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Sleeping underneath a Poncho in the forest


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Sleeping underneath a Poncho in the forest

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that besides wilderness survival I also do modern survival videos. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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Video Transcription



hi guys how are you doing today I'm in the first in Austria and I want to sleep at my cousin's property in the forest and all I have with me is this babble rucksack and yeah yesterday we had a lot of rain so everything is moist and I don't have to worry too much about a forest fire spring has just arrived in Austria and the Leafs are now coming out of the bats so that's really awesome yeah

this winter was a real mess you know so I'm really glad that we have now summer or spring time and that it's getting warmer

alright so this is a great fine some birch bark and I'm going to take it with me because this is going to be my scene up for the fire okay hook so down here's the creek and over there is a nice flat spot and now I'm going to check it out and see if it's good for camping for tonight

so I found this very sweet spot but at a small Creek is the creek and that's where I went to camp and yeah usually you should not camp so close to the creek but we already had a flooding yesterday and today there's no more rain so I know that this this Creek won't rise in the night and there won't be any flash floods

okay I'm ready with the top and now I have to go search for firewood seems to be a rather dry at least I hope so






that's really awesome firewood bone-dry [Music]



okay as you can see the birch bark is a little bit bad but that doesn't matter to this tender because it contains essential oils which burn like hell all right so I went for a green stick like this one here and now I'm copying a spike on it because today I don't have a grill with me but I have some meat in there and I want to spike it onto the stick and then roast it over the fire so now I make sure that I eat bark the branch because sometimes they can be bacteria on the branch and I really want to get rid of them all right so I have my fork which is pretty sharp but before I'm going to roast the meat I first want to cool my Pia and the creek and today I have some gluten-free Pia with me and actually I'm very sensible to Kooten so every time I eat it I have like bellyache and then I feel very very tired and now I'm gluten free for a couple of months and I just feel so much better I have so much energy you know and yeah I'm just not exhausted that easily anymore so gluten free is really the best diet for me and now let's cool the beer all right so now I want to sanitize the fork and he is the best way to do that actually okay this should be fine now let's put the me down yeah and yeah yeah that's good [Music]

yep that's the right distance so if you can hold your hand for about five seconds then it's a good distance to the fire it's a very warm fire actually so my legs are burning so I call myself a lazy bushcraft ax or survivalist because at other YouTube channels I often see you know fancy pot hangers and and whatnot so I'm almost lazy to make myself a pot hanger or a makeshift grill and all I need is a fork and a stick so that's really my way of cooking

Anna's call it primitive survival I call it lazy push crafting the meat is done it's nice and white so I don't have to worry about getting sick and now I'm just using a little bit of salt and pepper and then I'm having my own ease and ketchup and I've mastered and on top of that I'm going to eat gluten-free bread



so good I have to get the beer oh look at that

that's an animal I think it's maybe a frog or something yeah it's going to be a frog

here's another one yeah


earlier I heard him oh ow I heard an owl okay and yeah what's going over there summer so once I saw it at a time it was beautiful quite a big bird like this or so really beautiful did you hear it yeah it's really awesome to sit out here in the wilderness in the forest alone I consider myself very lucky I'm very happy that I can do YouTube videos for full-time and yeah actually it was a lifesaver for me because before YouTube I was an accountant in an accountant firm working 40 hours old and yeah I have to say the job was not bad it's a good and honest job but I felt like trapped inside of the office you know so I felt like being in a cage and in a human treadmill I was never so happy and I always looked out of the window and I was yearning for the wilderness and after a couple of years I got a full burnout so I couldn't even read the newspaper because I couldn't concentrate anymore and then I said for me here game over you know but then gladly the monetization of YouTube was possible and so I could make a living from YouTube so it really saved me actually YouTube saved me from being a wreck and yeah now I make youtube videos full-time I can share my passion with other people and I feel really blessed so I'm very thankful that's a pretty good family I have played one piece across and the other ones this way in this way the logs on top get a lot of oxygen and they burn very very good almost without smoke and today I didn't pay a lot of attention to the wind so I just set up my shelter and actually I got pretty lucky because the wind is coming from up there from the stream and the smoke is going this way sideways to the shelter as you can see the smoke here it's not going into the shelter so it's going this way which is super awesome and yeah this is peach wood it's very hard wood and one of the best woods for fire because it doesn't have any resin in it it burns very long because it's a hard wood it burns very hot because it's a hard wood and it doesn't you know spark as much as for example the other wood here which is preusse so that's a pretty calm prior and now I want to go to the stream and see if I can see more animals in the creek here you can see two animals it's actually fly a larvae it's not coming out so basically there's a fly larvae living in this cone and if you have to find some bait for fishing this is the perfect bait okay so fish left is larvae so and these are actually assigned for good water quality you won't find this in others which have a bad quality and here we can see another frog okay I think I found a leech this one here and yeah it can fight you and suck out your blood this is really a gross animal

it's so gross today it's actually pretty hot because for two or three days we have now the hot air from Sahara the desert in Africa and all of the cars were covered with this dust from the Sahara and today it's really warm so like three weeks ago it was snow and now it's really warm I can sit with a t-shirt by the fire okay it's 10:00 now almost 10:00 I'm not tired enough to go to bed and there's not a lot of work around here anymore I've ate all of my food and now I just gotta sit by the fire and today I want to make a shout out to another youtuber which is called Canadian prepper and yeah as the name implies he is a prepper and I really like watching his videos and I also got this back out role here from him it was a present so really awesome products just take a look at his website if you are interested in that and yeah he is a really smart proper one of the smartest that I've ever seen he puts a lot of thought in his videos and in the beginning of my youtube career I've never considered myself a prepper that was more you know just a survivalist and camping person but although I get I really like the idea of you know prepping and yeah I don't know so I think I can do both you know both are survivalist and a prepper so by the way this is his youtube channel which you can check out I'm going to put a link in the description of this video so really interesting videos yeah check out this channel and I've already started trapping a little bit I've started with my garden so I haven't had a lot of time lately because I was really working my ass off in my garden in the last three weeks and I was doing a lot of digging and I laid some stones and I planted shrubs edible shrubs you know fruit crops fruit trees apples pure figs and blueberries raspberries blackberries and all kinds of theories so even if it's not a very large scale garden I can still get a lot of you know vegetables out of it and fruits and yeah actually in Europe fruits and vegetables especially organic ones are very very expensive and they get more expensive every year it's insane what you pay for just a little tank of blueberries so yeah my plan is that I save some money with my garden and I grow my own organic food now and that's what I like you know so actually people have done that the last centuries here in Europe I grew up at the countryside and I remember that every house which was basically a farmer's house had a small vegetable garden and the garden you know and now nowadays the young people they are not so eager to do the gardening work anymore they just want to have a swimming pool which is also cool and yeah I have nothing against swimming pools but also if you can afford that by not you know make your own vegetables garden and yeah so that's what I'm doing that right now and that's pretty awesome when you grow your own food and this way you can save a lot of money it's not only for the prepping purpose you know it's also for saving money

I have to watch out for ticks last year I got like 12 ticks or so okay that's it guys I'm really warm it's because of the warm yeah from Africa and yeah really comfortable I'm sure that I'm having a great night so yeah see you guys tomorrow


good morning folks it's almost 6 o'clock in the morning [Applause]

okay so most people think that this fire is out and then they would leave but actually in the fire they're still cold and I can feel the warmth it's very warm actually so it's important that you never leave a fireplace like this then today I have to rub this waterproof sack here and now I'm going to collect some water and pour it over the coals no heat and also no steam so the fireplace is really out now and now I can cover it with some leaves so that I leave no trace before I go I want to tell you something really strange so when I was lying here in the night I was looking to the knock here and I saw some strange green light which was just very faint so I couldn't take a picture with the camera and then I switched on that it came from these bright spots here so apparently I don't know what it is it's a white mushroom or anything it is luminescent so I've never seen this before I also don't know what this really is so maybe you have an idea what this is and maybe leave me a comment below so it was very faint green light and I was really confused about it I switched on the flashlight and came definitely from the right spots on the log so that's the first time I've ever witnessed something like this and there that's pretty cool and maybe you know what it is so this was where I was sleeping last night and now it looks completely untouched I'm a fan of leaving no trace I also have taking my beer bottle with me and yeah it's important that you take your chunk with you yeah folks oh this is it this was my first springtime overnight 2018 I want to thank you for watching please don't forget to follow me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram and also you can hit the notification bell here on youtube so that you get notified of every upload thank you for watching and stay tuned till next time [Music]

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