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How to make a Paracord Canteen Holster


How to make a Paracord Canteen Holster

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys it's me Lily thanks for tuning in today I want to show you a new project that I have made I've made this awesome paraquat whole stuff for my canteen and yeah today I want to do another how-to video how I made this paraquad folks here and I believe that having a paraquad holster doesn't only look cool but it's also serving a purpose for example when you're out in the wilderness and yeah you get lost and maybe you still have your in with you then you can utilize the quality which is on the come team and yeah you can carry it like this over the shoulder and this is really awesome so even if you're not going into the wilderness you can still use it for the beach or for other journeys and yeah if you go on a safari to Africa I would definitely take this continue with me and yeah basically it consists out of Patrick and I have two Deering's here and a ring at the backside and for drinking you just have to open the continue like this and then you drink and if you want to get that content set out you have to open the bathroom like so and then you just take out the container and then you can do your business with the container Cup and yeah today I want to show you how to make this awesome pear-cut holster I've seen this on several videos on YouTube myself I can't remember the exact video but there are many videos out there doing this project and for today I have chosen Atacama which is a little bit lighter so that you can see that up and here I have two d-rings one ordinary ring and another pocket which we need for the closing system alright so first I want to start with the side parts here they need to be symmetrical and also on my first try ahead to open up the readings again and again and make them again because if you have five millimeters too short then it doesn't look good and it won't fit if it's five millimeters too long then it will become loose and if you really need the exact measurements for all of the lamps here so it's going to take a while until you figure out the right length and yeah first I want to start with the side parts so now I'm going to take some cordage and make sure that you're using paracord which is long enough so first I'm going to take my paracord in half and at the very middle of the cordage I'm going to go through the ring here and pull through so now I have attached it to the ring and this is going to be on the other hand

and I just want to measure around the old bump here so it should be around here that's the right distance okay now I want to start with the Cobra meeting and it basically goes like this so I take the right string and make a loop and then I take the left string go over the loop here come under behind and I pull up from the loop from behind and basically now I do the same thing on the other side I make a loop here I go over with my rope on the opposite I come back from behind and then I come up through the hole like so [Music]

seems like it is a little bit too short because it doesn't go quite into the middle but you also need to consider that the paracord stretches a little bit and if it's stretched and the under tension it will go exactly to the middle and that's where I want it okay so here we had 14 centimeters and now I'm going to make a second weave which is exactly the opposite with the same man okay so as you can see I have attached a paracord to the ring again now I stick through the paracord through the buckler I just tried to find the same length as I had before so I think this is the right glance here and now I just try to pinch down the paracord and start with the weaving okay this is almost a little bit too tight but it's going to stretch over time and yeah it's going to be okay so I'll have it too tight stand to lose actually now I want to remove the tag ends and now I'm taking a lighter okay I'm done with the bottom here and now let's see if it fits up so as you can see the bottom here fits onto the container

almost perfectly we have a little bit of space here so I could make it like five millimeters smaller but actually I think I'm going to leave it that way and yeah let's take a look at the other from team yeah it's a little bit loose here as well so I just gonna leave it like that so now as you can see we already have the bottom part for the continue done I'm just going to cut off the ends here so the next part that I want to make are the shoulders and first I want to start with these straps here and it's important that you place the d-rings a little bit behind the screw cap so that the bottle hangs towards you when you're wearing it so if this is my body the bottle will hang towards my body and if you do it the opposite way it will actually hang away from you and that doesn't look as good so it's important that you take your d-rings and set them a little bit backwards from the screw cap and that's what I'm going to do alright so now I want to insert my d-ring yeah basically I want the d-ring to be at this position and I just start the Cobra weave again all right so as you can see my d-ring is behind the screw cap and that's what I want okay next I'm going to make another strap with the same length at the other side here

and now we have to leave two more straps down to the buckler as you can see I've just attached back in to the paracord and I just kind of keep it in again and now I thread it through the d-ring that's the first shoulder it's looking pretty tight that's exactly what I want okay now it's time for the second shoulder I have already inserted the paracord into that pocket and now I want to try to measure the same distance as with the other side because I want to make it symmetrical I think this is going to be alright all right so straps are pretty pretty tight and if you keep in your your shoulder straps it will stay at this position but still it can happen that this comes down and that the ball falls out and to prevent that I want to make an additional leaving here so this can't open that much so I just want to show you at the other bottom here what I did I basically made a short rep and this is going to hold the straps in position and this is an important security rep because otherwise you risk losing your container all right so now let's see if I can still close bockris yeah there's a lot of tension on the paracord and I really like that everything sits neat and tight and yeah in this configuration you won't lose the canteen and this is how the canteen is going to hang from your body with this sides to your body so I think that looks pretty awesome this is how to make a paracord hold up for the canteen set pretty awesome and yeah it will take you 2 to 3 hours of work but when you're done you have a really nice piece of whole stuff and some paracord some extra paracord on you which you can use in an emergency situation so if you liked this video please leave me a comment and the like and if you would share with your friends I would be more than happy and yeah as I said you will find the amazon link of discontent in the description of this video I want to thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time

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