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Mora Garberg Destruction Test


Mora Garberg Destruction Test


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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

all right so the Morrigan back it's one of the most popular bushcraft cutting tools right now and the camping survivalist and push craft seen on YouTube a lot of people use this cutting tool and I believe that the reason for its popularity is that it's a full tank cutting tool it has a full tang the Tang is even exposed here at the backside and Mura usually doesn't produce full tang cutting tools they rather use stick things but this knife has a full tang and that's what I really like about it because full tang means stability and less risk of breaking and yeah I've used this cutting tool in the last I don't know a couple of weeks and it hasn't failed me so far and today I wanted to make a distraction test and push the Mora Gobber to its boundaries okay the first thing that I want to show you is what I have done to the sheath I really like the chief it's pretty sturdy and it comes with two options it comes first of all with a ring bird as a security strap attached and second of all it comes with a ring with a belt loop and the first ring clips onto the sheath but the second ring doesn't so you can either choose one of the two or you can do it like me I have glued on the second ring onto the sheath so now I can't lose it any more because I would like to have both the belt loop and the extra security strap okay next I want to show you the cutting tool and what I have done to it you probably already have noticed that I have misused to handle as a bow-drill socket as our bearing block and yeah I just wanted to see if it is suitable as a bearing block so yeah it's really

a great bearing block and it works much better than for example a wooden bearing block it's very efficient and I've made a bow drill fire with it so in case you have to misuse your handle the lanyard hole of your handle for a bearing block you know that you can of course the handle will get destroyed but that's not the fault of the manufacturer other than that I have to say that the plastic material is awesome I really like it it's very robust and I'm sure that you can use it for years and years without the handle wearing off the plate itself is still in very good shape and pretty sharp and now I want to make a distraction test and see how good the knife will hold up to it how long it will stay sharp if it will chip on it and if it will break or not what I also like about the more Gaborik is that it comes with a very sharp spine so it's no problem to strike the file steel with the back of the plate ok hooks first of all I want to put on very hard beechwood with the blade and usually this shouldn't be a problem for the place but I've had other knives which would chip on peach wood so let's try this out quickly

yeah this is no problem at all to make it a little bit harder for the blade I want to put on the back of it with a stone and this is abuse of the knife of course it is but today I'm performing a destruction test and I'm pushing the blade to its limits okay so now I'm going to strike the plate with it let's see if it breaks no chips or whatever so the blade is still intact next I want to put on a little bit of wood and see if I can break off the knife mm-hmm and so a spark mm-hmm they're coming a lot of sparks are coming off the blades so maybe it has a higher carbon content but it's stainless steel so I try to hit on the tip of the blade because I want to test out if it breaks okay I couldn't get it to break yeah now we have the first sign of damage the blade edge has rolled over and also chipped so I have like two chips in it but this is not surprising you know so some knife stayed on chip when cutting metal displayed here is of course made for cutting wood and not for chopping metal but still it's interesting to see how the blade reacts and every blade reacts different right so for example at photons metal with the cold steel is okay and aus-8 still didn't chip at all it just rolled over the edge but here it's a different story they have taken a different steel I don't know what kind it is and yeah it chips a little bit so far okay next I want to pattern the blade with my eggs and this is really abuse now so there's no excuse for that but I still want to see if I can break the blade or not okay now I have broken off the tip yeah but still here you can't blame the company because usually you shouldn't use metal on metal metal Patronus the worst thing that you can do and yeah this is not a manufacturers fault and I think with a wooden baton this wouldn't have happened

okay now I want to find out if I can break the tip even more by bending it okay it didn't break so that's pretty pretty good

next comes the stone chopping test I'm going to slash the plate onto the stone and then we will see how much damage the blade will take but before that I want to show you the plate how it looked before I slash the stone so I have a broken tip here and I have two chips here okay

I'm just going to protect my eyes from the stone from the fragments of the stone

the edge holds over I'm going to hit it one more time yeah so basically the edge got condensed and rolled over a little bit to the sides but there's no chip of the plate okay to sum it all up I believe that the more ragab burg is a good all-around bushcraft cutting tool however I have to say that I wish to see two things so if I could change two things with the moral a burg then first of all it would be a slightly longer blade because this plate now has about ten centimeters a little bit more maybe so if it was a little bit longer it would be so much easier to put on bigger locks that's my first yea improvement that I personally would make on this plate and the second improvement would be on the handle I know that it's coming from Sweden and it's Mora and they like to make these traditional Scandinavian handles and those traditional handles take em without the finger guard yeah and the problem is that you know a lot of people who might buy this cutting tool they are not professionals some of them are beginners some of them are regular people who don't you know use cutting tools every day and actually Mora has produced a knife which is called I believe the bushcraft or survival Mora and they are the have installed a great finger guard and yeah a lot of guys say yeah you need to pay attention when you cut with a knife that's true okay you need to pay attention but sometimes maybe you're tired you've worn out or exhausted and maybe you are in a lot of stress or just thinking of something else and then it happened so fast and you slip over onto the blade and then you cut yourself and you can't be careful enough and extra safety wouldn't disturb this handle is designed so I personally would like to have a prop finger guard and yeah so that is my suggestion for the company more if they ever watched this video yeah guy so this was my review of 10 Morag a burg I hope that you liked this video and also I would really like you to hit the notification bell on my youtube channel because otherwise you probably won't get notified any more of my uploads subscription is not enough anymore you really need to hit the notification bar

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