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Winter Overnighter In The Dark (ft. Survival Lilly)


Winter Overnighter In The Dark (ft. Survival Lilly)

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

oh my god my camp is a mess I have to clean up because I want to sleep here tonight

okay first I have to get rid off the cage that I made from bamboo pretty cool but I hadn't caught something yet so just can I put it to the side I don't know if you remember when I was making this this was my first okay pot that I have made here on the creek and yeah it turned out pretty good but actually it has a crack so it's leaking as you can see I don't have a lot of firewood anymore so that's the first priority and today I have this rucksack with me it's just a very cheap rucksack said I want to try out today and I also have a baguette roll with me and actually this back out roll is by my friend Canadian prepper and this is where I have my smaller things in so everything is organized and yeah I just have to open these bunkers to access the content of this bag here and the batteries at the backside and voila there you have your stuff I'm using a carabiner to hang this pocket roll on my shelter here and now I got all of my stuff and nothing is you know you don't have to search for anything in your backpack in your rucksack you just have everything organized and I really love this bag outro it's made from very high quality so if you're interested in getting this product make sure that you're visiting my friends Canadian prepper on YouTube and there you will find his website as well

now I have a few other things in my pack pack but I don't want to get out my sleeping pack yet and my insulation mat I do that before I go to bed and now I really wants to find some firewood okay this birch is very dry so I can use it for firewood and here I got another birch but it was lying on the floor so I don't know maybe it's going to burn because I heard that birch even burns when it's wet so let's try it out okay folks so I just found this two dead trees here and they have the perfect size in diameter because I don't have our splitting necks with me so I'm looking for wood which is not too thick [Music]

this is ash ash wood pretty hard wood this is pretty good word for example if you need a handle for an axe or something and the great thing is it burns almost smokeless it has been dead for at least two years it's pretty dry there's no green cambium layer anymore so I should be fine kindling is always important and you always should keep it even after you leave the fire because sometimes the fire doesn't burn so well and with the kindling you can you know make the fire hotter again and then the bigger chunks will burn better as well I'm just going to store my firewood here on my stove because he is quite dry dear I have enough of this dry wood here not all of it is very dry but most of it and here you can see the fireplace and it's totally destroyed so I have to rebuild the fireplace now and then there's a lot of debris in my fireplace and everything is wet and there's even earth here in here and that's because basically we had high water like a couple of months ago and yeah I'm glad that my shelter is still standing because normally the water can reach or hide off this year easily so I was pretty lucky then I still have my shelter actually so if you are new to this channel you probably don't know but I have made a furnace here in this fire pit so I have two of these tunnels and tunnels and they bring in fresh air and then the fire burns much better and this is important for for example when you have wet firewood and with the air supply with the additional air the fire is going to burn so much better ok here the the tile has broken so I have to get out some earth out of the air tunnel okay this tunnel has a little bit of roofing it too it's pretty warm today which is very unusual for January I can't see any fish here but I know that there's a good spot over there I've seen many fish there in summer time maybe I can catch one I'm preparing some firewood and I want to do a little bit of it now but most of it I'm going to cut later at night because now I want to do a lot of things so I'm just cutting a small bit of the firewood now making firewood is really a lot of work so I need to replenish my calories and today I have this with me for eating I have an apple a banana some breads and sweet chestnuts and I also have this lamp here which is a steak pretty expensive stuff but actually I have to say yeah I rather spend my money on expensive food which is organic then on chunk we're out of stuff which is not so important in life so yeah to me that's pretty important to eat healthy and to eat meat that comes from animals which were happy well now it's getting darker and I have about one hour of daylight left so first I want to prepare myself

bow-drill fire and I have this willow wood here it feels a little bit wet but it can't be actually because it was underneath the shelter so maybe it's just moist from the air around the creek but I think I'm going to give this a try and I try to make a bow drill set yeah at the inside it feels dry and for the spindle I'm going to take a you know stick this one here today I'm going to use this knife here it's a custom-made Mora Pathfinder and the great thing is that it has this bow drill socket in the handle which is exactly what I'm going to need today so I got Willow Wood here and I have to say that this is one of the best woods for bow drilling so if you are in need for a bow drill fire and you come across willow that's what you want to take with you the spindle almost has the perfect size I don't want to carve it down too much anymore and now I'm just going to make a sharp point at the end

now for the fire board I have to split it a little bit to make it square so that it doesn't roll around a lot this is about one centimeter of height and yeah that's my preferred height when I'm patrolling I'm taking this what here as a base layer to protect the fire from the cold ground okay guys so the first time didn't work out but dust is very black and I'm pretty sure that it's going to work the next time but now I have to take a small break because I'm exhausted and yeah I want to wait a little bit until I have my full power again I have fun I have an ember okay I'm going to try it and dip it into my into my small bird's nest just come closer so that you can see okay it didn't want to burn I believe that the Tina is still a little bit too moist maybe but now I have heated it up so if I can create another ember then maybe it will ignite the next time I got another Ember

as you can see the teeniest burned a little bit but it didn't start to burn properly but that's not good at all I have a problem with my tinder bundle the tinder is to course the grass is to course so what is the solution now I could go back to my bucket row and take a letter and make a fire but I don't want to make it too easy for myself and I still want to get this going so there's actually one thing that you can do which is you want to make very fine shavings from drive wood like this one here

and with the shavings they should be able to catch the flame yeah I got it yes yes I got it finally that took a long time to make the fire but hey I got it

right and I didn't need a match so it's all about persistence when it comes to survival and I have to say that this bow drill set the willow worked really good so super awesome so it was about time that the fire burned because I'm getting very hungry and now I still have to wait until the coals burn down but I really want to cook mistakes so I'm really looking forward to some good calls for mistake today I want to show you my self-made lantern that I have made basically I have scavenged some LEDs of an old flashlight and then I just have attached a switch and a battery holder for 18 650 batteries and yeah I can turn on the lantern like this and I have set this up inside of a waterproof container and this is great for camping especially when it's winter time because you can throw it around in the snow and it doesn't get wet and the circuits won't gets damaged it's really nice to sit by the fire Wow so as you can see I didn't do a lot of things today I just collected some firewood and made a bow-drill fire and I really wanted to repair my fish trap but actually it's gone I can't find it anymore so probably the the flooding has taken it away I can't find it so I probably gonna start having a spoon out of this Willow Wood that I have left [Music]

as you can see the fires burning very good and efficient because of the tunnels which bring in fresh air and then your fire burns much better and you have less smoke and it's much more fun sitting by a fire that has less smoke you know

oh dammit I broke it ah okay well yeah it's bad as I've cut it often to break it you know now I want to make mistake I'm just going to put the grill on the fireplace okay now I need my tongs small piece of meat I'm going to use some pepper and some salt okay I think the steak is done that's looking dandy fine mmm I'm telling you that's the best lamp I've ever eaten it's so good oh I got a message by the way I have a new phone now mmm this phone here is not capable to use the Internet

it's just calling and text messaging and I have decided to put away my smart phone because you know it's it's it was getting very stressed here whatsapp all the time and when I tried to work it was making sounds all the time

facebook Messenger whatsapp so I was interrupted like every two minutes and then I decided to go back to an old phone because it's it's very stressful and now I have this one here and I feel so much more relaxed so it's still pretty early in the night and back here I have an old frame from a torch and I have some birch back over there and some other fire status and pine resin and I really want to make a torch and then I want to try to go night fishing okay in my control I have a little bit of fire and this is exactly what I need for this torch because if you use some cordage like plastic it will burn or if you use natural cordage it will look burnt as well and now I'm just going to use this wire which can't burn and now it's just gonna take my fire status and push them into the torch and that's it that's my makeshift survival torch which I'm going to use for fishing okay so now I'm at my favorite fishing spot and I know that around here there are a lot of fish all of the time so I heard that fish are attracted to light so now I'm going to ignite my torch I can't see anything no fish or anything else no crayfish at all okay my torch Assad but I want to try it I didn't out of location still okay guys so unfortunately I didn't have any luck with the fishing and I tried two different spots but then at the second spot

I have entangled my my fishing rod so yeah now it's just going to go and start fishing and continue making my spoon here I gave my best this was the spool I was almost finished and then it broke up here so today I don't have a lot of luck with spoon carving no it's time to go to bed and it's almost twelve o'clock and now I want to get out my sleeping bag and my intubation meds

to see some inflatable found met and you shouldn't inflate it with your breath because your breath is always a little bit moist and then you would lose insulation so you have to pump it up with this air bag here I really hope that I don't burn a hole into the mats because actually this was freaking expensive I think I paid over 200 euros or so for this mess and this sleeping bag here is even more expensive it's a town sleeping bag goes down to minus six degrees in the comfort zone and I believe it costs 300 euros or something right you know I don't want to be cold and I get really cold easily as a woman and I'm very thin so I'm already cold when men think that it's still very warm I really need a warm sleeping bag you probably can see it but actually it's a little bit raining so it's very fine particles of water flying around I believe it's the fog and I can even feel it here so I have to make sure that I sleep very at the very back end of the shelter because I don't want to get wet here yeah so everything is ready for the bed I hope you can hear me can you hear me so everything is ready for the bed and yeah yeah good night guys and have a good one

see you tomorrow I didn't leave until I believe it was 12 o'clock or so and then I stepped in but then I woke up again because at about one o'clock I heard some kind of creature in the creek swimming and it was making a lot of noise not like a dark wood swim so I'm pretty sure it was an otter which we have here in this Creek sometimes and it was swimmin around and and then it was blowing its nose and then I heard it like eating some wood or roots it is and I was listening to it at about till about 2:00 o'clock and then then I just stepped in so yeah I think I heard a mouse - over there somewhere but yeah all in all I had a pretty good night sleep okay so here you can see that almost all of the woods burned entirely except of these parts here here at the sides of the fireplace but everything else burnt entirely and especially where the entries are to the air tunnel so I can really recommend making tunnels for your fireplace if you want to have a smoke last night okay folks so now I want to go down to the water and see if I can find any tracks of that animal that I heard yesterday night and let's see I'm pretty sure it was an otter hmm I can't find any tracks here except this one here but that was not the animal for sure okay now I want to pack my stuff I'm really get that I had this bug out roll with me because I'm a dive in chilled at this site in the night because the wind was coming into the shelter from the side and yeah lift the bucket roll ahead I've been shield and that was pretty awesome

okay guys so we are leaving this is the back side of the shelter and now I'm going home taking a warm shower and yeah don't forget to click the notification bell of my channel because otherwise you probably won't get notified any more of my subscriptions and yeah that's it guys thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

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