your wrist so if I had to choose between these two sauce I honestly have to say that I would always go for the boreal 21 because it's much safer to use it cuts more efficiently than the silky saw okay it has some limitations when it comes to the frame you can't cut from underneath but when it comes to bushcrafting I don't really need this property when you're a professional arborists and when you are on a tree a lot cutting branches and maybe in the thick underbrush and maybe if you have to cut a lot of trees epic trees or something this saw is better but for general bushcrafting and in survival I would go for this song yeah so silky big boy is a good saw but it's it's not for beginners there's I see a lot of safety issues and professional people you know they can definitely handle it but for beginners I would not recommend to saw at all you have to take a lot of care when you are cutting with the saw yeah yeah so I want to thank you for watching I hope that this video helps you a little bit with your buying decision if you are looking to get a saw in the near future and yeah if you want to support my channel you can do so by becoming my patreon I have a patreon account now and you find the link in the description of this video thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time

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