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Solo Winter Overnighter In A Tepee


Solo Winter Overnighter In A Tepee

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and right now I'm on my way to the teepee because I want to sleep there for one night and as you can see it has snowed quite a lot and I'm really glad about it because this year we didn't have a lot of snow and yeah now finally I can make an overnighter in the snow in the teepee my pack pack is pretty heavy so I try to work slowly you don't want to be sweaty because when you cool down after moving around you risk hypothermia so I try to walk very slow well I found a birch tree and try to get off some tinder for the fire later okay folks so I'm on my way to the camp and I just found this unusual spot here and yeah I've seen some tracks as well and it looks like something has dug up the earth here and thank here as well and here you can see some old damage a deer has done so it peeled off the bark off the tree who said it's over there all right so I just discovered a very interesting track so here we can see some kind of bird popping in the snow hop hop hop hop hop and then he flew away until you can see its wings today I have my comic boots on and I really like them so if you are searching for a good winter food I can highly recommend coming food they have water proof and they are super warm there's kind of a lot of snow on the teepee Wow look at this war this no it's pretty heavy so the first thing that I want to do is I want to get off the snow off the teepee Wow

everything is dry in here there's no snow inside of the teepee so that's really awesome

Oh oh my god today I brought a beer with me

actually it's beer with lemonade so last time I forgot my beer but this time okay first I try to get off the snow from the teepee

oh my god this is going to be a great over Napa okay the TP is touching the ground and that's not good because you need a little bit of space between the TP and the ground so I really have to do some digging now and here if you don't have to scape you will have no chimney effect and then you will have smoke in the teepee like all of the time and that's no fun

okay so now I have an air gap between the liner and the teepee and there's an up of space so that the air can come into the teepee and take the smoke with it and then the smoke gets pushed out up there but first of all I need to open up the hole

okay so I set up the flaps not too bad left one a little bit more to the side because of the wind coming from this direction and yes the other one is not so easy to stretch out so I decided to leave it like that and yes you can set up the flaps more perfectly but for today I think it's going to be fine the night is going to be very long and pretty cold today and I have some firewood ready but I still want to split some more so when I'm splitting logs I try to make sure that I only use the force that I really need I don't want to use more force because it's not necessary it might look better but actually I don't want to injure myself and you're using too much force it can happen that the X goes to the side and then you hit your leg and second of all I want to save up my back I had a back injury like five years ago and it was a rip in the disc man that hurt a lot it hurt for three years I needed three years until my back healed up again and since then I always feel it a little with when I do too much you know so I just try to split the boat very economically

I mean economically see and now with the smaller pieces I don't need so much for us anymore and yeah there's no use to fully smash onto the blocks like this it's no use you're just going to exert yourself so it's getting dark in about one hour and today I want to carve another pole so now I'm searching for some good wood for the bow and I want to get it now while it's still light okay folks oh I've just discovered this elder tree now I've never used a verb for for bow making but this one is very straight and it has about the same softness of hazelnut so I think I'm going to give this a try yes so this first piece is not too bad this one here is very good it's pretty straight and has only a slight curve which is cool this is okay too so I think I'm going to go for the two smaller ones and I'll leave the big one here these are two good limbs for a survival book okay it's pretty dark in a teepee so I'm going to switch on my camping lanterns I've made them myself and as soon I'm going to release a video about how I made these lanterns so that's pretty awesome and yeah so now I want to make a fire let's see what we have here for five making today I have my fire steel with me and if you remember I have collected some birch bark earlier so that's what I'm going to use as a tinder but first I need to make very fine wood okay first I want to lay down a base layer of logs and yeah the cold ground and the moist ground is going to suck the heat up of the fire so it's important that you protect the fire from the ground and also I want to get off this snow here because that's of course not good so this should be enough and here I have two tunnels but I think they are still under snow so I have to go and dig them out okay I just found the tunnel yeah it's free I got it okay here's it so now I have some air for my furnace okay here have that birch bark that I have collected earlier and now I just want to ignite it before I throw it into the cabin so as you can see the fires burning pretty good but it took a little bit of time until it burnt as well and now there are drops coming off the top because now the eyes up there is melting and yeah but I can sit here normally I can breathe normally the fires burning really good because of the air tunnels that bring in the fresh air from underneath and this basically act like a furnace and this way you reduce the smoke and also lana works as a draft so all of the smoke gets pulled out into the hole up there this is going to be a very cozy night but now there's a lot of water coming down here so I really have to keep an eye on the fire and now just take this wood here and lay it besides the fire so that it can dry out before I throw it into the fireplace so here at the sides you can see steam which comes from the woods that I play around the fireplace because yeah now it's drying out and when I strike out I can use it for the fire later on the fires burning really good and yeah it was quite some work to dig out the air tunnels but it was completely worth it and I'm sitting here smokeless it's super awesome really I don't know if you can see this up here but actually this is a wasp's nest and it's moving around a lot so there you can see how good the draft is I need to get some water and get in winter that's no problem when you have enough of snow so I just take my snow here there it's nice and white okay okay now the teepee is pretty wet because the snow has smelt so it will take quite some time until the teepee is dried out so now it's time to cook up some meat super awesome and today I have brought two steaks with me and I'm really hungry so I'm really looking forward to it okay I think my steak is ready I hope that it's medium oh my god I've waited for this the entire day oh my god this is going to be so delicious yes oh my god it's not a beer and I really need to serve here today oh yeah it tastes so good damnit oh I broke it yeah not my best try actually okay so unfortunately I could not shoot the bow and it had a weak part here but it was still a good project and hey I'm learning as I'm breaking wobbles there's a lot of ash in my water and the doesn't look very clean I'm sure it's clean there are no pathogens in it but I don't like the dirtiness so I'm going to fill that fruit all right so now I'm taking my cotton bandana and I just put it over the mouth like this and now I take my dirty water it's pretty hot and this way I can filter out the ashes and all of the other stuff that fell into the content come I need more water okay I got bad news I've lost the seal off my bottle and I can't find it anymore I've searched for it everywhere and without the seed here I can't take the water bottle with me into the sleeping bag because now it's leaking and in long-term this is not a very huge problem because I can easily go to a hardware store and get a new seal but for tonight I can't use it as a bottle as a warm bottle in the sleeping bag and that's pretty bad so now I have closed the door and it's much warmer in here now and yeah closing the door is a good idea even today I'm very tired I'm pretty warm and it's important that you have one when you go into your sleeping bag because when you're cold you will never get warm inside of the sleeping bag again so you have to go in warm I'm inside of my sleeping bag now and I've taken all batteries with me into the sleeping bag my mobile phone and I'm going to take the battery off the camera too and yeah I'm really tired and a half a headache so I hope that it will go away by tomorrow so have a good one good night

good morning guys I'm here in my sleeping bag and I was pretty warm all of the night so this is a really good sleeping bag and I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning and I thought that I heard some animals approaching my camp but now I'm not so sure anymore because maybe it was just a snow that was falling off the tree and yeah so now my plan is to pick up all of my stuff and then I want to go outside and see if I can find some tracks of animals I don't know to get out of my sleeping bag [Music]


well it's really hard to to see some tracks because the snow has fallen down like all night from the trees and now I can't see anything maybe there was an animal maybe I just heard the snow falling down from the trees yeah I get fooled no animals everything is fine so wet outside okay let's get out of here let's go home Wow what I'm awesome night and the teepee yeah so when it's snowing a tip is really has a real advantage it's nothing else let's take a look at the backup camp it's full this snow yeah a proper roof over the head is worth gold in winter and yeah the smoke the ventilation of the teepee works great as well so I had minimum amount of smoke inside of the teepee and the air tunnel Staver a success so I'm pretty happy that I have talked them out in summer time so now I'm trying to find my way home and yeah I want to thank you guys for watching I hope that you'd like this video

oops and yeah maybe leave me a like in the comment and if you want to support my channel you can do so by becoming my patreon and you will find a patreon link in the description of this video so thank you again for watching and stay tuned to the next step

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