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Improving my archery technique


Improving my archery technique


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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Lily and today I want to work on my bow and arrow technique stay tuned okay so first of all I've shot recurve bows for over 13 years now so I believe that I'm shooting fairly well but I'm not perfect and today I want to improve the things that I'm still making wrong right so first of all what I'm doing wrong is basically and death creeping the pole I'm holding it far too firmly and that's not good because under tension you will shake and then you might miss your target so today I will try to let my fingers very loose and just close my palm very lightly so that I'm not deaf gripping the ball the next thing that I would like to improve today is actually my release the release is one of the most important things when it comes to recurve shooting and basically what I'm doing is I know that I'm doing it but I'm not paying attention a lot of the time so what I'm doing is I'm releasing the bow string to the side and then I'm come come back to the shoulder but that's pretty bad because then you give the arrow a side kick and then it will fly differently so it would be much better if I release the bowl like this that I just pull through underneath my chin and go right back on my shoulder and that's the second improvement that I want to make today now before I start shooting I first want to clarify my very unique draw and how I develop this draw and why so a lot of people criticize me because I'm drawing my bow from a path right so I draw like this now the problem is if you are out harvesting some deer you might give away you

position if you're you know on the hand and then the game might spot you and then it might run off and that's actually true so with this movement here you will be very visible out there so if you are really out on hand it's better to draw the bow like this however I have to say if I draw the bow like this it there's a lot of pressure on my shoulder right and unfortunately I had a shoulder operation I injured my shoulder when I was a student and back then I was camping a lot and I was young and thought that nothing could hurt me so I overdid it and then I got an impingement syndrome it hurt a lot and then I got an operation and I couldn't shoot the ball for months and years and it took like three years to heal again and in that time I found out that if I draw the ball from a path that now my shoulder blade is already in the right position and the only thing that I have to do is to pull down with my elbow so if you draw like this you will have much less pressure on the shoulder and that's what I need for my broken shoulder so that's the reason why I draw from a path of course you shouldn't draw like this because then you might risk that you should off the arrow very fast if you accidentally release it so it's better if you draw the bow horizontally like this and even if you release the arrow by accident then it won't go far now let's shoot some arrows I haven't practiced with this bow for a long time so I first had to sign in on the bow again and I also don't have a knock pointer on it yet I have to get one that's not too shabby I really try to focus not to crypto yeah that's a pretty good grouping as you can see it's very tight and yeah I think now I'm just going far away because the distance now was pretty short I think it was only seven meters okay before I continue I want to show you the bowl that I'm shooting today this is the Phantom by mandarin duck and when I got it it was about 80 US dollars so pretty cheap but actually the quality was pretty good and when it came it was not perfect so I had to make some improvements first of all it was pretty loud because it had an empty chamber underneath the limpia and then I took some cotton and put it into it and this graph here which reduced the plate that the limp had and now this is very silent because before that this part here was vibrating a lot and making a lot of sounds and the bowls very loud secondly I put on some beaver puffs for vibration reduction of the pole string and then if you have seen the video how to silence a recurve bow then you might have also seen that I was knocking the arrow pretty high and that was because the Shelf was too high so now what I have done is actually I have taken a file and send it down the shelf a little bit and now the bow shoots much deeper and now I can knock the arrow here which is a normal position okay the next thing that I did was as you can see I have cooled on this piece of leather here because the ball was shooting to the right quite far to the right so I was handing over the ball to someone else and that person shot to the right as well so if two persons shoot to the right with the same boat and probably the bow is not inside and with these small modifications it was taking me like one hour to make these modifications and yes also I have to Don some velcro here to reduce the noise even more and not oppose shooting very silently and from the handling and from feeling it shoots like a 300 u.s. dollar bow

a little bit high the grouping doesn't look too bad but actually I know that I can do much better at this distance I know I can so I want to stay at the same distance which is about 12 meters now and practice a little bit more sometimes I'm shooting high sometimes slower but at least I'm in one line so I'm not shooting left or right but in one line and that is what's happening when you're changing your release because you have to get used to it and sometimes you fall back to the old pattern and yeah it takes a lot of time to change your technique

that's much better so this is my result last time I shot much better and now I was concentrating more on the release and as you can see I was still shooting in one line which is a good thing but my fingers need to find the right technique how I want to release the bowstring and this was to less pressure this was too much of plugging and these ones here they were just right

yeah it's much better if I stay here you know

I always plucked away the bowstring like this and now if it just go along my face it's much better yeah so this was a video about how I have improved my technique and of course it won't happen in one day that you shoot better so much better and that you can change your old technique which you have used for 13 years to a new one in just one day of practicing so you really have to practice a lot and a lot to change from your old technique to the new one and sometimes it would happen that you will fall back into your old pattern and that you use the old technique again but that only goes away with a lot of practice yeah so this is it I want to thank you for watching if you're interested in this product here make sure that you check out the link in the description it's an Amazon affiliate link and it doesn't cost you more if you use this link it's just that I get a small Commission and this supports my channel so thank you again for watching and stay tuned till next time

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Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly is a true passionate bushcraft girl! She likes spending a lot of time in nature practicing survival and bushcraft skills. Her YouTube channel is very interesting as she publishes new videos often and also test out survival and outdoor gear to find the best items you can have in your survival or camping rucksack, and the video quality and photography is always excellent.

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