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Compound Bow VS Recurve Bow! Which is better??


Compound Bow VS Recurve Bow! Which is better??

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Video Transcription

hi guys it's me Lily and today I wanted to make a video about what's better the recurve bow or the compound bow stay tuned

archery is not only an Olympic discipline but it also makes a lot of fun and more and more people are getting into archery now it doesn't matter if you are young or older you can still start shooting bow and arrows so I myself have shot bowls for 13 years now mostly long balls and recurve bows and recently also got a compound bow here but with this one I'm still a beginner this video is dedicated for beginners so if you haven't made up your mind yet if you want to start recurve bow shooting or compound bow shooting then stay tuned because today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of these bowls let's talk about the first criteria which distinguishes the two bowls from each other the first criteria which is important is of course the price in general recurve bows are much cheaper than compound bows and it's pretty clear why because if you take a look at the compound bow you have a lot of you know technical parts which cost a lot in manufacturing and which need a lot of time for assembling and a recurve bow is much cheaper because it only has like two screws and one razor and two limbs and one sinew so it's pretty clear that if you look at the price that the recurve bow has an advantage the next criteria that I wanted to talk about is the weight the weight of a recurve bow is quite low as opposed to the weight of a compound bow so this bow here is I believe more than double the weight of the recurve bow now why is the weight important you can say I don't care I have a car and throw in the bow into my car and that's true but let's say for example you want to make a camping trip and you already have a lot of stuff with you and your pack is already very heavy so maybe the lights are recurve bow is a better choice and also when you're shooting with the compound bow it's pretty heavy this this model here is pretty heavy and yeah after a time of shooting I'm not shooting that well anymore because I'm starting to shake because it's so heavy so you really have to train much more with the compound bow so that you build up your muscles and so that they don't shake anymore and shaking interferes with your accuracy the next criteria that I want to talk about is the peg size and this year the recurve bow is a takedown bow so I can easily unscrew these two screws and then stick all of the parts into my rucksack and just go you know so it's not all of the recurve bows come as a takedown version so yeah my personal choice is I want to have takedown bowls because then transportation is much easier the peg size of the compound bow is pretty big and heavy and actually you can't really disassemble the bow for traveling because otherwise you would need a bull press to set it up again so peg size after compound bow is not so great

yeah so when it comes to traveling on foot

maybe the recurve bow again is the better choice next I want to discuss the repairability let's say for example okay let's say for example you rip off the limb here or here well if you rip off the limp then there's nothing you can do anymore then the bow is destroyed but ripping off or breaking a limb doesn't happen so often so probably what he'll what's happening

with a higher chance is that you may be rip the sinew the bowstring and maybe you cut it by accident or I don't know maybe you sleep and you fall onto a rock and you damaged the bowstring but also can happen is that you rip off the cables of the compound bow now let's say every portable string after recurve bow what can I do I can take some paracord and make an emergency post post ring of course paracord is not going to be as fast as this artificial bowstring here but it will still do the chop now the problem is with the compound bow if you rip off anything here you you can't really repair it in the wilderness and also you have many other parts which are very sensible for example if you break something at the camp's here how would you repair it in the villainess it's impossible and even if you have a second cable with you you would need a bow press so that you can string the cable onto the camp's so if you ever have a problem with your compound bow it's very unlikely that you can repair it in the wilderness so again one more point goes to the recurve bow the next criteria that I want to talk about is actually how fast you can learn to shoot with the bow so my experience was that if needed much much longer to learn how to shoot the recurve bow then for example the compound bow now why is that because if you take a look at the compound bow you will see that you have sights okay so you have this peep here and you have your sight pins now basically with the compound bow you can shoot like a firearm so if you know how to shoot a firearm it's not so much different anymore from the common pole and yeah and also for example with the recurve bow you need to learn how to release and the release is very important so if you do it the same all of the time then you will shoot differently and risk the compound power you have this release here which has a trigger so basically every time you release the bolstering the cable you will release it the same way so you don't need to practice you are released as you would practice it here with the recurve bow I have shot with this bow I believe three or four times and now I'm already shooting as good as me if the recurve bow so when it comes to learning improvements the point goes to the compound bow and if you want to get very good fast then maybe the compound bow is the first choice the next topic that I would like to talk about is accuracy a compound bow is always going to be more precise than a recurve bow you can't beat the compound bow now as you might have noticed I'm shooting my arrows over the shelf and I don't use aim but if you get some aim for your recurve bow you can improve your shooting here as well however I have to say cilia are going to be much more accurate with the compound bow and why instance well as we have discussed before you have a peep which is a small hole that you are looking through and you have your sights so basically it shoots like a rifle in this very precise the next thing we already have discussed is their release so this here is a trigger release and you don't have to practice your release with the compound bow so much and with this device here the release is always going to be the same because you just have to press this trigger here with the recurve bow it often happens that you sometimes like pull the string too much and then the arrow has too much of power and then it's higher and something like that

so the release is really one of the most critical things when it comes to accuracy we

if recurve bows but here you don't have that problem really because the trigger release is so sensible and the next thing why is easier to shoot more accurate with the compound PO is actually because of the camp system and if you pull the pole first it's very hard but then at the end it's very easy to hold and you won't shake a lot like for example with the recurve bow it's different if you pull the bowstring first of all it's not very powerful but the more you pull Bank the more strength you have to put on the limbs the more you have to pull and then you're starting to shake and that's another reason why you are more accurate with the compound PO so these were the main differences of compound poles and recurve bows

maybe this video helped you with your buying decision or maybe now you know what you want to start to shoot compound bow or recurve bow I personally have to say my personal decision is that my heart is with the recurve bows I just love shooting them it makes so much fun and Kanban poles are great as well but for my tastes they are a little bit too technical but still on the other hand I have very technical rifles so that's not really an argument let's put it this way so here in Austria bow hunting is actually illegal so I can't pole hunt and that's why I hunted all of my dear with the rifle so far and for me shooting recurve bow I only do for target shooting and it makes a lot of fun but if I lived in Canada for example in the wilderness and let's say I would go hunting a lot then I probably would go for compound pool because it's much more accurate I have a friend he can shoot like into a circle like this at 50 meters with the compound pole so that's unbeatable he will never get as good with a recurve ball so if I was a hunter and hunting regularly in Canada I would definitely go for the compound Pole but if I just wanted to have some kind of you know backup for my bug-out bank or if I was like just hunting for a smaller game like porcupine you can easily take down a porcupine with this bow here because you can get very close and also you can han squirrels with the recurve bow and if you get close enough like if you have for example camouflage clothing then you can still take down like game like bigger game D and stuff with the recurve bow so it's no problem you just have to practice a lot yeah so this was it I hope you like this video maybe you have some different opinion about the differences of these poles please let me know in the comment section because I would really like to know how other people see this topic and yeah maybe let me know if you chose to shoot the compound bow or the recurve bow or maybe you are a longbow to the traditional longbow shooter and yeah let me know in the comments and also if you want to see more of these artery videos please make sure that you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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